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  1. Hello!

    I'm new to Iwaku and am looking forward to participating in some onexone rps! I'm a sucker for all roleplays set in a past time period but I'm also very open to incorporating fantastical elements into them as well. I'll detail as concisely as possible what I'm looking for below:

    About Me:
    * 26 years.
    * Rping for 13 years.
    * Detailed/advanced.
    * Writing: At least, 200 words. At most, 1000 words.
    * Works full-time; responds within 2-3 days at the most.
    * Romance? Okay, but only mxm.

    I ask that you:
    * Please do not control my character without my express permission--that includes writing in my character's reaction without first giving my character a chance to react. I will respect your character and do the same.
    * I am only comfortable roleplaying with those 20 years old and up. Thank you for understanding!
    * Please give me at least a paragraph to work with.

    Genres/Character Types/Ideas:
    * Victorian Era/Edwardian Era
    * The Victorian Gothic
    * Ancient Japan/China
    * Roaring 20's
    * Fantasy -- Only if set in an older time period or AU
    * Royalty/High Society
    * Horror/Hauntings/Paranormal -- No excessive gore. I prefer thrillers.
    * Pirates/Uncharted Islands/Coastal Lore
    * Human
    * Werewolves
    * Vampires
    * Fae
    * Youkai
    * Mythological Creatures

    Thanks for your interest! I hope to hear from you soon. Feel free to reply to this thread or pm me. I'm flexible. :heart:
  2. Hello! I've been on a binge lately of getting my story ideas into RPs, so I have something I want to run by you.

    First, does Steampunk count as Victorian/Edwardian Era? I'm pretty sure it does. Anyway, I have an alternate history sci-fi idea where we invent robots to help in World War I. The AI is some kind of quantum computer, invented basically by accident, that makes them think and feel just like a human. However, after the war the robots - dubbed Artificials - are given synthetic human skins and repurposed as slaves for the wealthy and cheap labor for companies. This would be the story of their rebellion, trying to earn equal rights. Thoughts?

    Alternatively, had a vague pirates idea involving glass oceans. Could be made space pirates a la Treasure Planet. Wouldn't mind Fae, either.
  3. Hey there! Thanks so much for the reply and sharing your ideas with me. :) The first plot has a fantastic premise and I think it'd make for a great story. Unfortunately, however, I never did catch on with Steampunk, though I agree it does fall within the Victorian category. I like it to read, not so much to write. I would be interested in reading your story should you ever decide to write it, though!

    I suppose my idea of fantastical elements would be more mythology and along the lines of the paranormal. Things that we write off as legends/myths in our everyday lives but rps based on the idea that these things actually do exist. Does that make sense? xD Sorry, I wasn't clear!

    Now... this glass ocean thing. Mind elaborating? :3
  4. I think I know what you mean.

    Ah the glass ocean...it's a very vague idea I had. This world is a flat world, shaped like a massive disk made of glass. There'd even be a scene where we can go over the edge and sail on the underside of the world. Suffice it to say, physics are a little weird for this world. On the glass sea are various patches of rock that make islands, and here there would be plants, animals, people, etc. The system for watering this strange world I haven't fully worked out, but it'd never rain on the glass sea, only on the islands.

    Underneath the glass ocean there are burrowing worm creatures that excrete molten glass at the same rate they eat it. Small ones we gut and cook as food, but there are giant crystal worms that can destroy a ship.

    Admittedly, the glass angle makes things perhaps more complicated than they need to be. I just liked the visual of characters running on the ocean. I'd be willing to get rid of the glass and just have us sail on a flat Earth. That alone could have interesting challenges.
  5. I'd be open to trying something like this if the conflict/plot were that the world wasn't originally flat; the fact that there's now edges to how far you can go being a new, unwanted concept. Maybe the sailors are trying to prove that it's some strange, weird creature that's freezing the oceans into glass (called glass, but malleable enough for a ship to sail through it?) but no one believes their accusations because the worms are... clear glass and transparent. Or something... That actually might be changing the story too much. These are cool ideas. ^^

    Are you more for epics or quest-type rps? I lean towards stories that focus more on character vs character instead of character vs world, myself. Character vs world is too large scale for me at the moment with my crazy schedule. If you have some more character centric ideas in the future, please keep me in mind! :)
  6. Sounds like a no on the glass sea idea then. As I said, it's not my most thought out idea, so while that's a little depressing, it's not that surprising.

    You know, it didn't occur to me until just now but a lot of my stories are what you call character vs world. There's usually a revolution in the making, or the fate of a world in the balance. Even my stories that begin as a personal journey of discovery end up snowballing into a larger conflict.

    However, there might be ONE that's more oriented on character conflict: the Shifter Chronicles. In this world there are five races: Humans, Elves, Aviri (bird creatures), Vameri (sea creatures with a few similarities to vampires), and the changelings. The first four are said to be created by the four elemental gods, each with different characteristics (example, Teirim, the God of Fire, lost his eye when battling the mindless force of Evil, and placed it in the sky to act as the sun. Or Domhardha, elfin goddess of the world, who is always shown as pregnant, for she gives birth to the planets).

    The Shifter is an individual the gods decide to bless. Each race is represented by a colored light for their soul; red for human, blue for vameri, green for elf, yellow for aviri. A Shifter's soul is white, pure. While the other races are capable of developing elemental powers similar to the benders in Avatar, they can only do so with their elements. A Shifter can use any element, and not only that, but they can transform into another race, making them the ultimate ambassador.

    Can do either an ancient setting or a modern one. Could follow the First Shifter Andronica Perrain and her party of peacekeepers, or go to the modern world with Jake Thomas, the first Shifter in a thousand years. A warning: for Jake he's trying to stop the elves from waging war against the human world, since they were forced underground and believed to be extinct. I think it would be better to focus on Andronica's party, since it's more quest-based.

    Fun fact, Jake's story is actually the first one I ever wrote and completed book one of. It was terrible, but I believe the idea has merit. How about it?
  7. I'd like to do a mixture of quite a few of them! Like creating our own fantasy world with most of the following things listed. Would you be interested in that?? Pm me if you would be ^-^.
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