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  1. [​IMG]For a while now, Disney heroes and villains have been on good terms. None of them have had any really bad altercations, which is good. Their children on the other hand, tell a somewhat different story. They aren't on the worst of terms, but they certainly all aren't on the best. In order to keep some of the peace, these Disney heroes and villains have decided that their children will be married! They will be sent to Wonderall Manor where they will live together with their fiancees and each other under the rule of Minnie and Mickey (Don't worry they're human!)

    It was mid morning, and Minnie and Mickey prepared for the arrival of all of the Disney children! They were to live together at Wonderall and be wed as soon as they possibly could! The old couple were ecstatic to see all of their relationships unfold. Whether it be romantically with their spouses, or with others as friends and even enemies. "Mickey! The kids will be here soon! Is everything almost ready?!" Minnie rushed to finished cleaning the foyer as Mickey scrambled to help with the rooms. "Almost, my dear." The couple finally finished all of the last minute arrangements before making their way to the balcony upstairs to watch for the children. Minnie and Mickey sat and chatted for a while before they started to see carriages and such pull up. "Do you really think that this is a good idea?" Minnie looked over at her husband. "This is the rest of their lives." She spoke, a bit of worry and nervousness in her tone. "It's a great idea. It's for the peace of the land." He smiled and squeezed her hand. "They'll find love in each other."
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    "Enlighten me on why I have to go to this place and marry some man I don't know"

    Onyx crossed her arms over her chest as she spoke to her mother. She really didn't understand why she had to marry in the first place. It would put an end to so many great things in her life. Partying, flirting, all of it would be over. It'd be a complete travesty!

    "Because I said you are and what I say goes, my dearest." Cruella spoke and looked her daughter up and down, admiring her outfit. "Hopefully he has enough money and patience to handle your shopping habits and temper."
    Cruella crossed her arms over her chest, mimicking her daughter. "Not to mention your mood swings." Onyx shook her head and rolled her eyes at her mother's comments.

    There were so many things that could go wrong with an arranged marriage. What if the guy was ugly? What if he didn't know how to dress well? What if he only took showers once a month and smelled like a wildebeest?! Onyx thought about all of the things that could happen with this arrangement when it hit her. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hand.

    "Mother! What if he doesn't know the difference between spots and dots!?" The thought of that was just too much for her to bear.

    "What if he doesn't know how to dress?! What if he doesn't lift, so he's not able to carry all of my shopping bags or carry me across the threshold or whatever?!" She exclaimed, hoping her mother would change her mind.

    Cruella chewed her bottom lip, thinking about all of the things her daughter had said. Onyx's face lit up with happiness, thinking her mother was going to let her stay at home. All of her hope gone when she said, "Hmm, well it looks like you're just have to get over it aren't you hun?" Cruella ran her fingers through her daughter's hair and smiled before she noticed the carriage.

    "Looks like your ride is here my sweet. You will have fun." Cruella smiled as she pushed her daughter out the door. Onyx scoffed and rolled her eyes, making her way into the carriage. "Where's Phoenix? Don't you dare tell me that he doesn't have to marry some goody-goody and I do!" Onyx grumbled.

    "He's at your no good father's place or something. He's gonna be there, whether he likes it or not. Just like you dear." Onyx smiled at her mother's comment. At least her brother would have to deal with it too.

    The carriage ride was very uneventful and Onyx spent most of it on her phone and napping. Onyx arrived at the school and took a look around. It wasn't like the schools she'd been to, way bigger and more people she didn't really care about. Of course there were going to be a few that she did like and wouldn't have a problem being seen with. Most would definitely be undesireables though. She was kinda nervous to meet some new people. Especially her fiance.
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    Zachary groaned and fidgeted as his mother dressed him and combed through his hair. She'd picked out the most ostentatious outfit ever for him to wear, and on top of that, even took it upon herself to dress him.

    Zach felt as if he was back in kindergarten when he couldn't quite get the idea of matching his shirts and pants so his mother would pick out his clothes. It was very embarrassing and unnerving that his mom was dressing him at 20 years old.

    "Why do I have to wear this outfit Mother?" He groaned

    "Because you're going to be meeting your fiancée soon. You must look your best to make a good first impression." She smiled, standing back to look at her son. Zach turned to the mirror to look at himself. He didn't like the way he looked in this outfit. He didn't really look like himself.

    "I could look my best and make a good first impression in jeans and a nice button up Mom. I'm a nice guy, I don't think I need flashy clothes to make a good impression."
    Zach spoke. He attempted to put his hands in his pockets before he realized he has none. He didn't know why he had to get married so soon, but he wasn't going to go against the wishes of his mother. He didn't really have a problem with an arranged marriage, he just wish he could meet the girl and maybe get to know her a little bit more before marrying her.

    "Oh my sweet boy, you're right. You are the sweetest most handsome man in my life. Before your father even." Aurora giggled. "Please, just humor me. You can change once you get there, okay?" She smiled at her son. She was right about him being the sweetest boy in her life. Zachary has always been a sweet boy that often put others before himself. Zachary was the type of guy who always gave people the benefit of the doubt, gave way too many second chances and would always do whatever it takes to make sure the people he cared about were okay. That was just how he was.

    As to not hurt his mother, Zachary sighed and nodded. "Alright Mom, I'll wear it. But when as soon as I get the chance to change, I'm going to take it." He chuckled and his mother nodded, her face lighting up with happiness. "It's a deal. You be sure to tell me as much as you can about your experiences when you get there Zachary." Aurora hugged her son tight and Zachary hugged back before pulling away. The two walked outside and to the carriage. "I love you Mother. I'll update you on things as much as I can." He smiled and waved as the carriage rode off.

    The carriage ride made Zach a bit nervous. To think that he was going to a school to meet his future wife and eventually get married. He was a bit nervous in all honesty. What if she didn't like him? What if she hated him?! It was one thing to not like someone, but hate was a completely different emotion. He would just have to get used to it. When his mother first told him about the arrangement, he made a promise that he'd be there for his soon to be wife no matter what. 'Whether or not she wants me to, I'll always give her my all.' That's what he said and he wasn't going to go back on his word.

    When they got to the school, Zach's heart started to pound. He was really doing this. It wasn't a dream. Pinching himself wasn't going to wake him up because this was real. He took a deep breath and got out, looking around at his new surroundings. He smiled when he saw all of the people he'd soon make friends with. Or even enemies to be honest. He looked around at all of the women, chewing on his bottom lip. His soon to be wife could be here already and he won't even know until he met her. Now that was a scary thought.
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    Winter had awoken form her slumber fairly early. Earlier than her Mom even. It was pretty hard for her to sleep since she was so anxious. Sometime this week, she would be meeting the guys she’d spend the rest of her life with. That was such a scary thought to her.

    What if she hated this guy? Well… everyone knew that it was impossible for Winter to hate anyone, so the fear was mostly what if he hated her? She was a sweetheart. Some say she was too nice. She wasn’t even really sure if she had a mean bone in her body, so there wasn’t really any way she could hate the man she was going to marry. He could hate her though… he was the son of a villain! He could hate her animals if he wanted to. Her hair, shoes, the way she walked… EVERYTHING! The thought of that killed her more than anything. Winnie didn’t want her fiancé to hate her. She didn’t want anyone to hate her, but that’s just the way things were. People were sure that if Winter could make everyone like her, she would. But things didn’t work like that. Sometimes people hated you and they had no reason to. And sometimes there was nothing you could do about it.

    After getting dressed Winter made her way into her mother’s room. She walked over to the curtains and opened them, sunshine lighting up the room. “Rise and shine Mother!” She sang sitting on the edge of her mom’s bed. Yawning, Snow White sat up in bed and looked at her daughter. She could see the worry and anxiousness in her young daughter’s face. Snow smiled and pulled her daughter in for a tight hug.

    “Awh my sweet, sweet girl. You have nothing to fear about the adventures you will endure within the next few weeks and for the rest of your life.”
    Snow ran her fingers through her Winter’s hair as she pulled away from their embrace.

    Winter chuckled and shook her head. “Mama, I’m so nervous. I don’t even know this man I’m supposed to marry. He could hate me, Mom.” Winnie’s voice was shaky and she was almost in tears. Clearly, this was a very touchy subject for Winnie. It’d be a touchy subject for anyone who had to be wed against their will to someone you didn’t know. Especially if it was with a villain.

