Hannibal, Sherlock, Avengers. Original ideas too

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  1. H e l l o.
    I think it's about time to put up another one of these. I'm in search, again, of more RPing partners. I have a few expectations and I'm willing to hear yours as well, just save me from this boredom.


    - Intermediate to Douche. Sorry, but these are the playing levels that I'm looking for. Grammar, quality, length. All that Jazz.

    - One post a day, minimum. We're all busy, especially me. So at the very least I'll be able to respond once a day.
    - Creativity. I'm looking for a person that I can build a plot with, equal parts leader and follower. After all that's how things stay interesting.

    - Versatile characters. If you can only play Submissive, I'm not the partner for you.

    -mxm only, please. Then I'll consider mxf.


    - NBC's Hannibal. I absolutely am in love with this show, oh mah gawd.

    - BBC's Sherlock, or the Movies. Love these guys too!

    - Avengers. *Cough* Science Bros. *Cough* Loki.

    - Twilight. The books were decent, okay? ,-,

    Original Plot/pairing ideas

    -Abusive husband/Psychotic husband.
    -Police officer/Criminal

    *I Honestly have a endless list, so please. Just ask.

    Fandom Ideas

    Hannibal: Looking to do; Hannibal/Dark Will. I'd be interested in doing other parings on the side as well, Frederick Chilton/ Freddie Lounds, just talk to me.

    Sherlock: Dark Sherlock/ Dark John. Moriarty/ Sherlock, Moriarty/John, Mycroft/OC, Sherlock/ dark OC, John/ dark OC,

    Avengers: Loki/Tony, Tony/Bruce, Loki/Bruce, Clint/Loki, Clint/Tony, Clint/Bruce.

    *If you couldn't tell already, I love dark and gritty plots and fantasy <3
  2. buuuuuuuuum
  3. Ermergerd.... you are a sherlockian too!!! I will do pretty much every single one of those matches in your sherlock pairing list!!!! Also, not to mention. After we finish our current hannigram rp, I'd TOTALLY be dark will graham! As long as you are cool with it being a post season 3 finale or near season finale time line or there abouts.

    What do you think?!?!?!

    I'm so excited!!!
  4. I could certainly go for Loki/Tony ^_^ if you're still looking.
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