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  1. Hey there! I decided that I should probably just make a thread for all my ideas, yeah?

    Mind Your Step- (Taken)

    It's the year 3022. Two con men/women work together to run a con, pretending to be able to enter your mind and erase away bad memories, doubts, and any other undesired thoughts. While they are able to infiltrate the subconscious, thanks to a machine one of the brilliant members of the team invented, they don't do what they promised. Instead, they steal everything necessary to gain access to all of your accounts and rob you blind. One day, a young woman comes in search of their 'help'. She explains that she needs these particularly... disturbed thoughts removed. No problem, they claim, and set up shop. They enter the woman's mind, find what they need to rob her, and, to their dismay, discover that they can't escape. They find themselves trapped in her horrifying memories, unable to flee, forced to live them. What kinds of terrible things did this woman go through? What will it make YOU go through?

    Whoops You're Dead-
    Character A is a normal, live human. They live a normal life, with normal friends, and normal motives. Enter Character B. Character B is a ghost. Not just any ghost, but a ghost sent from Hell to retrieve Character A's father. Turns out, Character A's father made a deal with the devil, and it was time for him to pay up. But wait- Character A's dad already died three years ago. Well, the way the ghost sees it, SOMEONE needs to pay. The ghost decides, hey, I'm not gonna get anyone closer to him than his own child. So, Character B kills Character A in what the world calls a 'Freak Accident'. Character A then becomes a ghost, forced to eternally drive chosen people to suicide. Character B takes pity on the poor, innocent soul of Character A, and decides to be their mentor. Their relationship evolves from murderous ghost and killed victim to ???
    ((I'd prefer to be the original ghost))

    Parallel- (Taken)
    Two scientists work together to build a time travel machine. Finally, it's done. They're about to test it on a guinea pig, but something goes horribly awry. The scientists (and the guinea pig) are all transported... to a parallel universe where the world was destroyed by a nuclear war. Nothing remains. Except ruins, wreckage, and mutants. Radiation transformed the remaining life into horrible monsters. The scientists must find a way to return back to their time without being killed. Too bad that their machine wasn't even transported WITH them. How will they fight for survival?

    1. I'm fine with f x f, m x f, or m x m. I mostly role play a female, but if you'd like me to be a male, tell me!
    2. I'm not into anything sexual.
    3. If you have anything you'd like to be added into a story, run it by me and maybe we can add it!

    PM or comment if you're interested in any of these!

    Also, if you have a role play you want to do, I'm interested in hearing it!
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  2. I'm interested in Parallel.
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  3. Mind your step caught my interest
  4. I just finalized role playing that with someone else, sorry! They messaged me last night about it. I'd be happy to do any of the others with you or any of your own, but if you're not interested, that's fine, too! c:
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