    “You will be fine honey. Anyone who doesn’t like you is crazy. You’re kind, smart, a delight to be around and not to mention beautiful.” Snow squeezed her daughter’s hand. Winter smiled and nodded. Her mother was right. She was a very nice person. Hopefully, her soon to be husband would look past the fact that they were supposed to be enemies and at least try to get along with her. Of course, it wasn’t like she was the most annoying person in the world. Well, not all the time… When Winter wasn’t being a worry-wart who was nervous about almost everything, she was pretty much always happy. She always had a smile on her face and was practically too optimistic about any and everything. It wasn’t her fault. She just always tried to look at the bright side of things and though that every cloud had a silver lining.

    “It’ll be weird to leave you, Mom. But I guess it is for the best.” She stood up and took a deep breath. Snow White stood as well and the two started for the door. Winter’s carriage was waiting for her outside and as soon as she saw it, Winter began to panic a little bit more. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Everything will be fine.” She whispered to herself. Winnie turned around and smiled at her mother before giving her a huge hug.

    “I’ll miss you my sweet.” Snow spoke as she and her daughter gently rocked side to side.

    “I’ll miss you too Mom. I’ll visit whenever I can and I’ll be sure to keep in touch.” Winter said as she pulled away from her mom’s embrace. She made her way to the carriage and got in, looking out the small window at her home and her mother as they rode off.​
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    Thaleia Hades
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    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thaleia groaned as she rolled out of bed, weary from enjoying her last night of freedom before she was sent off to the godforsaken place, to be married to, most likely, some stuck up goodie two shoes princess. For her, the worst part wasn't even the potentially horrible person she would be paired with, but simply the whole lack of freedom. This whole stupid ordeal would put an end to her fun, trapped in some giant place with a bunch of people she either doesn't know, or hates.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Now was the process of getting ready, and she ensured that she drew out the process as long as she humanly could, if for nothing more than to irritate her mother and father. Granted, it seemed as if her father did not like the idea any more than she did. At first, he was very wary to the idea, but unfortunately for her, he was convinced that it was the best decision.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Thus, once she was ready, dressed in her 'best' outfit, she made her way into the family room, giving an annoyed greeting to Hades as she quickly grabbed a bite to eat. "Come on darling, it won't be that bad." Her father, the God of the underworld, said to her in a plea for agreement from her, although it did not work in the slightest. "You already know how I feel." Was her blunt, simple reply as she feasted on one of her last meals at home. "Stupid plan by stupid people." She mumbled under her breath.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Adds sighed as he went over next to her. "Look, I know you don't like it, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made. Just try not to make everyone your enemy." He pleaded once again, although was only met with silence, and an atmosphere of great annoyance from Thal. She then stood up from the table, grabbing the things she needed in hand, heading out to her carriage. The rest of what she needed was already loaded up, and there was jotting keeping her from facing her fate.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Try not to go too hard on who they've picked out for you." Hades said, watching his daughter take one last hesitant pause, taking a cigarette from her pocket and lighting up. "I'm sure, if they have sense, they would have paired you up with someone you might get along with." To this, Thal huffed sarcastically. "For their sake, they better have." She commented before climbing into the carriage, sending it off.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]For the most part, her ride was a boring one, a combination of listening to music on her phone and smoking, brooding over this disastrous position she had been placed in. Of course, she would most likely try and get out of it at the first opportunity. But who knew, maybe she would find some people she might be able to tolerate, or even get along with.[/BCOLOR]​
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    Mira stared int he mirror from the elevated pedestal her mother had her on as her mother walked around her. "Oh darling you look so beautiful, this dress is reminiscent to what I wore the night of the ball I met your father." Cinderella said touching her daughter's face, "But you are missing two things." The first thing her mother produced was an ornate crown. Mira's mother sat the crown on her daughter's head. "Mother this is all way to much for me to wear." Mira said as she smoothed out her full skirt. "It is not to much mu lovely daughter, you are meeting your husband to be you must look your best." Mira turned to her father her skirt billowing as she does so. "Father help me please." The honey haired young woman pleaded with her father. Her father shrugged, "You know she is right my dear. She can wear this to the ball later, let her wear something she would feel better in. We can pack this dress and crown for later, however she must wear the other thing we had made for her." Her father, Henry said as he lovingly held his wife in his arms.

    "I suppose you are right Henry. You may change if you wish after you arrive at Wonderall." Cinderella turned away and grabbed the other gift. Mira's mouth dropped open at her mother's statement. Her mother looked at her and held up a necklace, "Now the stone is part of the ring your father gave me a long time ago. We wanted you to have part of it." Mira's hand went to her mouth she never expected something so sentimental from her parents. After her mother and father clasped the necklace around her neck it was time for her to leave. She picked up the skirt of her ridiculous dress and stepped into the carriage. The outfit she wanted to wear was packed ontop of her things in the trunk that sat on the back of the carriage. Mira had the dress she was currently wearing and a couple others as well. Mira had never been so excited to see her friends again especially Zach and Winter the two she was the closest too. She arrived just after Zach did and she hopped out of the carriage and laughed a bit because they were both wearing their 'royal attire.' "Zach! I have never been more happy to see you than I am now." She hugged him before looking up at Wonderall. "This is something new for both of us. I am nervous about who I am engaged to."

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    "Is it to much to ask for you to just kill me, B?" The words came out as a plea for help from Phoenix. Staring straight into the young man's face was a five year old dalmatian that awkwardly kept looking away from Phoenix. "You're no help to me."

    The large dalmatian soon bolted from the lavish black leather couch as Luther, Phoenix and his twin sister Onyx's father, entered the living room. "Is your belongings collected, my boy?" Luther's voice was deep, but his question almost came across as a 'or else' statement.

    Standing from the couch, Phoenix walked over to the fireplace and kicked the eight large sized suitcases. "As ready as I will ever be to go and marry someone I care little to nothing for." There was no way in hell that Phoenix was going to be happy about marrying some goody goody that he wanted to bury. People had problems with his mother, but Phoenix was very much like his mother- crazy, egotistical, and of course fashion forward.

    Luther's eyes narrowed casting a dark shadow over his face. "Your wife will be your world, Phoenix, your queen and your all." He noted swiftly moving across the room until his tall figure towered over his son. "I haven't cared about your attitude before, but if you try to ruin this for your mother there will be hell to pay, both here and at home."

    Rolling his eyes, Phoenix went to grab one of his bags, but was stopped by the forceful hand on his chest.

    "I mean it, Phoenix!"

    A short, cold, chuckle filled the air. "I know, but I don't care." Removing his father's hand from his chest, Phoenix lifted some of his bags and looked at his father. "I have to go, and you have to drive me...unless you're willing to tell mother that I didn't go because you didn't want to take me." The devious smirk on Phoenix's face was defiantly something he inherited from his mother. "I'll meet you in the car...Luther."

    The black and white Chevy Camaro was parked along the street, behind it was a black van that would be carrying the many bags that Phoenix found necessary to take. Looking good took time and Phoenix liked having options. Tossing his suitcases to a man from Wonderall, Phoenix spoke sharply. "Be careful with the bags, they're worth more than that ring on your finger times ten." Getting into the Camaro, Phoenix soon would leave with his father.

    The journey to Wonderall Manor wasn't the most glamorous one, but it did allow for Phoenix to get out his aggression while arguing with his father and even mother over the phone. However, as the school came into view, Phoenix shifted in his seat and side. "It's not too late to run off the road." The comment was cold and held no affect to his father. He sighed. "Whatever." Pulling out his phone, he opened a text conversation and sent a quick message to his sister.

    -Where are you? I'm already done with today.-

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    "I've been having second thoughts. What if this bad child wants to kill you? What if she wants to take advantage of you?! Will she buy you treats?! Will she take care of you when you've scraped your knee!"

    "Relax Mum."
    In reality he really didn't want to do this either, but whatever.

    "I don't care what Mickey says I won't-"
    "Mum you're being foolish right now."
    Ferris grinned.

    He took a deck of cards out, well 3/4's of them. After all hearts kind of scared the heck out of him.
    Ferris threw them on the table as he took out his skateboard, then Alice put her foot down.

    " Your fiance won't appreciate you looking like a skateboard freak! "
    " B-But M- "

    His mom threw what seemed to Ferris a whole wardrobe before he changed into something more 'presentable'.
    Tch. Dressing up for a baddie. At least his mom let his jeans slide, with his sneakers. But the hair gel in his hair!


    Too bad he didn't have a sister. He'd enjoy teasing her or something.
    He took his skateboard and ran off screaming about his mom being a jerk but he still loved her or something like that.

    Alice sighed, "Boys."

