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  1. How would you describe your own handwriting?
  2. Have you ever seen roadkill plastered on the side of the road? That about sums it up. It sucks hardcore.
  3. Um, slightly cursive but mostly print?
  4. That of a keener high school girl
  5. dude. i'm a doctor. my handwriting is shit.

    i dicate and i type. then people can read it.

    when i started out, i signed all the paperwork with my full name and it had 16 letters with both first and last names.

    within 3 months, it was a squiggly line that sort-of looked like an ampersand (@ symbol). cuz i got tired of writing it.
  6. Most describe it as a new font, and I'm starting to agree with that.
  7. Well... You can read mine at least.
  8. Illegible chicken scratch.
  9. My handwriting wasn't the best, that's for sure. But I did work on making it more legible, especially in the last ten years, since others have to read my writing. I like to write, and since it's a bit of a rarity nowadays compared to typing, it's usually quite legible and somewhat neat.
  10. Bubbly, round handwriting.
  11. A blind man with Parkinson's decides to try his handwriting with his less dominant hand. Everyone tells him it's fine but highkey no one knows what he was trying to write.
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  12. Very neat and easy to read but it's kinda small because my hands are tiny :(
  13. A mess of notes. So many notes. Hundreds of pages of notes later, sentences are curt. Word choice tactical. Grammar non-existent except under formal condition. Most often bullet lists of ideas, filtered out into small paragraphs underneath.
  14. What's writing?
  15. My first grade teacher complimented me on my printing and I haven't improved since.
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  16. How would I describe my handwriting? "I can write neatly, I swear." *continues to write like a zombie gnawed off a few fingers*

    Handwriting has never been my forte. *sheepish smile*
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  17. It depends on my mood. It varies from scawled tiny cursive that only I can read, to half cursive/half print large round letters, to sharp edged print and finally to flowy cursive.
  18. My handwriting has been described most frequently as "beautiful" and "microscopic"!
  19. I hear similar things about mine.

    "It's so pretty! What does it say?" "You write too small, I can't read it!"

    Though I also tend to write very lightly also. Endless complaints about readability from people that need the content but when I complain about it, everyone is always like "No, your handwriting is so pretty~"
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  20. I can make it look nice.

    But it often isn't.
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