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The space tower, tallest building in the city by far. The landmark the city identified itself by and housing the antenna for every radio and television channel the city hosted. But it also served another purpose, inside the saucer at the top around a large semi-circular table the heroes of Haltom City assembled discussing the ever present threat of crime, and those who used their unusual gifts for less than honorable pursuits.

But there was no session today, no crime wave or mega villain threatened the city, the only event of note was a new heroes first day on "the job" but so far she had only been given a tour of the building before being introduced to the hero responsible for helping her settle in on earth.

In contrast to the other costumed or civilian members everything about the Silver Sintiant was metallic, like a man in armor only the proportions were off, the 'helmet' too small to contain a head and the joins moved wrong for a being in an exosuit. As he looked up and pulled his finger from the dataplug it expanded for a plug to the size of a normal human finger. "We're in luck, police traffic says theres a back robbery which means we get to see how you do in the field."
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It had been a very odd time getting there., since Earth started learning more and more about interstellar travel and since they began practicing more on their outer space transit it became more difficult to just 'fly on in' then again they were probably happier about that. Actually having to work to get to their small little piece of the universe meant that not just anyone could come bashing through the intergalactic door and rummage through their celestial garbage for parts. IN short, more privacy. But sure enough, as sure as sure could get, she flew her way through the obstacle course that was the satellites, the stations, and even the small odd things that must've been empty fuel tanks from rockets yet to be burnt up in the heat of the atmosphere. She was smart, agile, and quite, she could do it.

Now actually at the Space Tower, in Haltom city she was forced to endure all sorts of low grade technology, al though she had to admit, since her people had been watching Earth they had indeed grown. She was proud, in a none active kind of way. Her eyes rolled to the back of her sockets at first, but then she was actually happy, the air was clean and breathable, the people were nice, mostly, and now she'd finally be able to take that extended visit to earth. As she listened and watched the different functions in the tower she was all but ready to help them with their advancements, for instance, the lack of speakers. On her planet all sound was projected into the mind it was able to be easily ignored and therefore reduced noise levels for the entire planet, you cloud literally hear yourself think. However, she was under strict orders from her home planet, not really orders but promises, to watch for at least half of a year before making any dramatic alterations to a public system.

She was about six feet tall, built like a tank with her muscles increasing the curves of her otherwise female shape. Her hair was done in dreadlocks, white with a tight twist tot hem so that they looked small, and like larger strands of hair than loose knotted dreads. It flowed and outlined her form all the way down to her middle back, where it was sharply cut off, off. Her eyes were a stunning red, taking after many of her people Royal Family traits. Her skin a cool calm white with black marking everywhere in a odd tattoo fashion, the symbols of a Princess in waiting for Queenship. She wore a all black top with a strange button like circle that glowed white in the middle, what exactly did that thing DO anyway? The tank top showed off a great portion of her stomach, almost all of it; it seemed to be made of a spandex type substance that literally gripped her skin, doing a great job at ti as well. Her short shorts were made of the same thing, having two white strips going down either side of her hips of the same black fabric, it was nothing standoffish. She was fited with a long flowing black and white tail in the pattern of a skunk, to most of her people this was a sign of beauty, although she had noticed that for the Earthlings it was a sign of 'don't stand behind her, she's loaded'. It also didn't help that she did emit a very low skunk like odor, it was noticible about three feet away from her, and when it was noticible there was no doubt it was a skunk, it just wasn't strong.

She listened to her 'mentor' although ti felt odd, talking to someone who was her superior whom she was older than. She nodded and spoke. "How do you get there? Do you fly, car, what have you?" She asked calmly not seeming to take any action on getting up and getting ready to run off and fight the bad guys. Especially since it was as simple as a bank robbery, she figured it was a usually level one disturbance and she'd walk in, disarmt hem safely, use a small bit of gas and knock them out without a hitch. That is, of course, in her mind what SHOULD happen. She didn't really know Earth crime that much, It could have been like pulling the teeth from a grown basilisk for all she knew.
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His cold blur glowing eyes, or what served as them turned towards her. "We'll be flying its the fastest way." they said he'd been assigned to her because he'd be able to keep his cool if things went wrong but his reply had been a chuckle and a joke that he could disable his sense of smell. Still he had never had to work with someone so new to the planet, or anyone , not since he had first come to be.

