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  1. Welcome, This is the land of Halzgrin. A desolate,dark, and cruel place. Your story shall begin here and if you are not careful here it shall end. The first thing you need to know is the history of Halzgrin. Noone knows how it was created, not even the elves the oldest of the races. Once Halzgrin was a noble place where elves ruled, and all was well. Hundreds of years passed such as this and all appeared to be fine.

    Eventually humans arrived from another place across the sea. The elves attempted to greet these newcomers as guest, but the humans came to conquer. They slaughtered many elves and pushed the elves back to the mountains. Once in the mountains the Elves discovered two new races to fear. The first were the orcs who were savage cannibalistic beast that would prey on anything they could. The second was the Dwarves genius armorers and forgers hellbent on protecting their gold and jewels.

    The elves almost perished in those mountains. However a brave elven warrior by the name of Inlustris rose amongst them. He was a hero if any had ever been known he moved with speed unparalleled and cut down dwarf,orc,and man alike. He rallied his elven kin and they took back their home. Once that was done they burned the very ships the humans had arrived upon stopping them from retreating to get reinforcements. What humans were left fled south and made their own kingdoms.

    Inlustris was named king of the elves and their city Silvenhein was built. Its great marble walls protecting his kin and their people. From that day forward the humans have been squabbling amongst themselves each attempting to become the next leader. One in particular Drallinix Von Carstein succeeded. He was once a just and noble king, but fell to darkness. His kingdom crumbled and the race of humanity forgot all but the legends of the once great king.

    However deep within the catacombs of an ancient fortress Carstein still rules. He has become a dark and twisted creature, a lich, and now commands an army of his fallen subjects. The orcs come from the mountains in droves swearing fealty to this dark ruler, for they know that if he takes control over the land then a darkness will spread like a plague ending the reign of elves and men alike.

    The dwarves have built settlements as well great halls and mines. They are building their resources, but all they wish for is to protect what is theirs. They never had a stake in the war between man and elves, however their hatred of Orcs is unparalleled and they wish to eradicate them as a species. The humans have repopulated and taken control of much of the continent of Halzgrin, but cannot proceed into the marsh or elven territory. They now have various kingdoms squabbling for control, but with none ever managing to defeat the others or gain a signifigant advantage.

    Next you should know the geography of this world. The continent of Halzgrin is a desolate and merciless place where the strong survive and the weak are culled. In the center of this great continent is a Forest with trees as black as ichor that only the bravest, or most foolhardy, venture into. Deeper in this forest ancient things slumber and if they are reawoken will terrorize things once more.

    To the north lies elven territory. The elves guard this ferociously and will kill anyone found transgressing on their lands without mercy. Farther past the great elven city of Silvenhein lies the sea that once brought humans to this continent. Here there are green plains and bustling cities of elves.

    To the south there is an arid desert. Noone has ever managed to cross this desert and return, but many venture into it for the valuable minerals and salts it contains that fetch a high price. The dwarves above all else favor this desert for it allows them to harvest materials they otherwise could not. They have built vast caverns underneath the shifting sands of the desert, where they store their riches and their king lives.

    To the west lies the catacombs of a once thricing human kingdom. The tales say that the armies of the King still remain within. Ancient texts state that inside the palace which is now buried deep underground there is to be an immense amount of gold. Alas no traveler to venture into those dark and bleak halls has ever returned. However for each traveler that ventures in their weapon and a skull, presumably thiers, is stuck outside the entrance of the catacombs the next day.

    To the east lies a human settlement, and a great marshland. This marsh is simply known as the Deadlands, because nothing can survive there. There are no animals, no people, and no living plants even in the deadlands. This black marsh is a complete mystery and anyone who has ever gone in has been lost forever.

    Now then im sure your all wondering is there magic in this world. The answer to that question is yes. In this world a very rare few are born with the gift to harness magical energy, and amongst them even fewer are born with power enough to utilize it. The way magic works in this world is that anything you do drains energy from you. If you were to move a boulder five feet with magic, then it would exert the same toll on your body as if you had done it by hand. There are three different kinds of magic that are widely known. The first is Conjuration, this consists of the ability to conjure familiars or spirits to aid you in your battles. The second is heaing, this allows someone to heal wounds much quicker than normally, but it comes at a steep price. This is heavily taxing on the mage and it leaves horrible scars. Also there is only so much healing magic can do if a wound is fatal then it is all over with. The last and least practiced is destruction magic. This form of magic consists of the user bedning the energy into destructive spells of power. This has the highest cost as not only does it drain the users energy it also damages their body. Destruction spells are hard to control and dangerous to the caster in many ways.

    The factions that are around now will be as follows.