    Ferris felt a pounding in his heart as his grin widened.
    Fiancée? Yes. Forever? No.
    The best he could do was be himself.
    He skid to a stop. He had forgotten his pills. Ferris shrugged.
    He'll retrieve them later. He set his skateboard, along with his other things down into the trunk of his car as he started driving.

    As soon as he arrived he sighed, great. He didn't care for this.
    This was a feeling he normally didn't have.
    He didn't care if the woman was pretty or not, he hadn't admitted this to his mom but he really
    wasn't interested in them. Grand. Pretending he was heterosexual would be great.

    Just Great.
    He leaned against one of the walls in the room, maybe he could quit while he was ahead.
    Ferris shook his head. He promised.
    He'll make the best of this, he'll become like he was when he was a young foolish teen.
    Into hot chicks.

    He sighed.
    Ferris wondered if he was allowed to fall in love with another, probably not.
    It's not like any nice chicks would be into them, after all-
    He was thinking too much.
    He grinned, time to socialize he assumed, he approached a dirty blonde, ice blue eyed woman, as he reached out his hand.

    " Nice to meet cha, little lady! I'm Ferris! Kind of like Ferris wheel. "

    His chocolate brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked down at this young lady, as he brushed some of his hair to one side still holding out his hand.

  9. ~♥Nova Cheshire♥~
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    "I can't believe you are serious."

    Nova was currently glaring up at her servant, who had come in to tell her that her ride was here. And she, being the lazy and irritable adult she was, was still in bed, refusing to get up. But whoever had sent her ride had very strict orders to make sure she got in that car. Her bags were packed, messily of course, to hide the ridiculous amount of liquor and assorted items for pranking that was stuffed inside. "Oh come on, I don't even get to see my dad? Tell me how much I will enjoy my new life with some goody two shoes. Better yet, bring his new dame too! Maybe he could find someone more decent than her." Nova scoffed, finally pulling herself out of bed as he walked out of the room. It wasn't long before she had changed into her outfit, tugging at her jacket as she picked up her bags. If she didn't go, no doubt they would give her some desert that would make her fall asleep so they could get her in, or bribe her with other things. She had managed to whittle another bottle of her favorite wine and a huge thing of chocolate as she left her house.

    The car was small, and she groaned. At the least her father wasn't here to criticize her choice of outfit. Popping open a small bottle of vodka, she chugged the entire thing, shoving her luggage into the trunk and flopping down into the car. "Thanks dad, love you too. Great that you were so kind as to come see me off to the end of my life. You'll be lucky if I don't kill him a day after our wedding." She grumbled to herself, strapping into the car and pressing her foot to the gas.

    It didn't take that long to get there, but once Ann was there, she could feel the bile rising up her throat. Most of the people looked really nervous, where as she was just down right irritated and disgusted. She did not want to marry anyone. She just wanted to go back to bed, or maybe kill something. Either would be better than being here. Getting out of her car, she slammed the door, blowing a bubble. "Well welcome to the freak show."

  10. [​IMG]

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    Disney Parents: Lady Termaine

    Aspen Callaway Termaine
    Books? Check. Glasses? Check. Looked like a prep? Check and check. Aspen Termaine was on his way to his new school where there he would also meet his future wife. Honestly, this was just all so stupid and pointless, but he could never go against mommy dearest, especially when she believes that this arranged marriage can give them a high prestige. After all his sisters failed to do that, though Cinderella managed to marry a prince and though he would never voice it, he was happy for her. She deserved it. But he was the child of a villian, of course he couldn't say that he was happy for his step sister so of course he swallowed his feelings.

    Mum's the word.

    "You must look sharp. Sit up straight! Straighter...straighter...straighter! I swear Aspen, you sit up straight that I can tape a ruler to your back or so help me!" His mother yelled, giving him a steely glare."You're going to be meeting your partner today, so of course you have to look good. Don't you dare embarrass me, you got that?" Lady Termaine questioned with a sharp tone. "Yes Mother." He replied back. "Be on your best behavior." A pause. "Yes mother." Silence. "Do not speak unless spoken to." Pause. "Yes mother." Another sharp look and a straightening of his jacket. "And most of all, make mother proud." A long pause. "Yes mother." Aspen answered in a monotone voice.

    It had always been like this, ever since he was young. His mother would tell him to do something and the only thing she ever wanted to year was 'yes mother' and if she heard anything other than those two simple words he would get a sharp lashing. And whether it was physical or verbal; well that just depended on her mood. Aspen was raised to obey his mother, listen to every single word and never talk back, even if he believed what his mother was requesting was impossible (and most of the times they were) but he didn't want to face her wrath. Turning his gaze to look out the window, he tuned his mother out (something he learned to do) and agreed when needed, answering with a monotonous yes mother. Though there was a certain sentence that brought him back to reality once more.

    "Should you fail, I will not recognize you as my son. You will be just like those useless sisters of yours." Lady Termaine's tone was sharp and unforgiving, steely and cold. "I am sorry, what?" He questioned, earning a hard slap on the knee."Listen to me boy! I have raised you better than that! I might as well dump you as it is." His mother yelled, scratch that, raised her voice. A proper lady never yelled, neither did a gentleman, they were firm and strict. "I am sorry mother." He said, low and soft, hazel colored eyes moving to look at the floor of the car. "It will not happen again." He gulped, waiting for a response.

    "It better not." Unbearable silence, the kind of silence that made others uncomfortable and it made Aspen feel like there was a giant elephant in the car that was preventing him from speaking. Aspen knew that his mother was harsh, after all he grew up with her, but he couldn't help but let those words cut deep into his being. Though he knew that she gave him "tough love", it still hurt to think about the fact that she would practically disown him if he failed. "Now go make mother proud, and remember, do not disappoint me." He nodded. "Yes mother."

    Before Aspen knew it, they had arrived upon where he would be staying and he sighed as he got out of the car, standing at six foot two, the young teen towered over most things, including Lady Termaine. "Make me proud." His mother called out before she headed off and Aspen gazed at the retreating car before turning his gaze back towards the entrance. "Time to get this over with." He muttered under his breath as he set off for a new (and might he add) unwanted adventure.
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    "Edan! Gie up mah loon! Yer carriage is haur!" Merida's voice called from the bottom of the stairs. Edan hadn't even been awake at this point, so he woke up with a start at that information. He knew staying up reading was a bad idea. He stumbled out of bed, struggling to change into something appropriate. "Did ye hear me?!" Another yell from the downstairs. "Aye, aam almost dain!" He yelled back, hopping on one foot while trying to get his other sock on. At least he had packed the day before. The stone floor was quite chilly beneath his feet, which he did not appreciate. The moors were not exactly the warmest place on Earth. He grabbed his bags, running a hand through his hair. He made his way down the castle steps, and met his mother in the kitchen, where cooks were scurrying about, as was Merida herself. As soon as she saw him, she rushed over, with a brown paper bag in her hands.

    "Ah noo ye jist woke up, but ye dorn't need tae loch it." She fussed, getting his hair any semblance of fixed as she could manage without five combs and some hairspray. Two large men came by and picked up Edan's bags, taking them outside. "Ah gart ye some breakfest fur th' road. There's some links an' tatties, an' a thermos ay tea. Noo gie gonnae, yer bride awaits." She said, shooing him out the door, and following him. "Why dae Ah need tae marry someain ah dunnae again? If Ah min' reit, ye fooght thes exact hin' when ye waur yoong." Merida shook her head, her curls bouncing wildly. "It's jist fur th' best. Dornt make me feel e'en waur than Ah dae an' caa th' whole hin' aff. coz Ah will, an' 'en we'll be in trooble." She watched him get into the carriage, and a tear came to her eye. "I wooldnae dae thes if Ah didne hae tae. Jist tryst me yoo'll try tae loch 'er." Edan sighed, but nodded. "Ah'll try." Was his response as he settled in, whistling for his dog, who came bounding over, leaping into the carriage with him. Merida crawled up with him to give him a hug, then hopped back down. "Bide it ay trooble. An' if ye hae onie problems, ye jist teel me, an' Ah will come st'rm in thaur an' tak' ye haem myself!" She told him. Edan smiled, and the carriage lurched into movement.

    "I loove ye!" Merida called to him, waving as he left. "I loove ye tae!" He called back, waving to her as well. He was actually pretty sad that he was going to be away from her. He loved his mother. She was a spitfire, and she let him do what he wanted, so long as it wouldn't hurt him. He was allowed to cook and clean, instead of mastering the sword and bow like his grandfather had wanted. She was a good mother, and he was going to miss her very much. A loud growl game from his stomach, and he opened the bag of goodies. There were slices of blood sausage and some potato pancakes, as well as a small insulated mug of tea. He pulled out a slice of sausage, and gave it to Gunnar who had started drooling at the smell. Edan started in on the potato pancakes, savoring the taste. He'd likely not see correct Scottish food for a long while, unless he cooked it himself.

