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  1. Hello fellow teen Iwakuvians! I'm Hanako, or Hana as you can shorten it.

    This post would be a place for me to post different plots. They may be from a wide range of genres - romance, comedy, horror, supernatural, and more. They are mostly oriented for MxF, but I can also try out FxF and MxM. I'm not as experienced in MxM, but I'm willing to learn. ^^

    Before I list the plots, please take some time to see some of what I would expect from a partner, and what they could expect from me in return:

    Please Read, white 1. My posting expectations range from at least Intermediate, up to Advanced. I am also able to adapt and shift from Intermediate, Adept and Advanced if I have to. To make things clearer, I prefer a partner who wouldn't post one-liners. A paragraph at least is most preferred. I will do my best to write for you, and I would appreciate if you make some effort in return. I also expect you to have a good understanding of grammar, but I know we all make mistakes, so I won't be too picky on this as long as you also take care of what you post.

    2. I am an aggressive rp partner, meaning I often take control or lead of the plot, but I can also shift to passive if you have an idea. Just give me a heads up on it so it won't cause whatever we write to come in conflict, I will also give you a heads up on important turns.

    3. On posting speed: we have our own lives so I don't force any expectations for you to reply immediately. I may also be scarce from time to time, especially during class days. You could expect me to post at most, during those times, a few posts to one post a day, and at least a few posts or one post a week. On exam weeks or when I have a report I might not be able to get on at all. I will send you a message if I can't reply for some time. If you also have something coming up, please tell me.

    4. Usually, I would prefer to play as the female, especially in the MxF ones, but if you could convince me to play a male or play MxM, I could.

    5. For my libertine preferences - I could play both dominant and submissive or a shift between the two, but I tend to lean towards submissive. And I don't do Furry, or anything involving bodily excrement. I am also not too knowledgeable about BDSM as of yet, so if you want to try that just clear some things up with me.

    6. I'd rather we roleplay through threads and not PM's. It's easier to do formatting through threads, and it's also better presented.

    And now that we've cleared that, we can no move on to the plots. ^^

    Plots, purple
    Roommates (open)
    Human x Human
    Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
    MxF, FxF, MxM

    Summary: They're anonymous online friends who may have feelings for each other. They're also roommates who hate each other. They met on Craiglist and this is where the story starts. Also, it may take a while for one of them stop wondering if the other is a serial killer. Shenanigans happen when the roommates who supposedly 'hate' each other start the stirrings of attraction, all the while feeling something for their online buddies. Sprinkled with influence from Texts from Last Night!

    Koi no Yokan (open)
    Yakuza Princess x Supernatural Bodyguard
    Genre: Supernatural/Action/Romance/Crime
    MxF, FxF

    Summary: She thought she was used to the unusual. Between the oyabun father who she rarely met, but is said to dote upon her, and the way of a normal life, she always had to switch schools for her own safety. She's used to meeting just about every sort of person out there. But there is more to the students of this particular high school. And more so when on her first day, where she almost gets shot if not for that one quiet classmate who rarely spoke. But what is she to do, other than what she has done her whole life? Adapt. "You're a what?" A small scoff. "You tell me you're Yakuza. Tell me what's more ridiculous."

    When the Day Met the Night (open)
    Based on the Norwegian fairy tale. Human x Supernatural Creature
    Genre: Supernatural/Fantasy/Romance

    "Wherever the landscape is wild, the winters long and bitter, and the villages small and isolated, magic and mystery thrive." - Naomi Lewis, Introduction, East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon

    Summary: There was once a family that was starving in the winter. Just as they thought they were about to perish to the harsh cold and hunger, a strange man clothed in a white bear's pelt comes to visit them. "There is one thing. I can promise you food and warmth," the strange man with his pale hair and pale eyes said, nodding in the direction of the youngest daughter. "I want her." There is more to this man with his likeness to bears. Who is the one who comes to lie beside her at night?

    I'll update the list when I get a few more ideas or when I'm open for others.
  2. I really love the first idea ~ Now, I don't know a thing about Craigslist, so I'd need a brief explanation of that, but otherwise, I love the idea of them liking each other... without liking each other? It seems pretty hilarious. xD
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  3. PM me if you want to RP it. ^^
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