Handwriting Analysis - What does our handwriting tell about us?

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A Handwriting Analysis

I thought this was really cool. It sort of, in the long run, teaches you more about yourself.

Take a look, and see what kind of personality you reveal in your handwriting!

And make sure you read all six pages. ]:<

It doesn't make since afterwards if you don't. :D


inb4 Staci shows pictures of her writing so weird because she's such a special snowflake or something.

But yeah, that is very cool, reading it right now, realizing I write very ugly.


I write with a vertical slant, which means my head rules my heart.
I write with a straight baseline, which means I'm tense and over disciplined.
The size of my letters indicate I have an average level of concentration.
I usually write so I'm in the upper zone, so I'm an intellectual thinker.
The spacing in between words means I prefer to avoid people.

Well, this was a fun analysis. Thanks for sharing, Loveless. :3 I enjoyed reading through all that and learning the secrets behind the way I write. There were some eerie discoveries.


The slant of my writing indicates that I try to keep my emotions in check, and both my pressure and baseline agree with that. My concentration is average based on the size of my writing, and I tend to focus on the day to day issues. While my letter spacing is confident, my spacing for words says that I have difficulty with people. My writing changes from curved to sharp, so I guess my modes of thinking are perpetually changing, and my quick writing says that I'm spontaneous, ambitious, agressive, etc.

I'm definitely going to be profiling people based off their hand writing for a while. XD