    After some time, Edan found himself dozing off, only to wake up to Gunnar's barks. He was barking at some people passing by. They were almost to the manor. He patted his hair down, and sat up, looking to Gunnar. "Ye ready?" Gunnar panted, a short whine escaping his throat. "Me neither." He murmured, holding on to Gunnar as the carriage stopped. He wanted to jump out and run around, but that could be troublesome. He left the carriage, whistling at the size of the place. "Ah wasnae expectin' thes." He said, patting Gunnar's head. "It's as big as haem." He walked forward, seeing all sorts of people. Some he knew, some he didn't really. Some of those people he didn't like. This was certainly going to be interesting.

    Translation (open)

    "Edan! Get up my boy! Your carriage is here!" Merida's voice called from the bottom of the stairs. Edan hadn't even been awake at this point, so he woke up with a start at that information. He knew staying up reading was a bad idea. He stumbled out of bed, struggling to change into something appropriate. "Did you hear me?!" Another yell from the downstairs. "Aye, I'm almost done!" He yelled back, hopping on one foot while trying to get his other sock on. At least he had packed the day before. The stone floor was quite chilly beneath his feet, which he did not appreciate. The moors were not exactly the warmest place on Earth. He grabbed his bags, running a hand through his hair. He made his way down the castle steps, and met his mother in the kitchen, where cooks were scurrying about, as was Merida herself. As soon as she saw him, she rushed over, with a brown paper bag in her hands.

    "I know you just woke up, but you don't need to look like it." She fussed, getting his hair any semblance of fixed as she could manage without five combs and some hairspray. Two large men came by and picked up Edan's bags, taking them outside. "I got you some breakfast for the road. There's some sausage and tatties, and a thermos of tea. Now get going, your bride awaits." She said, shooing him out the door, and following him. "Why do I have to marry someone I don't know again? If I remember right, you fought this exact thing when you were young." Merida shook her head, her curls bouncing wildly. "It's just for the best. Don't make me feel any worse than I already do and call the whole thing off. Because I will, and then we'll be in trouble." She watched him get into the carriage, and a tear came to her eye. "I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to. Just promise me you'll try to like her." Edan sighed, but nodded. "I'll try." Was his response as he settled in. Merida crawled up with him to give him a hug, then hopped back down. "Stay out of trouble. And if you have any problems, you just tell me, and I will come storm in there and take you home myself!" She told him. Edan smiled, and the carriage lurched into movement.

    "I love you!" Merida called to him, waving as he left. "I love you too!" He called back, waving to her as well. He was actually pretty sad that he was going to be away from her. He loved his mother. She was a spitfire, and she let him do what he wanted, so long as it wouldn't hurt him. He was allowed to cook and clean, instead of mastering the sword and bow like his grandfather had wanted. She was a good mother, and he was going to miss her very much. A loud growl game from his stomach, and he opened the bag of goodies. There were slices of blood sausage and some potato pancakes, as well as a small insulated mug of tea. He pulled out a slice of sausage, and gave it to Gunnar who had started drooling at the smell. Edan started in on the potato pancakes, savoring the taste. He'd likely not see correct Scottish food for a long while, unless he cooked it himself.

    After some time, Edan found himself dozing off, only to wake up to Gunnar's barks. He was barking at some people passing by. They were almost to the manor. He patted his hair down, and sat up, looking to Gunnar. "You ready?" Gunnar panted, a short whine escaping his throat. "Me neither." He murmured, holding on to Gunnar as the carriage stopped. He wanted to jump out and run around, but that could be troublesome. He left the carriage, whistling at the size of the place. "I wasn't expecting this." He said, patting Gunnar's head. "It's as big as home." He walked forward, seeing all sorts of people. Some he knew, some he didn't really. Some of those people he didn't like. This was certainly going to be interesting.
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    Malika sighed, putting in the last earring in her ear. There was a knock at her door, and without saying anything, her father came strutting in. He looked at her with disapproval, and stared at the clothing on her bed before flicking his eyes back to her. "Why are you not wearing your kaftan?" He questioned. She was silent for a short while, before turning to him. "It didn't fit." She spoke quickly, and moved to her bags. "Must've grown out of it." She added, which was a total lie. She just didn't want to wear it. She wasn't going to strut around in something so traditional. She picked up one then turned to him, eyeing the staff in his hands. "Could you help me?" She asked, a little flustered. He rolled his eyes, and lifted the bags with his magic. She followed, making a quick stop to the room right next to her room. As she opened the door, a loud squawk greeted her, and her blue macaw swooped down, landing on her outstretched arm. She moved over to the cage to transport him. "Time to go, Tudor." She said, opening the cage door. "Get in the cage!" Tudor spoke, proceeding to flap his wings in resistance. "Come on Tudor." Malika nudged him towards the door. "Come on Tudor." He croaked back, hopping inside the small cage. She absolutely hated putting him in this cage, because it was so small, but it was the only way he would cooperate. She had a big cage disassembled for him for the manor, that she would put up when she got there.

    She walked down to the entrance, where her father stood, waiting. She got into the carriage, and waved to her father, before watching him go back inside. There was really no love lost between the two. They tolerated each other, and she wanted to make him proud so maybe she would get a little recognition. Maybe even get him to teach her some magic. For now, she would do what she could.

    On her way to the school, she spent the majority of her time on her phone, posting selfies to Instagram, Snapchatting with a bunch of her friends, browsing Pinterest and Etsy, and sleeping. She would ocasionally try to teach Tudor some swears, but he wasn't picking up on them, which was unfortunate. She wanted him to scream "fuck" at intruders, because it would be hilarious. However, he seemed to not want to say it. When they arrived at the manor, she got out, watching as some people took away her luggage. She gave them Tudor, and gave them very clear instructions. "Make sure you get his cage put together, and let him inside before I get to my room. I want him to be in his big cage by the time I get there, or I won't be happy, and neither will he." She handed Tudor off, and walked towards the gathering group. She did see someone she recognized, and decided to move over to her.

    "Hey Onyx." She greeted the dark haired girl. "I see you weren't so lucky as to get out of this shit show." She said, placing a hand on her hip as she watched some people mull around interacting with each other. "Nix gonna be showing up? That'd be pretty bull if he got out of this." She had always been at least moderate friends with the two De Vil children, as they had similar interests as her. She was glad she at least knew someone here, and wouldn't be completely alone. ​

    Location: Home --> Wonderall Manor
    Mood: Concerned, Confident
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    Today was not going to be a good day. Mil knew that much. He was dressed, and his bags were packed. His door, however, was locked. With magic. He had found that when he woke up. That meant someone whose name started with an M did not want him to run away and ruin her chances at getting a grand baby, and more than likely try to corrupt it in some way or another. He sat in his room, reading, until he finally heard a soft hum of magic outside his door. It appeared he was to be granted freedom. The door creaked open, and his mother stood there, very imposing. "Your carriage has arrived." Were her simple words before going back up the stairs. He followed her, carrying his few bags, and watched as she opened the door for him. A carriage was at the door. She gestured towards it, without speaking. He got in, and it took off, no words between them.

    Mil didn't mind that she didn't say goodbye. They weren't exactly on good terms. It didn't take a genius for someone to see that. As the carriage rode on, Mil sighed lightly. At least he was out of the castle. He looked back, seeing the noticeable dark spot that was his mother's castle. He hoped his spouse wouldn't be scared of him because of Maleficent. While he may have not been the nicest, he was definitely better than she would ever be.

    Arriving at Wonderall, he quickly got out of the carriage, glad to be able to walk around. He spotted Zach, who was talking with someone, and averted his gaze, his previous small smile turning into a frown. He was always told to stay away from Zach, because he was a bad person. He just believed it, like he did with almost everything else his mother spewed at him. He looked at the others, his eyes falling on many of the beautiful girls. He was never really given friends, especially not attractive females, so this was definitely a different sight for him. He didn't really know anyone here, but he already felt free. He noticed a few people look scared at him. His frown turned back into a smile, but a devious one. He held himself high. People were afraid of him. He was the king now. No one could stop him from being himself. He had dominance here. He was the son of the most dangerous villain. This could turn out very, very well for him.

