Hannah and Taven <3

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  1. Hannah took a deep breath as she sat at the end of her stairs in her large home, her eyes were glued on the door that her father just walked out of. Hannah's life was filled with sadness, and guilt. Her father had left once before but her mother brought him back, but this time just seemed so different from the last couple of times, even though Hannah couldn't pin point as to why. Slowly she stood up and lifted up her hand to run her fingers through her stark red hair, that laid down her back in gorgeous red waves. Her eyes shifted slightly as she looked towards the kitchen where she could hear her mother talking on the phone with someone. I don't know what to do Janet... I- Yes, yes, I know... I just, I messed up big time, I didn't expect to be caught! A pause and by this time, Hannah had her ear pressed up against the wall, that separated the kitchen from the stair case, she strained her neck to hear better. Hannah is... Well, she just graduated her junior year, yes, I know... It's going to affect her, but what I don't know is what to do, Janet! Another pause and this time, Hannah moved a bit to listen more clear, she was now peaking through a hole that her father put in the wall a long time ago to spy on her mother. She looked to see her mother's beautify attire, and gulped but the next words she heart from her mother, she didn't expect to hear. "You think I had planned on getting caught cheating!"

    Those words swam through the eye of her mind and she gulped not really feeling anything as she slowly pulled her body from the peep hole, and just laid on the top step of the wide staircase. Her mind was reeling; how could her mother do this...? Her blue eyes moved up to the ceiling and finally she stood up, and felt the rush of newly stored anger fill her bones. waltzing down the stairs she barged into the kitchen and shrieked. "How could you have done this?! My dad was my everything! And you fucked it up! What the hell is your problem?!" Hannah's chest heaved heavily up and down as she panted, her other just looked at her with sorrowful eyes. "Hannah..." Sharply lifting up her hand she silenced her mother. "No! You need to... Make up your mind on what you want... And choose between, me and..." She looked around the kitchen for a sign of anything irregular, and when she found it she walked towards the fridge, which was connected to the counter with the sink built in. She leaned down and opened the draws to reveal the drain system, and crouching there was a man that looked to be as young as her. "Him. What's your name?" He looked shy and spoke softly. "Uh... Tom..." Hannah looked to her mother; "Tom..." She mentally shook her head, unable to even think about what her mother was thinking, how she could have done this.

    A couple minutes passed by when her mother said nothing, Hannah narrowed her eyes and shook her head. "You know what? I don't even care anymore..." She turned from the kitchen, after flipping Tom off, and ran up the staircase to her room, slamming the door open, she walked into the closet and pulled out a black backpack, and stuffed it with clothes, a wallet, and shoes, zipped it up, and opened her window. She slid down the wall with her feet pressed to it, making her land with one knee down and one foot down. Once she landed, she looked up at her surroundings and nodded her head, it was time to find a new life. Quietly and quickly she walked the streets, her back pack hanging on her back, and her eyes shooting around her, just to make sure no one jumped her or anything.
  2. Taven was racing through the streets in his custimzed 2009 Ford mustang Shelby GT driftin around coners weavin in and out of traffic nearly causing serval accidents espacily when he ran stop lights and stop signs. He was blaring the song Headstrong by Trapt from his stero system he was trying his hardest to get in a police chase in this town he had just driven into.

    Taven Is a illgeal street racer with the rep of being a badass as well as a dirty driver almost always wreacking at least one of his opponts in a race as if it was his goal to do so. He get into fight everywhere he goes and ussaly wins. Today he was just looking to reak havoc in this town cause as much trouble as he can before moving on.

    As a child he was abused in every sense of the word by both parents, phsyicaly, mentally, and yes even sexualy at time when his parents whored him out for drug money, douring those time all he would think about is finding someone to care for him but thanks to his parents he had gained the mentality that happniess and love are word only used by those who do not know evil like he does.

    Causing trouble and pain to others as well as seeking out adrinline rushes was the only way Taven knew how to ease the pain. He was kicked and expelled out of many schools and even boot camp for his misdeeds. After Taven had establish his street racing Rep he left his town looking for new victoms to tourtue.

    He has just drifted around a conor and speed up to a red-head with a backpack and then pass he looks in his rear view mirrow and sees the look in her eyes the look of escape taven hit his e-brake and does a u-turn in the middle of the road goes past the girl then exacutes another one and pulls up next to the girl and rolls down the window and turn his music down. "hey sweety where you headed?" As he speaks he has a sly smile on his face.
  3. Hannah kept walking with her arms at her side, when she blew out a gentle breath, seeing her breath in front of her, she narrowed her eyes. That could only mean one thing. It was supposed to be cold out, and what was she doing? Walking away from her wonderful life, her mind must be filled with crazy and insane things! She stopped walking to look up at the sky and sigh softly, until of course, Hannah heard a voice. Arching a eyebrow she turned her head a bit to look at a truck driver, she tilted her head and her red hair fell off her shoulders. "Do I know you?" she laughed and shook her head, moving forward, and not ignoring the boy, but simply putting him behind her. "I'm going... I don't know where I am going actually... Why do you care? I'm just a stranger..." she laughed again and continued her walking.
  4. Taven followed the girl. "why do i care beucase i know that face, let me guess you had a fallout with your parents or parent got made blew up in a rage of anger packed a few things and left with the plans of going anywhere but here and hope to never see your parents again, am i right?
  5. Hannah stopped walking when he spoke of her situation yet with less details; whipping around to face him, she narrowed her eyes. "How did you know that just by my face?" Rolling her eyes, she crossed her arms over her chest, and let out a slight yawn, "But I guess it really doesn't matter since you're a trouble maker and I'm simply... Well now I'm a wanderer..." She smirked, turned again and continued her walking.
  6. Taven countired to creep along in his mustang. "well if your a wanderer then you have to wonder and from you what you said sounds like with you live here in this town so why not hop in and go somewhere hmm?" with that taven opened the car door.