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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by October Knight, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Ham

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    ((Below is From Wiki))

    (also swine, in some areas hog) is a domesticated animal that traces its ancestry to the wild boar, and is considered a subspecies of the wild boar or a distinct species in its own right. It is likely the wild boar was domesticated as early as 13,000 BC in the Tigris River basin. Pigs are farmed for the consumption of their flesh, but some cultures have religious dietary laws that forbid the consumption of pig meat. The animal's bones, hide, and bristles have been fashioned into items such as brushes. Pigs, notably the pot bellied pig, are also kept as pets. Miss Piggy, Babe, and Porky the Pig represent the domestic pig in entertainment and "The Three Little Pigs", Charlotte's Web, and The Sheep-Pig are prominent examples of the domestic pig in literature.

    Smartest animal ever And yet we eat them. Discuss, super cereal. [h=2][/h]
  2. Once you go ham, you never go spam.

    I think spam is actually really good. Better than ham, and well worth the pork that goes in to it.