    His confidence practically beamed as he walked forward. He was ready to take over this place, and finally feel the power that he had been neglected for so long. He wouldn't be the underdog anymore. Maleficent had finally done something good for him. She gave him a reputation. He pulled a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it with his own violet fire from his finger, before putting it out with a blow of air. He puffed some smoke from his nostrils, running a hand through his hair. He was ready for his well deserved fear and accolades. ​
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  12. [​IMG]

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    Character Sheet: HERE

    Lily was already up and getting ready to leave the house when Tinkerbell walked in freaking out. “My baby is getting married! You have to make sure that you always look your best! And be nice. Oh I hope everything goes okay.” Her tone started out happy and excited before turning to worry. Honestly, Lil liked her mother better when she was in fairy form. She was a lot loss worrisome and a bit more fun. Both of her parents were a lot more fun and carefree when they were in fairy form, which made it easy for her to be a fairy and enjoy her life in Neverland. But the fact that her parents in human form were like… well usual parents and not fairies brought her down.

    “Yeah, yeah I’m sure everything is gonna be fine Mom.”
    She spoke, checking herself out in the mirror for a moment. To Lily, looks were just about everything. Not all the way everything, but just about. She always made sure that she had the newest clothes, best makeup and style that was out of this world. If there were fashion fairies, Lilyann would definitely be first in command.

    “I have to leave Mom. I told Mollie I’d try to get there first to tell her about any cuties I see. I don’t wanna be flying all day.” She explained to her mother and got a quick and understanding nod in response. “Okay sweetie, I understand.” Your things should already be there, be careful and remember to have fun!” Tinkerbell gave her daughter a hug before handing her a small golden purse. “It’s for you pixie dust. I put a little extra in there too.” Tink smiled. “Thank you Mom. I’ll talk to you soon.” The two of them walked out and Lily floated into the air. She gave her mom a quick wave, and in the blink of an eye, dashed away for the mainland. Lilyann put her headphones as she flew, listening to Off to the Races by Lana Del Rey. She pulled out her phone to send a quick text to Mollie. ~I’m on my way to the manor love. If I see any cuties, I’ll be sure to tell you ;) See you there! Xoxo Lily~ Lil was a flirt, and that was putting it lightly. She’d flirt with just about anyone she found physically attractive, and the flirtatiousness just amplified if she really really liked you.

    After a while of soaring through the sky, Lily made it to Wonderall Manor. It must have been weird for some of the people who didn’t see anyone flying often to see her fly through the sky. She often wondered how it looked to some people. Upon landing, Lily took a look at the few people she’d be staying with. There weren’t many people there yet, only seven guys so far, all of which were very cute and merited a text to Mollie. ~OMG! There’s only like 12 people and 7 of them are guys. Might I just add they’re major cuties. Hurry and get here already girly! Xoxo Lily~

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  13. Alex's Mood: ||Angry| |Annoyed| |Determined||
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    "I'm WHAT?" An angry blonde stood across from her parents with an incredilous expression on her face. "Let me get this straight. You're shipping me out to a place I've never been, to marry a guy I've never met? Are you lunatics?!" Her father's face showed signs of age, but he still held his boyish look from when he first met Anna. "Alexia.." Her father started, but Alex didn't let him get very far. "It's Alex," The brown-eyed beauty corrected with raised eyebrows. "You know what? I'm not mad at the fact that you kept this from me till' the very last minute. I'm not mad that you're forcing your only daughter into a marriage that will probably leave her sad and loveless. No, I'm mad at the fact that you're making me marry the son of HIM." Her words were meant to cut down to the bone, and they did. Her parents looked at each other with a 'Oh, crap, what did we do?' face before looking at her with a sad one. "Alex.. Please. You know we love you. You know that we're looking out for your best interests. We're your parents, we couldn't not." Alex shook her head, and smiled a half-angry, half-sad smile. "Do you remember what happened the last time you did something in my best interest?" Her eyes met her father's this time, and he looked away. She had said it. The thing that she promised never to bring up. The only thing that she knew might change his mind. Her mother let out a soft sigh. "I'm sorry, my love. You know we love you, right?" Anna walked forward and extended a hand, touching her daughter on her cheek. Alex slowly looked down at her mother. "Yes.. I know." Anna smiled. "Give it a shot, okay? If you don't love him.. if you can't find a way to love him, then you come back home. But give it a chance. For the kingdom. For us." Alex sighed softly and nodded. "Your bags are packed, if you have something you would like to take, go get it now." Alex turned and ran up the stairs to her room.

    When she entered, she found a beautiful white dress hanging in front of her closet. She smiled and walked up to it, running her hands over the fabric. It was so soft, and so beautiful. She turned and grabbed a few things, packing her laptop, picture frames and a few special dresses she loved, including the new one. She walked downstairs, her bag in her hand. She picked up her other bag and walked outside to her Car, putting the bags in. Her dogs followed her outside and jumped up in her car, laying down on the seat with each other. She turned to her parents and gave them a hug, getting in the front seat afterwards. "I love you." Her parents told her. "I love you too." Alex said back, reversed, and then pulled onto the highway.

    Halfway to the Manor, she started freaking out again. "What the hell am I doing?" She asked herself. She came up with a plan. A plan to make him running back to daddy, while she could play the innocent one and go back home. She smirked, looking past the cars around her to the manor ahead. It would work. She just had to get him to play.

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  14. Sadie Savannah Hope Ratcliffe
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    Sighing as she pushed the blanket down from her chin where she had been cuddling the soft, warm material, Sadie sighed as she blinked open her pale blue eyes to look around the room out of boredom. This was the day she had been counting down to on her calendar. All the different colored X's showing what days had gone by stopped suddenly when it came to this day with a big purple circle around it. She was glad to be doing this, it would make her greedy father happy as well as the rest of her family... but at the same time, well, she felt a heaviness settling in the pit of her stomach and a sadness growing in her heart. Maybe it wasn't what she wanted exactly, but she would put up with it for the people she cared most about. Besides, a new setting meant new victi-um... friends.

    As she rose out of her comfort zone that happened to be her giant bed, S got ready rather quickly and settled on her favorite off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, figuring that she might as well feel comfortable if she was to be thrown into some new surrounding and engaged on the same day. Running a hand through Bebe's silky hair as she sat against the apple tree in her family's backyard, watching her horse, speed around, bucking happily. It was kind of funny when she thought about it actually. Her father was the man who had tried to basically annihilate the Native Americans at one time, and she had named her horse Apache, after a tribe.

    As the time seemed to tick by far too quickly, Sade found herself taking a deep breath and standing up, brushing her ripped black jeans off as she did so. "C'mon Bebe, let's go inside" she half whispered as the night haired teen entered the single story home again and collected her belongings before making her way down the drive to wait for the coach that was supposed to be picking all the new attending students up. She still wasn't positive if it was going to be some major coach bus with all the students or if it was going to be an individual carriage, but figured her question would be answered soon enough.

    Sadie was certainly right, her question was answered almost as soon as she thought about it. Within a few mere moments she saw a white carriage drawing up to stop with the door in front of her. This was it apparently. Climbing into her form of transportation she set her two suitcases down next to her, slipped her earbuds in, pressed play and listened as Titanium came on. She heard herself singing along quietly as she watched out the window as everything she knew flew by in blurry haze. It took a while, but she eventually arrived and stood at the entrance to the Wonderall Manor grounds. Pursing her lips slightly she hit the pause button and pulled her headphones out as she wrapped them up and slid them into her pocket along with her phone. Time to start this new chapter of her life.

    Mollie Keagan Pan
    ϟ Mol/MK/Pancake ϟ 18 ~ Dec.1 ϟ Neutral Chaotic ϟ Peter Pan ϟ Arendelle ~ Onyx, Malika, Thaleia & Alexia ϟ Match ~ Phoenix De Vil, Son of Cruella ϟ
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    "Go away..." Mollie practically growled, kicking through the bedspread at whichever 'lost child' her father had sent to 'awaken the beast'. Mollie was still pretty peeved about this whole 'getting married to a stranger' concept. This day was something she had been trying to avoid altogether... originally she had made plans to run away, but her conscious got the better of her, a rarity in itself, and persuaded the perky blonde to muddle through it for the sake of herself and her best friend, Lilyann Bell. Just, this whole idea, well... it didn't seem like very much fun.

    As one would guess, a child without the watchful eye of an adult could cause a lot of mischief... and before she could even blink open her eyes to the lights of day, Mollie felt herself defying gravity in a most unnatural way. Sitting herself up she glanced over the edge of her floating matress just in time to spot the ring-patterened tail of one of the lost children's costumes. "Daaaaddd...." she complained, knowing if she was loud enough he would hear her... or one of her siblings. The lemur could have at least had the decency to toss fairy dust onto MK as well.

    "Ah, I thought you'd never get up" Peter chuckled as he went about tossing a handful of the magic dust on his youngest daughter. "Lily left this morning, you had best be on your way as well. Tink dropped off a bagfull of pixie dust this morning, but try not to use it all at once kid" the once eternal boy said rather sternly. While Mol's dad was probably one of the most fun people she knew... well, he was an adult now... and it really sucked when he acted like one. Sighing as she let herself float back down to the tree-house platform, Mollie stretched her arms back in a yawn before shooing Peter off "Whatever dad. I'll get going soon" she promised before reaching for her cell phone which was still safely on her night stand and scrolling through the messages. - Calm yourself Love ;3, I'll be there soon... I needed to be rescued from my bed thanks to a little lemur. Oh and keep an eye those fellas! I want a full report on what to expect when I arrive ~Pancake ooxo - Molly laughed, letting out a soft snort as she changed quickly and slipped the remaining pixie dust she had left into the bag Tinkerbell had dropped off along with putting her phone into her pocket. "Bye everyone, I'm off to start my life of torture!" she called before tossing some of the sparkling powder into the air and letting it fall onto herself. "Still not sure what I did wrong to have to go through with this..." she muttered under her breath after a few moments before letting herself fall backwards off the elevated tree-house platform and zoom upwards, flying into the sky and out of Never, Neverland... headed straight for... Wonderall was it?

    Flying was second nature to Mollie... after all, she had been doing it since she was a toddler, albeit not having a great first experience she now loved being able to do this one thing that so many people could not. As she soared through the sky Mol found herself trying to form different shapes out of the few clouds that were about in the sky. It might be a nice day... but who knew what would really be in store?

    As she touched her feet down just inside the gates of the manor she looked around, desperately trying to find her best friend. Lily was practically her sister... she had grown up with the fairy and loved the girl like family. "Lily!" she called excitedly, running over when she finally spotted her friend. "Anything good to report?" the slightly older girl asked as she let her hazel gaze flow over every individual.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Mood: ||Happy||Nervous||
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    Interactions: Hook, Smee
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    Jaime's Pet: Peaches
    Jaime's Spouse: Ferris Alice
    Zach's Spouse: Ophelia Atlantic
    Jaime's Character Sheet: HERE
    Zach's Character Sheet: HERE

    Jaime Hook

    Jaime lied in her bed, covers over her head to keep the little light that was coming in, out of her eyes. She was hoping that her father would forget the fact that she and Zackariah were supposed to go to some mansion and marry some guy she didn’t know. She would much rather stay home and do her somewhat normal pirate things. Well… that was a lie. She would rather get off of this dumb pirate ship she called a home, go somewhere else and not get married. She definitely wasn’t going to get her way, but she would die trying.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]I guess one would say that Jaime was stubborn like her father, and that was putting things lightly. Not only was the girl stubborn, but she was a bit of a spoiled brat, and not to mention a daddy’s girl. She would do pretty much anything she had to for her father, except marry some random guy.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“JAIME!” She heard her father yell as he pulled the covers off of his daughter, after which she groaned and pulled her pillow over her head to block out the light that was coming in. “You have to get up so you can leave. You’re getting married soon, my dear.” Hook spoke.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] The man really thought that she would be okay with this. He thought that they’d just tell her who she’d marry and she’d be the most compliant little thing ever. Boy were they wrong! She wasn’t going down without a fight, that was for sure.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jaime didn’t move in her bed, she simply rested there as if she hadn’t even heard her father speak. “Jaime! Get up, you and Zack have to leave soon.” He said more sternly this time, hoping his daughter would follow orders. “JAIME KIANA JALESE HOOK WAKE UP NOW!” Hook yelled. In response, Jaime sat up in her bed, groaning loudly as she did so. “Don’t ughhh me. You knew this was happening today.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “You knew this was happening today.” Jaime mocked her dad before standing up and looking through the clothes in her closet. “Jaime it’s for the best that you do this.” He said and Jaime mocked him again. “Now you’re just being childish.” He huffed, getting a little irritated. “Now you’re just being childish.” She mocked her father one last time. “JAIME!” He exploded, his voice carrying across the whole ship and probably through all of Neverland. “Yes! That! That irritation right there is how I’m going to feel for the rest of my life because you’re making me do this.” She spoke, scanning her closet for the outfit she planned to wear. “Well too bad huh? It’s happening. Be upstairs in no more than 15 minutes.” Hook said walking out of his daughter’s room. “You’re lucky I showered last night!” She yelled slamming her door.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]After getting dressed, Jaime put her flowers in her hair and made sure she had all of her bags for Sharky and Bones to bring up. Everything about this arranged marriage went against everything she believed in when it came to love and marriage. Hell, Jaime didn’t even know if she wanted to get married. She didn’t even know if she wanted a boyfriend! Maybe she just didn’t want anyone in Neverland… Jaime made her way to the poop deck where her father’s were waiting for her, along with her older brother Zack. “If I’m being forced to do this, I’m glad you have to suffer with me.” She gave Zack a quick side hug before looking back at her father. “Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to make you change your mind?” She smiled hopefully. “Nope, you two are gonna be getting married and you won’t change our minds.” Jaime’s smile turned to a frown. “Why can’t you be alright with it like Zackariah? He doesn’t mind that we’ve chosen his bride.” Smee pointed out to Jaime.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zachariah Smee[/BCOLOR]​

    That morning was cold, especially cold when Zach put his feet on the wooden floorboards sending chills up his spine and bare chest. He could hear the crew running above him giving him his regular morning migraine. The pile of blankets just below his hammock started to move and grunt, finally a head popped out. A bulldog jumped out of the pile drool, eye boogers and all, stretched his body out and yawned making a roaring noise. Zach bent down petting the dog.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Good morning, Little Man.” He stood up stretching himself and grabbing a maybe not so clean shirt and boots. Jogging down a hallway following his dog to the kitchen, where the dog slid on all fours straight to his dog dish. Zach dumped a cup of food and the dog immediately scarfed it down before Zach could turn around for coffee. Zach reached for a bottle in a high cabinet poured a bit in a mug and then poured his coffee. Took a big gulp then poured more from the bottle. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The stairs leading into the kitchen started to creak, a flamboyant laugh echoed. Zacharia sighed and leaned against the counter taking another sip.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Good afternoon my boy!” Smee came into the room with a smile holding two potato sacks over his shoulders. “Get cooking. You woke up rather late.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yeah I know.” Zach replied rubbing his face. He wrapped an apron around his waist and washed his hands up to his arms and finally splashing his face rubbing sleep out of his eyes. He was ready for this, he realized that a while ago. He learned to accept what was about to happen but now he had cold feet. In just a few hours Jamie and him will be off to meet their future partner. That was terrifying. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Smee dropped the sacks onto the table. “You’re not wearing that are you, my son?” [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“No?” Zach looked down at his pajamas. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Zach began to chop potatoes, ignoring his father he started cooking. He spaced off while cooking, his father used to that walked away waving goodbye. Throwing a steak into a frying pan, it sizzled and hissed. Zach hummed a song and swung his hips a little dumping the chopped potatoes in another pan. He seasoned everything and flipped the steaks. It was starting to smell good, Charlie barked and jumped onto Zachs leg.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Get off, there is no need to be so rude.” Zach glared at his dog. “You always get something, don’t be silly.” Zach cut a chunk of meat off of his steak, the dog caught it mid air, swirling around and nearly falling; He was a bit fat.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Putting all of the food onto a large tray, he threw a few mangos in between the plates and poured his sisters coffee the way she liked. Walking up the narrow stairs with Charlie shortly behind him he damn near fell up the stairs dropping one of the mangos in which Charlie grabbed and carried. He rose above into the sunshine and took a deep breath. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]“Good morning dear.” Zach greeted his sister setting the coffee in front of her, Charlie dropped off the mango at her feet.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Jaime Hook[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]​

