Hands covered with blood.

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  1. Hero x Villain

    A young man is the bravest, the most courageous, the strongest being in his city. He's a man who protects those in need of protection, he's the man all children look up to and many adore, he's the Hero of their story. Though with every hero comes a villain. Some minor, some a bit more tricky. Some are the stereotype bank robbers and then some are the sick and twisted beings that are vicious and savage. But like most heroes, he always wins because good triumphs over evil, right?

    However, the young man just might meet his match.

    A Villain unlike any other is what he's faced with. The two are born with an incredible strength, they're both intelligent young gents, and not to mention, they're both quick on their feet. Though it seems they're equal, the man's purpose for his savage attacks are unknown and leads the Hero of their twisted story not just trying to end this, but trying to discover who this beast of a man is.

    This will include
    Male x male
    Body horror, gore, etc.
    ► Action
    Non-consensual acts
    Tragic stories
    Cruelty of varying levels
    Minor age difference (Five to seven years)

    If you're interested, send a PM or put a message down below. ôヮô
  2. I would happily give this a shot, though I may have to use your brainpower to come up with a good character concept if I am to make the Villain. Are we talking Superpowered or Badass Normal kinda powers?
  3. That's alright, I have the perfect villain character in mind. c:
    As far as powers go, yes and no - it all depends on what you'd like to have. They can either be ordinary people with good and negative reputations or they can have super awesome, badass abilities and powers.
  4. Let's crank things up to eleven then! >:3

    I shall PM you real quick!
  5. Awesome! c: