INTEREST CHECK Hangover of a Lifetime

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  1. So, I got this character, a young priest that wakes up in a bathtub after a long night of partying, and then I got this idea. So, basically, there's this party, where all these monster slayers go, get drunk, and end up passed out in odd places. When they wake up, an unspecified amount of people (based upon how many are interested) are the only ones that remain. It doesn't appear that anyone's left, there's still their stuff on the floor, still evidence of people, but it was as if they simply woke up and left. Even a vase, that you're certain was still intact the night before, is now shattered on the ground.

    Everyone sort of gathers in the dining room, which is in the same state as the rest of the mansion, and try to figure out what's happened. You're all a monster slayer, so your mind instantly turns to the most obvious thing: monsters. The group begins searching the mansion, and when they wind up in the basement, some crazy shit happens. I'll leave it at that until any interested people come.
  2. Huh, this sounds pretty neat.