    "I honestly don't know what's so good about it." Jaime shook her head about her brother's comment. She didn't quite understand why Zach was so okay with the fact that their parents were arranging their marriages. Jaime would at least like to pick who she married, but no she had to marry some good kid. It was annoying and aggravated her more than anything in the world. "I'm not hungry Charlie, but thank you." She smiled and knelt down to pet the dog before grabbing the mango at her feet. She felt the light tapping of an animal on her shoulder and giggled at the feeling. Her own pet monkey Peaches was coming to greet her. "Good morning to you too lovely." She lightly scratched the monkey's head. "LAND HO!" She heard one of her father's crew mates yell before looking past the sea to find the manor they were supposed to be staying at. It was big and beautiful. Part of her couldn't believe her eyes. Jaime looked over at her brother's amazement. She giggled a little bit. Zach didn't care that they set up his marriage because all he wanted in life was to get the hell off of the pirate ship. Jaime had to admit that it would be nice to stay in a castle that was completely stable and didn't smell like fish and seawater almost all of the time. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Hook smiled brightly and took a deep breath. "It looks like this is it you two. You're starting a new chapter in your storybooks." Jaime furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Did her father really say something that lame? "Yeah.. sure Dad. Writing it against my will might I add." She sighed and look another look at the mansion. It only took one more look at the place they'd be staying and the small shapes of people to get Jaime to realize that she was stuck in this and there was absolutely no getting out of it. She chewed on her nails as she made the realization that her life was over. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]


    The ship docked and Jaime and Zach gave their final goobyes to their parents and the rest of the crew, Zachariah a little bit too anxious to get off the ship. A few people from the manor grabbed all of their bags and carried them inside so Jaime and Zach could congregate with the other children. Zach practically ran off the ship, his bulldog Charlie running beside him. Jaime laughed and her monkey Peaches eeped at her and pointed to the other people. "I know we don't know them and trust me I don't wanna be here any more than you do." She spoke, aggravation in her tone. Peaches eeped again. "I know, I know. Everything will be okay I promise. It's for daddy-dearest." She said, looking around at everyone. She noticed a few people that looked friendly, a few that looked a bit stuck-up and rude and a few that looked like they'd play some awesome pranks with her. "Oh yeah, this is gonna be fun." She smirked.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Location: Home Under the Sea --> Wonderall Manor
    Spouse: Zachary Rose, Son of Aurora
    Parent: Ursula, the Sea Witch
    Mentioned: Those already there
    Interactions: Ursula, NPC's
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE + Necklace (linked below)
    Color Ref: 6100b5
    Her tail


    Very little sunlight ever reached Ursula's home, for it was very far down. Still, a mermaid with black and blue hair laid atop a smooth stone, where the most light shone. Her purple tail draped around the rock, a smile rest on her lips. The girl felt completely at ease for just a moment, before:

    "Danielle, have you finished packing your bags?!"

    The yelling came from her mother, Ursula. Her voice was rough, and the sheer volume of the question was enough to make Danielle cringe. Slowly, she sat up, propping herself on her forearms. Her mother was a few yards away, coming towards her. Dani waited until she was close enough that she could speak without shouting herself. "Yeah."

    Ursula, who had not aged as gracefully as she seemed to think she did, furrowed her eyebrows. "There are only two bags up on the shore."

    Danielle shrugged at this, not seeing the problem. "I know."

    "What about all your other stuff?" Now Danielle could hear the annoyance in Ursula's voice. It was very familiar, something the young girl no longer feared.

    "I won't need it. I assume I'll be marrying a prince, he can buy me all new things." Just as she began to lean back down again, Ursula stuck a thick finger under her chin to hold her in place. Again, the two made eye contact.

    "We don't know that he'll be a prince," Ursula stated, as she had several times before.

    Heaving a sigh, Danielle shook her head. "Well, if he's not a prince this whole thing is an even bigger waste of my time than it already is."

    The sea witch opened her mouth and began to say something, but was interrupted by the sound of trumpets overhead. "Ah, and that would be your ride, my dear," Ursula said, removing her finger from underneath Danielle's chin and instead grabbed her wrist. Before a word of protest could come from the teenager they were both off, swimming upward towards the shore. Even if her mother hadn't dragged her, Danielle probably would have gone without much protest. The two had already been fighting about the situation for over a week, and Ursula had made very clear that Danielle had no say in the marriage at all. She wasn't even told who she would be engaged to.

    Once the two surfaced, Ursula released her daughter and held out a necklace. Danielle took it begrudgingly, and after a moments hesitation she put it on. Her tail felt very tingly, and with a sharp pain directly down the center it transformed into two legs. She bit the inside of her cheek to keep from wincing at the slight discomfort. Luckily, it passed almost immediately. She then took the bikini bottom her mother had also brought, to cover herself until she could get dressed in land clothes. "Will I see you at my wedding?" Danielle asked sarcastically, though she was curious.

    "If I find the time to attend," Ursula responded. The two stared at each other for a long moment before Ursula cracked a smile, a hint that she was only teasing. "I know you're mad right now, but I do love you."

    Danielle thought about just swimming away towards the shore, but she knew she wouldn't want that to be the last thing she ever did to her mother, should they never see one other again. Still, the girl was far too stubborn and defiant to tell her mother she loved her too. So, instead she simply said, "Ditto, mom."

    With that, Danielle swam towards the shore, struggling slightly with the movements of her legs. She wasn't used to having them, for she spent most of her time in the water. As she got on land two gentleman hurried over to help her up, but Danielle quickly shooed them away. "I can do it, I can do it!" She shouted angrily, shooting them both a dirty look. "Just... go get my damned bags or something."

    The two exchanged a look, but did as Danielle commanded. Once they got to work she attempted to push herself to her feet. It took a few tries, but eventually she was standing upright. Her bags were loaded into the carriage quickly, and the two men waited patiently for her while Danielle stumbled to them. Despite her independent nature, she did allow one of them to help her into the seat.

    Her door was closed, and Danielle turned to watch her mother from her window. She kept her eyes on her mother as she was taken away, until Ursula was just a speck in the distance.

    The rest of the ride was spent with Danielle practicing to move her legs. She also took the time to dress herself in some clothes from her bag. Dani had been smart enough to pick her outfit beforehand, and place it on the top of everything else her trunk. She wasn't used to wearing clothes so she didn't like the way the fabric felt on her skin, but she knew she'd have to get used to it.

    Before too terribly long she arrived at Wonderall Manor. She stepped out, feeling much more steady than she was on the beach. She was mindful to walk slowly, so she would not appear ungraceful and clumsy in front of all these new people. She had never met any of them, except for the daughter of Ariel, who was nowhere to be seen. First impressions were very important... at least that's what she had heard.

    Once she was far away from her carriage Danielle paused, and took a head count. From where she stood she counted eleven girls, not including herself, and seven boys. While she knew it was possible she could have counted some people twice or missed someone, she thought that this was already a crowded place. And, the inequality of genders told her there were more to come. Are all of these arranged marriages necessary? She wondered, looking around once more. Probably not.

  17. [BCOLOR=transparent]Jasmine Gray Hightopp[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Location: Wonderland----> Wonderwall Manor[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Spouse: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Parent: The Hatter[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Mentioned: N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Interactions: N/A[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Outfit: ... [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] Wonderland was beautiful most of the time, unless it was a storm or some kind of wild animal goes on a rampage in that case it is a bit of a disaster. The flowers were absolutely wonderful, always smiling at Jasmine when she walked past. She walked past a particular garden everyday on her way into town that she admired so much there were countless drawings of it hung on the walls in her home. Her second favorite garden was in the woods far from the palace, white roses crawling high onto a small cottage it was beautiful with light reds, dark and even pinks. More beautiful than the queens garden even. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Jasmine opened the door to her home, a large cabin with colorful siding and flowers. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Father I’m home!” She said sweetly. Looking around her living room she saw hats scattered and hardly smelt the chemicals; she was around them her whole life after all. A short man with fully white hair came running down the staircase.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Oh Jazz! You are home. Did you get everything you needed?”He asked cupping her face. She lifted the black bag hanging from her shoulder and gave a smirk.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Of course I did.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You need to be going then!” Come on hurry up outside.” Her father said pushing her towards the door.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Father please. I’d like to get dressed in my outfit.” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]A moment went by and Jasmine came down the spiral staircase with a polka dot dress on, heels, makeup and all. The hatter smiled at her and nodded. He held out a box bright pink and purple.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“For you before you leave.” He was getting watery eyes Jasmine could tell he was going to cry his lips started quivering. She took the box from him and opened it. Inside was a hat her favorite color red and extremely girly.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I love it daddy.” Jasmine hugged him tight before he pushed her off and hurried her out the door. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“You have to go. Use the hat throw it on the ground and think of where you are going.” She listened to the orders throwing the hat and picturing the address on the letter that was sent. Wonderwall Manor what a wonderful sounding adventure. She stepped into the hat and was sucked away.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Landing on the hard ground she was dizzy as could be. She looked at the Manor a giant Manor at that. It was beautiful her mouth stayed open gawking at the Manor. Her hat fell from the sky and landed atop her head.[/BCOLOR]
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  18. [​IMG]
    Location: Carriage- --> Wonderall Manor
    Spouse: Alexia, Daughter of Anna and Kirstoff
    Parent: Hans of the Southern Isles
    Mentioned: Hans, His Siblings
    Interactions: NPC's,
    Character Sheet: HERE
    Outfit: HERE
    Color Ref: bf5e0a


    It had been days since Alexander left Witherpool, the only home he had ever known. He spent a handful of weeks at sea, and the moment he stepped off the docks he had been whisked away in a carriage. The carriage had only stopped twice during it's three day journey, for Prince Alexander to use the bathroom and stretch his legs. Sadly, the pit stops were very short. Understandably, the little prince was tired of traveling.

