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  1. Alright! So basically the world is steampunkish, but not...if that makes sense.

    As far as technology there's indoor plumbing, electricity, trains, and ships. There are no powder weapons at all. No guns, cannons of anything like that. Weapon wise it's pretty much all steel. It's moderately industrialized with factories and things like that, but they're not the main source of income for the country our character's live in. It's really hard to put a time period on the world, because when I made it with my old partner we threw a lot of things in together, like the government and the religion....that was his idea, not mine. So if you want to scrap what I have an work one building one together that's fine with me. :)
  2. I think that sounds fine, actually. From what I am reading at least. I like it.
  3. Alright. That works for me. As far the world goes, it's basically like Earth, but each continent/country is in different time periods. There was a country like the U.S that was going through their Civil War. A country like Japanese that was like the Feudal era. Our characters lived in what would have been London in the late 1800's, early 1900's with carriages and horses, same style of dress. The one thing I changed was the rights of women, because I didn't like the idea of my character being unable to move about freely because of inferior rights.

    The government of their country is a monarch, along with a court that is run like a democracy. The king can pass a law, but the court can veto it and vice versa, however, if the king vetoes a law by the court, he must also have a certain percent of the court to support the decision. (We got a bit detailed, sorry. I forgot how fun world building was though. lol)

    The elder son's family was the more politically motivated. Their assignments are usually foreign diplomats, aspiring political leaders who stir up trouble over a cause, that sort of thing. They are often sent overseas as well to help out allies when it's needed.

    My character's family is more the vigilante type of assassin. They're assignments are escaped convicts, mobster types, and nobles who bribe and blackmail others not to get caught. The family tends to stay out of the public's eye and pretty much keeps to themselves.

    I know there's more I want to explain, but my brain feels like it's going to explode at the moment. >_<
  4. I like the sound of it! When you think of more you can always add it. :)
  5. Alright, now that I've got more of the stuff refreshed in my mind, do you want to work on character sheets? I normally don't use anime pictures, but for this one I can make an exception. Either way I'm fine with whatever.

    And sorry if I seem kind of air headed, my medicine had my head all over the place.
  6. Sure, we can work on character sheets. Do you have a certain outline that you would like to use for them?
  7. For the main characters

    Description: (if you don't want to use a picture)

    Skills: (Number of languages spoken, any other skills that allow them to carry out assignments)
    Specialties: (Hand to hand combat, martial arts, things of that nature)



    For the family members, just name age, and their relationship to the main character.
  8. Alright. Can you please post the plot in here please? It would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Plot (open)
    The world that the roleplay takes place in is neither medieval, nor modern, but a combination of the two in a sense. Weapons are all steel, no guns, bombs, or anything of that nature. There are trains and ships, along with basic electricity and indoor plumbing.

    The story begins with two families of assassins who have been feuding for the past century. The bloodshed had spilled into the streets of their country, forcing the king to take action. Believing that he has found the perfect solution he makes a decree; the eldest daughter of one family is to marry the eldest son of the opposing family. They are given one month's time to prepare for the wedding, and a year after their marriage to conceive a child to verify that they are living as man and wife.

    There will be violence, and gore, and I absolutely do not limit it.
  10. Name: Xavier Mills
    Age: 23

    (I really liked this picture so that's his face.) Xavier has dark blue eyes and dark brown hair. He stands about 6'2" and is more athletically built due to his training. He has a tattoo on his forearm and one on his chest. (Not sure if that is allowed but I really like characters with tattoos.)

    Weapon: Throwing knives, a katana.
    Skills: Throwing knives, climbing walls and trees, swimming, fluent in sign language (if that's a thing in the current time which I think it would be cool if it was.) Can ground fight but isn't the best at it.
    Specialties: Fighting with his katana and throwing knives.

    Personality: Xavier is a quiet young man. As you get to know him he opens up a bit more and lets only certain people in to get to know him and his feelings. All in all he is a respectful young man and kind to those who deserve it.

    History: Xavier was brought up in a very strict household. He is the oldest child of 5, two boys and three girls. His father is quite strict with all of his children, especially his two boys, the oldest and the youngest, the three daughters were right in the middle. Growing up Xavier learned early how the world worked. His family was wealthy enough that he had tutors to teach him. Throughout the day he would have weapons lessons along with the academic ones. Xavier, being generally quiet, did not have many friends around the city. There were a few friends whom he trusted enough to get close to them. Growing up they stayed close. He is close with his family and is very protective of his younger siblings.

    For the family members, just name age, and their relationship to the main character.

    John Mills, 50, Xavier's father.
    Emilia Mills, 45, Xavier's mother.
    Violet Mills, 19, Xavier's sister.
    Leigha Mills, 17, Xavier's sister.
    Elena Mills, 15, Xavier's sister.
    Oliver Mills, 12, Xavier's brother.

    (If there is anything else I should add just let me know. :))
  11. [​IMG]

    Name: Kassina Montatraeu
    Age: 18
    Description: At 5’4, 103lbs, Kassina is tiny, but not petite in any way. She has a muscular build that is often difficult to hide behind feminine clothing, which is why she often opts to wear her training leathers whenever she is at home. Like everyone in her family, she has a tattoo that marks her as an assassin. Unlike the males in her family, hers is hidden away on the side of her torso.

    Weapon: Katana (Uchigatana), Swords (Sabers),

    Skills: Kassina speaks five different languages, most centered in the far east (Equivalent of Japanese). She also knows sever styles of dance, which is often combined with her fighting style.
    Specialties: (Hand to hand combat, martial arts, things of that nature)

    Personality: Kassina is rather awkward in quite a few ways. When it comes to fighting she is all business, never missing a step, or swing if she can help it. It’s taking the fighter out of the girl that things grow clumsy for her, and her insecurities are bared for all the world to see. She has the charm of an attack dog, barking and snarling at anyone that looks in her direction without pausing to see exactly what it is they want with her. To her family she is quiet and reserved, never speaking out of turn and always showing the utmost respect to her elders. To everyone else she is an enigma.

    On an assignment she is all business, playing whatever role she needs to fit into in order to get close to her target. She can be a dominant seductress, or a submissive maiden, whatvever is necessary to move closer and closer to her mark without being caught on the radar.

    History: The oldest daughter of Alimante and Darassi Montatraeu, Kassine was the first and only female of her generation to join the family business of death. She shares a close bond with her trainer, her oldest cousin Silicius, whom she has always considered more of a brother to her than anything else (Although she’s also fairly close to her twin older brothers as well.)

    The one other member of her family she was close to was her grandfather, a man who she idolized beyond reason. He raised her on stories of the Far East, teaching her about samurais and the honor in which they fought with. It as something Kassina grew to admire, and it was the ways of the samurai that she often tried to live by. It was her grandfather’s passing that forced Kassina to become distant from the world, the loss of the one person she felt truly understood her that kept her from ever truly warming up to anyone. She became focused on one goal, and one goal alone, to become the most feared female assassin in the country.

    Alimante Montatraeu (Father, 50)
    Darassi Montatraeu (Mother, 46)
    Enraku Montatraeu (Older brother, 22)
    Gregeron Montatraeu (Older brother, 22)
    Kaira Montatraeu (Younger sister, 17)
    Erikson Montatraeu (Uncle, 48)
    Isabella Montatraeu (Aunt, 47)
    Silicius Montatraeu (Cousin, 28)​
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