Her arrival had caused quite a stir, people didn't just 'drop in' on Earth like they had in the 60s, mainly because Earth took exception to that but she had. Alien royalty decending from the start without warning or paperwork, the girl had guts but some wondered if she was running from something. Which was why she had been brought to the tower where those with abilities as strong or stronger than hers could keep as eye on her, and because she had shown enthusiasm as working as a superhero.

His shiny metal body. red and blue armored plates with no visible wires or circuity. He had designed this form himself for maximum utility and approachability. Humanoid, yet rugged and with enough gizmos under the plates to handle almost any situation. He'd only need to change if needed to do something fancy or drastic. Still the lack of a face put some people off. Instead there was a blank armored plate broken by 'eye slits'. He had included the ability to slide it back to reveal as close to his original face as the nanobots could manage but people might find it condescending if the 'machine' fore a human face, not to mention creepy.

He walked around the console while at the same time adjusting his internal receiver to monitor the police bands, the robbery was fast turning into a siege. "They have hostages.." he said walking past her watching her face for her reaction to those words, He had no idea of her culture other than it was a monarchy and didn't know how they valued civilian lives. He was sure it was unspoken jobs to find out about her and her people. "How would you handle the situation?" he continued walking towards the balcony under the saucer that served as a take off and landing point for those who could fly still glancing back at her.
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She studied him and it was rather interesting actually. His abilities, or rather was she was assuming to be his abilities, Were quite well designed for a human machine. Granted her people were known for having game systems with more options and processing power, but that was nothing to sneeze at either. Which what she guessed to be some sort of microscopic computer technology he must've been able to do anything of his choosing. Heck, who wouldn't want power like that? Her people were more pruned to the 'living computer'. A zeptocelled organism that was used like atoms to compose and compile a majority of the computer parts in existence on her world. The computers themselves weren't small, which is what her people wanted, but they had thousands of millions of uses.

As he moved about the table, his technological limbs making little sound much to her pleased ears. She couldn't help but smirk in her own mind, this machine was quite the intellectual one, she couldn't tell what he was doing because his systems were internal, but if she had just an hour under the hood to examine and check out the part, she was sure that she'd recognize everything. She listened to his explanation of the hostages, and her first question would have been something like "Are they royals, nobles, peasants, poor people, what?" But she was pretty sure that it was some kind of annoying trick question, the kind that didn't matter what she answered. IF she tried to place a price on their life it would make her seem like if they were someone of importance she'd handle them differently, however, she wouldn't she just wanted to know what they were dealing with.

"Well, if on my home planet I'd use the internal security camera's to get a layout on the facility to determine were they are being held and who it is that is being held. My planet has different punishable acts depending on who you take hostage, although we haven't had a hostage situation in years." She said rather drolly, obviously walking through every thought pattern. "Then, based on your outer shell I can assume you are formed of nanobots, I'd have you access the inner parts of the buildings mainframe, unlock the doors silently, all the while having the police, or whatever the none hero like people are around the facility, keeping the man distracted with negotiations." It was a under handed tactic but still. "If they are using technological weaponry you should disable them, all the while I can use my peoples flexibility to get into the ceiling, and get above the criminals, if you can even keep them distracted long enough for me to float down behind them, I can disable them without much of a fight." She said. "My people can emit a noxious gas from any part of our body, used properly and of the right dose it could pass out a human. I already know that dosage, you're people are a level three organic compound, so… there you go?" She asked her eyes were down at the table as she ranted her plot out rather quickly, her words coming out in lighting fast pretenses as she nodded and went over to the open balcony.

"Shall we go?"
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"Bank employees mostly." He said in answer to her question. "Here the punishment is the same no matter the victim, though your plan..." he stopped running through the bank layout.. "Lets go." She was smart, and familiar with technology. Enough to know what he was made of, perhaps enough to guess his weaknesses. But he was going into the field with her so he had to trust her with his life. "You should know the back in a private business and has measures against intrusions into its security system."

He led the way so where they would fly from and turned to face her. Its not that it was a bad plan he was testing her, her flexibility. "Typically the police would have opened negotiations already, maybe set up a teal to go in. If they do, people will die. Our first step is to speak to the police and tell them we will handle the situation. Then we'll see about the security system." he liked her plan if he was honest with himself, it showed ingenuity and minimal risk to all involved and just before he turned away he gave her a nod.