    Perhaps the only bright side of his long trip was that it gave Alex a long time to think. He spent a lot of time wondering who he would be wed to. What she looked like, what she enjoyed doing, what her pet peeves were. Along with this, Alexander spent a great amount of time wondering if they would even be compatible. From what he understood, arranged marriages were very tricky. He already didn't believe in the concept of 'true love,' but he still hoped he and his wife-to-be would get along. Otherwise, he'd likely be miserable for the rest of his life.

    Alexander also had some time to think about the goodbyes his family had given him. His sisters had already been married off and moved away, and so they had sent him letters bidding him good luck and a happy marriage. They also promised to come to his wedding ceremony if they received an invitation, but he highly doubted any of them would show. It wasn't that he thought his sisters didn't love him enough, because he knew they did. He was just aware that they were very busy with their own lives, and it took a long time for them to travel so far.

    Unsurprisingly, Alex's mother was nowhere in sight when it time for him to board the ship and leave. However, his older brother, Karson, and his father, Hans, did make the time to come see him off. They too wished him luck, and Karson had attempted to give his little brother some tips on girls. Of course, Alex abruptly changed the subject- even just talking about intimate relationships made him feel very uncomfortable.

    It was crazy to Alexander that those goodbyes had already been weeks prior, they still felt like yesterday to him. He could still feel the warm hug his father had given him before he left.

    "Prince Alexander, we're nearing Wonderall Manor," A rough voice suddenly pulled Alex away from his thoughts. He looked up to see an older male with graying hair peering through a window. He was one of the drivers, his partner was likely focusing on steering the carriage horses.

    A small smile crossed Alex's lips, and he nodded once. "Thank you," was all he said, and then the face disappeared from the window. At once Alexander felt very anxious, his journey was coming to an end. He was finally going to meet the woman who was to be his wife.

    Swallowing hard, Alex started to play with the cuffs of his jacket nervously. In the distance he could see the Manor, and he watched it grow as they came closer to it. By the time the carriage pulled to a stop his heart was pounding, his hands were sweating. Alex jumped slightly as his door was opened, immediately shaking his head at himself. Stop being so scared, he scolded himself silently.

    As Alex stepped out he rubbed his hands on his pants to dry them, and thanked the man who held the door for him. His eyes swept over the crowd, knowing that his fiancee could already be here. He could be looking right at her, and not even know it.​

  19. Alex's Mood: ||Curious| |Friendly| |Sarcastic||
    Alex's Outfit: This
    Location: Wonderall Manor
    Mentioned: N/A
    Interactions: Alexander
    Character Form: Alexia
    Pet: Dreamcatcher and Jojo
    Spouse: Alexander, son of Hans (Unbeknownst to her)
    Cars: ~ And ~
    Artist featured: James Lee (Seriously, check him out.)

    Alexia drove into the entrance of the parking lot for the Wonderall Manor. She glanced around the parking lot and took a mental picture of the lot. She pulled into a parking spot and took her keys out of the ignition, opening her car door and getting out. Her two puppies jumped out behind her and took a look around, sniffing the ground. Jojo walked over to a motorcycle and lifted his left leg, peeing all over the car door. Alex let out a little laugh-yelp and shut her car door. She let out a sigh and leaned against her car for a moment, glancing at some of the other teenagers. Her eyes caught the eyes of another, a male that was about her height. She couldn't figure it out, it was a haunting feeling that came with his eyes. Like maybe she had known him in a past life.. or maybe she was waiting to meet him in this one. It was just something she had never felt before, this calming but terrifying feeling that came with caring about someone, the very first time you lay eyes on them and just know. Know that this person is the one you're going to go through the terror of falling in love with.

    She had no idea what she was thinking, and she brushed away the thought before she could really process it, once she stopped staring looking at him.
    She cleared her throat and stuffed her car keys in her shorts once she locked it. She started walking, her puppies eagerly following her. She made her way past people to the boy and stuffed her hands into her back pockets, cocking her head, her blonde ponytail falling to the side, following gravity's path. She cast a look up to him and raised a single eyebrow. "The way I see it, there are two kinds of people here. The ones who follow Mommy's and Daddy's every wish, and the ones who want to get the hell out of dodge." She paused, then continued after a moment's break. "So.. which one are you?"

    Sure, asking this boy, one she'd never met before an impossible question might be the wrong move, but it would be vital that she knew his thoughts on the subject before she proceeded, and she wasn't afraid to be bold. Words could be corrected. Hurricanes couldn't.

    "My mother would have a coronary If I didn't at least tell you my name after asking you a question of that magnitude."

    She extended her hand with a smirk on her face. "I'm Alex. And you are?"


    Alex was back in Arendelle, her arms folded, leaning against the marble windowsill/window seat that led to a window that overlooked the Arendelle gardens. She loved the gardens. From the waterfall lake, to the stone bridges and arches that made her feel like when she was a girl, dressing up in her princess gowns and walking through those arches and dancing with an imaginary prince. She remembered dancing with fellow princesses her age and pretending to be in a beautiful ball, adorned with tiaras and dresses with numerous jewels embedded in the corsets.

    Alex let out a sigh, her eyes following over the various flowers and beautiful archetecture that was featured in the gardens. The gardens spanned a mile or two in size, featuring many different beautiful flowers and art that otherwise wouldn't be all in the same place.

    Much like her Aunt, Alex loved to retreat to the gardens and the surrounding mountains when she needed time to think, or simply when she wanted to be alone. Many winter nights, Elsa and Alex would bring a few fluffy fleece blankets, their pillows and a pet or two and spend the night watching the flora and fauna along with the night skies. It truly was the only place the two could ever honestly think clearly, a place where worries really did melt like lemon drops.

    Alex had spent the night up on the mountains the day that her parents had told her of the arranged marriage. They had said that she would be getting married soon, but the intensity and complexity had not been revealed to her until the day she would have to leave. She was probably most angry at them for not telling her sooner, giving her time to prepare.

    The mountains were her favourites, though. She loved sitting near the lake, or in the lake, watching the waterfall and the animals around go about their daily activities. One night, she even saw a fawn walk up to the edge of the lake and take a drink, all of when Alex was less than four feet away.

    That night she had spent up on the mountains she had lay awake, thinking all about her future fiance and what would happen. Who he would be, if he would be kind, if she would even let him into her life, or if she would run away. The thought of having to marry someone she didn't even know terrified her, and made her make a promise to herself. If he treated her badly, if he hurt her, she would take what she had and leave, even if it left her penniless. Money was in no way more important to her than love, or her own feelings, or her well-being. She definitely wouldn't let a man get in the way of her plans. She didn't want to be the kind of person who stayed home and looked after the kids. She wanted to work. She wanted to do the kind of things that others didn't even think she wanted. She wanted to venture out into the world, backpack across kingdoms and continents, and she wanted to come back proud, with a face that said, 'I did it, I did it even when you didn't think I could. I did it without your approval, and I'm still standing. I did it. I braved the world, and the world was beautiful.'

    But more than anything else, she wanted to be happy. Nothing else would stand in her way. She was a woman on a mission, and she would finish it, no matter what else happened.

    She just hoped she could do it all before the hourglass ran out.

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  20. [​IMG]
    Griffin wasn't thrilled with the idea of marrying a stranger. Especially someone who was a villain. But he knew that children didn't always take after their parents. So just because the parents had been villains didn't mean that his bride would a bad person. When his father explained that he had been chosen to marry a stranger he had accepted it without a fight. He understand why they thought these arranged marriages would help keep the peace. He was willing to do his part. It wasn't like he was in a relationship right now.

    He pack his few belongings. He took after his mom when it came to possessions. He only had the things he needed. So it didn't take long for him to back and headed out to the manor. He was a little unsure how he felt about living with other couples. He wasn't exactly a people person. It would take some adjusting. He had never lived so close to so many people. But he was willing to do it if it would help. He wondered who he had been matched with. Not that it mattered. He would do his best to make the marriage work.
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