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Are you looking for a Hannibal too? (Note me I do RP as Hannibal from time to time)

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(English applicants only please) I role play as a very intricate, deep, well written Will Graham. And am looking for an Abigail Hobbs and Hannibal Lecter.

Other characters may play a small role. Perhaps Bedelia may play a larger role....

But probably mainly this trio.

I really need someone who can SINK into the role, I am not looking for short written responses. I want long novella's. I want flowery language, and for you to treat this like you are writing your own NOVEL.

Anyway, so that basically sums it up...

OH, I do expect there to be romance, even if it is MOSTLY implied stuff like the show leads us to imagine, etc... It doesn't have to per say be sexual, but we could discuss developing it that way, as long as it doesn't get over done and drift from the base of the way they are as characters. I do want this to seem Canon in the way we write.

In fact, going off of how they ended season 2 and started season 3 I may want Abigail to be a figment in Will's mind, perhaps Hannibal just goes along with it. Perhaps he encourages it? It can be discussed.

To be honest if I don't get anyone else except a Hannibal, then that's okay. I just wanted to start this off as a GROUP invite because that would be awesome.

Thanks for reading. Message me with questions, concerns, or ideas!!!!
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