The plates covering the multitude of thrusters slid back and with a deep thud they ignited and his feet lifted from the floor, only a soft whine audible once he was in the air, "They told me you could fly, so lets.."
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She knew where this was going prior to it starting. It only made since that on such a planet with such live forms that everyone was created 'equal' in fact it made more than since, it was sheer perfection in her eyes. He was right, it shouldn't matter ho was being held captive it should matter that they were being held captive, he was also correct in feeling that each one of those peoples lives matter, after all did not each one have its own part in the community of life? So she understood and agreed. Now in hearing his plan, and his analyses of the situations he could truly tell that he was a robot, well something close too. His logic, his reason, even his calm composer of the situation, anyone on her planet would be emotional by now, it was kind of interesting to watch. Her people hadn't used robotic humanoids since the last thousand years or so, so she'd always wanted to see what they acted like now…

She took to the air, first slowly, then speed up to follow him. "I see, is ee. Well my people are quit durable as well, anything below a level seven technology will take a direct hit to the head to cause serious injury, and I'm assuming, no offense, that you do not have level six or level seven technology? As I'm seeing the lack of black hole energy projectors, or nulvoid disappears." She said plainly her tail swooshed behind her leaving the air with a strange black and white look as it flowed it's long six feet of beauty. She spun around a bit, flying backwards so she could see him, but making sure to dodge anything behind her. "So I think the sneaking plan is good. And I promise I can easily, and peacefully, take out any serenity measures, provided you can't shut them down electronically. Say an EMP or something." She giggled.
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High above the city making a beeline strait for the bank. "An emp would do more damage to me than the security network." he pointed out as he began to descend and flashing police light and large building of the bank easily seen below them as the people in the street began looking up as them and pointing. The bright form of the robot was familiar and his name was called out but the rookie was unknown by the crowd and whispers of excited curiosity permeated the mass.

The bank was surrounded by squad cars and uniformed officers. Snipers were taking position and out of sight from the bank a swat team was studying the layout of the bank. News helicopters circled overhead and on the other side of the parking lot behind an armored van the negotiators and command team tried to get hold of the hostage takers. It was an ugly situation set only to get uglier.

The Silver Sentient landed his flight systems sliding once more beneath their protective plates as the officer in charge stepped forwards to greet them. "Garrison, good to see someone with a level head in charge of this one." The Sentient said as the stressed looking middle-aged human reached them.

"Gideon, and..."
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She flew along side him her body looked effortless and normal in the air as she spun about doing a few acrobatics in the air with glee as she giggled a bit. The earth gravity was so low compared to her home planet, she felt so light and easy in the air. Eve compared to the moon of her home world this was easily and she welcomed it with a joyful smile as she looked at him descending and followed, landing on the ground hands first and doing a small cartwheel to her feet. She sat back and listened to the men talk, not really interested, but instead looking at the situation herself, she couldn't see into the building, but she watched the human setup And as she watched them a few turned around to watch her, which didn't interest her much> Her tail moved in the air some and her head turned sidewise just enough to look strangely. She approached Silver, her voice was low. "Whenever we are ready please just let me know. I think I see the circuit breaker tot his place, which means killing the power to certain items should be easy with your interface."

She was a wise one but probably expected to much out of him for her won good. She didn't mean to insult him, no it was just the opposite, she didn't know exactly what he could do so until he told her his limitations she assumed he was 'on par' with her technology, even though she was certain that it indeed wasn't the case. Her eyes carefully propped the human sarroundings and then she heard a name she didn't know. In approaching the police officer and Silver she asked calmly. "Who is Gideon, and?" She asked repeating it as though it were his name.

She wasn't perfect at her English yet and she should have a break for small mistakes. Although the partner to Gideon was a unknown face she was very known in the crime world. A lot of people called her Gravatress. She was a woman who could literally manipulate gravity to it's fullest. Well within certain spectrums. She needed some part of her body un bound, she had to be connected to the earth in some way, it's atmosphere, the ground, whatever. And she could only move items as long as she could concentrate. If tha was broken so was her power. However, the heros she was facing wouldn't know that,s eeing as she kept herself tightly under wraps, literally. This was the first crime she appeared in. And boy did she appear.
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"Gideon..." the mechanical man said turning to her "... is me, the and is you, he was asking your name." the policeman looked awkward but being new to the planet it was understandable if she hadn't mastered the language's subtleties and if he could smile he would to reassure her. "What we are looking at is infiltration of the security systems to locate the criminals and their hostages. Then a, infiltration and gas attack that will knock them out. All you need to do then is go in and round them up."

He turned towards the breaker and nodded, "That will do for an entry point. When you're ready.."
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he nodded as she walked up to the building taking in a few deep breaths it wasn't because she was scared, oh no, she was getting ready she was putting her mind in the zone. She carefully slid into the duck her body moving like it was nothing against the metal, giving the boy behind her a small view just prior to her disappearing, after all her skirt was short enough. She moved and moved keeping radio with Silver just to make sure everything was okay. She was quite fast actually, already ahlf way to the target she expected.

[spacer]She carefully started to take off the grate that was just above the victims of the gas attack, moving very silently she made sure nto to even breath in fear of them hearing her. Her bit long tail still in the vent, her body was still hidden, she had to see if there were any other robbers, and indeed there were, several for that matter. There wre a total of at least two, which meant dropping in and gassing one without the other was VERY inefficient and dangerous. She put the grate back in place and back away from it out of sight sending a text to Silver telling him the situation and asking for aid. [/spacer]
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She wasn't waiting any time and neither did he. Even now after years as a collection of tiny machines there was hesitation, like a person about to dive into freezing water. At the junction box he reached out his hand and it disappeared becoming a cloud. The cloud became a silver flow and more of his arm joined the flow as it engulfed the wires and ran up them like a tide.

It was a rush, to feel with a million nerves, to slide through cracks and spread out to cover meters. A million cells crawling through insulation pipes and reading the minute magnetic pull of the wires, then seeing through the dozens of security cameras inside the building. It would be more than a human brain could handle, but his brain wasn't human anymore.

The flickering images formed a complete picture of the inside of the bank. "Three guns, second floor." he transmitted, two more and hostages on the third, south side. Ringleader it at the vault talking to the negotiator."

His voice was not distorted by any kind of device or even air. It was strait from his mind to the radio waves, the cameras were his eyes, the air his voice the building his body. "Wait..."

He calculated, volume of sound in decibels, distance, the luminosity of the light, predicted behavior.

The lock behind the thugs below her beeped and they turned, edging closer directly below her. "Should make your day easier."

He had been briefed on her power, at least all that was know about it. A non-lethal dose of gas that incapacitated in seconds and for hours and while he was sure it was unintentional he could still appreciate how it matched the markings on her tail perfectly. He was not blind, she was an attractive woman and her outfit of choice only enhanced that, but he was a machine and even Gideon's mind had been changed in the transfer.
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he watched as the men were moved and as everything set up. Quickly she began to think to herself, setting up the situation so as not to make a mistake. "So, if I use the normal amount I might hurt the hostages, and the humans seem weak in the nose, and their systems all seem to be of a normal functioning rate. This means I can spray them right in the nose, minimizing casualty, and perhaps they'll pass out within the second, and not be injured."She thought very carefully slidding forward slowly in the air ducks. Her tail was ever so arched, at least arched enough that the scent would flow slowly out of her, it was a subconscious preparation that her people did, allowing for their scent to flow, they called it 'moving' the scent around in their body, as though the arching would matter so much.

[spacer]Sliding down the hostages eyes opened wide, she quickly put a hand over each mans mouth, that made two, and as the third turned she actually used her long tail to wrap him up, he fell as well. There was a very strong, but slight odor lingering in the air. After all physics did state it was impossible to trap a gas completely, which meant that some of it would hit the air. As a few of the hostages smelt it some waved their hands others seemed to not care whispering something like 'she's amazing.' "She's brilliant." "Super Skunk." "sassy smell'.] as though coming up with a name for her She quickly came over to free everyone smiling innocently as she approached each person. Finally one person said. 'Sweet Stench' And with that she smiled broader.[/spacer]

[spacer]"Sweet Stench it is. Thank you citizens, you are free." with that she opened the main doors and came walking out the near by people broke out into loud applause and happiness and she took to the sky before their very eyes, some 'aw's could be heard but they soon faded from her ears. Really she didn't fly away, just to the back of the building were she waited for Silver and his instructions, something told her that making sure the area was clear of all cops and people was top on the to do list. As her eyes carefully looked around she didn't see anything… yet.[/spacer]
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[spacer]The feed back as he pulled himself out of the wiring of the building was blinding. Like a silver river he flowed down the wall and built himself up into the form she had first seen him in. Going from a million sensory inputs to something much closer to human the minute machines merging into macroscale components building him from the ground up. The entire process looked like mercury flowing up and solidifying into a metal shell, and it all took less than a minuet as he appeared behind the three men on the upper floor and his metal fingers snapped out, one hand each for the first two, two fingers lightly touching skin on the back of the neck before he turned on the electricity.[/spacer]

[spacer]They jerked back and fell over with twin thuds as the third turned and was met with Silver's cold metal face before he felt the cold touch of metal on his neck. One group left, the ones at the vault. "Vent on your right, third left then strait down. Try not to make too much noise, these are the last ones."[/spacer]

[spacer]He was relying on the downloaded schematics of the bank now along with what he knew was going on, but it didn't take him long to reach the room where the newly named hero and the hostages. "You're learning to like being a hero awfully fast." he commented quietly "If you think you can handle the ones outside the vault I'll escort these people to safety, it not you get to walk out with them and be on all the front pages."[/spacer]

[spacer]He was joking but his question was serious. It was up to her if the took on the last group or escorted the civilians to safety, his way of letting her finish her first assignment of the note she was most happy with.[/spacer]
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a know, Karie had honestly not given any of it a good amount of thought. Half of her wanted to fight the last villains, walk out witht hem in her hands, the other half wanted her to just go go out now with these guys. But she had a plan, if she took the last villains she could walk out in a bigger entrance scene if she wanted. No , it wasn't tat she wanted to be seen, or steal spotlight. ON her planet if you appear on any kind of television they usuauly wanted ot know who you were, and seeing as everyone noticed her ship come in, and noticed that she was in the building,s he figured they might want to know who it was.

[spacer]As she gave Silver her answer she crawled thorugh the ducks again, knowing everyone was emptied from the building she gave a slightly wider grin. She could easily get thiese guys and the building would air out rather brisk, so that no one would know what she did. She gave a small grunt and a large poof happened thick yellow clouds filled the area and one guy at a time passed out. She then nodded closing the vault she picked them all up, one in each ahnd and one by the tail. The room already started to thin out and air out. The concentrated gas like that was always eager to dispense.[/spacer]

[spacer]She hit the streets looking RIGHT at Gideon as she handed the cops the new apprehended criminals. A grin came across her face as two camera's asked her who she was. "The Name is Sweet Stench. I'm glad to be here on Earth." she gave no further info, mostly because something odd was happening.[/spacer]

[spacer]Little did she KNOW she was the victim of a calling card. A sign that who this woman was, wasn't a joke. Everything around them floated without any gravity pulling at them and before anyone could do anything Gravatriss. Number one on the heroes most wanted list, appeared, shooting a ball of energy at Silver that was meant to make his machines float apart. Her teammate Discord was instructed to grab as much money as she could, from there they'd make an exit.[/spacer]

he said as soon as the laws of gravity looked the other way. He looked and stench before he was forced to dodge a bolt of energy. He felt it's effects as it passed close to him, some of his nanobots floating away in a silver cloud. She had packed to counter him, and by luck the part of him her missed shot disabled was the part of him that could call for help.

[spacer]"Karie keep her busy." The Gravastress' attack had been mean to take him out of the fight early and leave only the newbie to deal with because Silver had all the information the heroes had on her and her partner, and if the Gravastress was here, discord had to be somewhere nearby. He rose upwards the exposed jets on his back and limbs glowing bright blue as he sped off to find the other villain. He could only hope Sweet Stench was up to the task.[/spacer]

[spacer]Discord however was close at hand her boots pounding against the concrete behind bank. Gravastress had dropped her off in a gravity bubble not far away but in the mid day sun there was still a wet patch on her chest and under her arms. At first glance she did not appear much of the threat, a young woman, dressed in black with purple dyed hair and a guitar slung over her shoulder, a brace of steel spikes on the strap. Slightly more remarkable was her outfit, heavy boots and skin tight black pants gave way to a tank top and leather jacket a large area of her stomach visible in between, far from typical street gear but not enough to raise alarms.[/spacer]

[spacer]It was when she swung the guitar around with an air of confidence that there was a shimmer of power about her. While she could not create sound she could focus and change it, matching the resonance heard inside every solid object tearing it apart. And with six strings beneath her fingers she had all the sound she needed. She probed first, picking a string and waiting for the echo, then again with more confidence before she strummed a cord the ground beginning to shake and the added a few more as cracks ran like rivers and lose gravel and dirt jumped and skittered along the ground before the cracks reached the wall and after a second's delay while Discord stood motionless, concentrating a deep ruble growing before the wall exploded and she was inside.[/spacer]