    Ashroige-[BCOLOR=#000080]was once a humble human kingdom, and a wide trading kingdom for the world's center kingdoms and the kingdoms in the southern desert and beyond. The city had almost no crime for everyone residing in the kingdom prospered from the large trading routes that would run through Ashroige. Although it appeared to be an entirely peaceful kingdom, there was a dark religion that occupied Ashroige. The religion was known as Phoenix Rebirth. The religion consisted of the belief of reincarnation through fire and destruction and of a god of destruction- Agros - which was said to take on the form of a phoenix. However this religion was soon banned after a tragic event almost forty years ago. The priest of a Phoenix Rebirth church soon learned that he could use destruction type magic. He believed himself to be an incarnation of Agros himself and that the time for the kingdom's "100 Century Kindling"- an event only described as 'a world wide reincarnation by fire' that is believed to happen once every ten thousand years- and began to wreak havoc in Ashroige. With the support of the 99 members of his church he led a arson spree across the kingdom. The ruler of Ashroige, Prag Meek, sent his body guard, Power The Executioner, to dispatch all 100 men. Power is a great warrior who wields an a large two handed battle axe. Much destruction had been unfolded in Ashroige before Power successfully killed every follower of the priest, as well as the priest himself. Since then Ashroige's economy and prosperity pales in comparison to what it once was, and has also outlawed the practice or support of Phoenix Rebirth and has adopted a mix of religions from all of the other kingdoms. And to celebrate the fall of the followers of the Phoenix, every year Ashroige holds a festival which involves many games including chopping the heads off of dolls made of kindle and smashing urns.[/BCOLOR]

    Marok-[BCOLOR=#003300]The Human Kingdom of the East. Marok is one of the least developed of all the human kingdoms due to the terrain on which their kingdom was founded. The terrain is just a few miles west of the marsh that lines the eastern boarders that consists of almost nothing, mere large soggy areas of plains. The kingdom is very poor for they have little resources to trade with the other kingdoms. The reason for it's founding at such a location was not for resources, which is evident, but for the many rumors about the area that began hundreds of years ago. Rumors were heard that there were great underground caves underneath the area, which tunnels filled with diamonds. However the caves were said to be too deep down in the earth to tunnel by hands or tools. It is said that there is an entrance to the east of the kingdom in the marshlands. Unfortunately no matter how many heroes they send into the marshlands, none ever return. There is a single religion that is founded within Marok. It is the belief in the goddess of wilderness and hunt. The belief was started in a dark age hundreds of years ago, when the kingdom's hunters could find no wildlife to bring back for food. They prayed for a miracle and even decided to make a sacrifice of one of their greatest hunters at the time. Their prayers were answered after the sacrifice, with a plentiful herd of animals to hunt. Many people believed that their sacrifice had pleased some sort of goddess of the wilderness. The religion involves sacrificing the kingdom's best hunter every ten years in order to please the goddess- Thea. The kingdom believes that the lack of animals comes from the kingdom's great need for food and over hunting and that the goddess trades the life of the best hunter to proved more wildlife for the kingdom to hunt. The kingdom's next sacrifice is now approaching and it seems Kron- a young apprentice in hunting- is the best hunter among the kingdom, for he is innovative in his stealth techniques in hunting, and is even said to be the son of Thea herself. For traditions the main traditional method of hunting in Marok is to completely dress themselves in mud and lay in the soggy grasslands for possibly days on end in order to hunt. Due to these highly used methods the majority population of Marok has become very resilient to the diseases of that region.[/BCOLOR]

    Hagra-[BCOLOR=#ff0000]The Dwarven Kingdom of the West. Hagra is a kingdom that resides in the west that was originally founded to extract any minerals and valuable metals that could be found in that region. For a few hundred years the kingdom had prospered until recently the lich king has created an army farther west and blocks Hagra's prosperity for more valuable metals. Hagra like many other dwarven kingdoms are known for their warriors and their skills at creating weaponry. Because of this the dwarves of the Hagra rely on themselves and pray to no god to protect them. Most of the traditions of Hagra involve smithing, including the few festivals they hold with competitions to create the mightiest weapons and armor. The winning armaments and weaponry are directly given to the king of Hagra- Grole Battletorn- for his own personal use for combat. In the kingdom of Hagra the kings and rarely queens are decided by a tournament of strength, which pits Hagra's greatest warriors in a free for all arena. The winner becomes king or queen and rules for ten years.[/BCOLOR]

    Silvenhein[BCOLOR=#ff0000][BCOLOR=#800080]-Silvenhein is a city that stands alone on a plain. Its great walls are of white marble that is 70 feet high and completely smooth. The interior has a terrace pattern to use as much space as possible. At the top of this stands their castle. This castle is an enormous entity made completely of white marble like the walls. Around the walls and the castle lie a moat of water and spikes. The city other than the castle is a bustling town of elves and is extremely prosperous.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    Players will not be allowed to play as an elf other than GMs. This is due to plot devices, and also due to the fact that the elves are a dying and very uncommon race. There will be no godmodding in thi roleplay. If your character bits off more than he/she can chew they can and will die. As a GM what is said is law, we will not be petty, but it will maintain order. Do not attempt to make your character amazing at everything these types are not dynamic, they are boring. No character you create will be able to go head to head with someone like the lich king, it is meant ot be this way because then players have to work together and strive to change their world. If your character knows magic then they should be severly lacking in some other regard, spellweavers are rare to say the least. You can play for any of the factions listed above, and to do so must put it in your CS.

    CS template:

    Race: dwarf,human,orc
    Appearance: text or picture. No anime pictures will be accepted paintings and drwings are acceptable as long as they are semi realistic.
    weapons and gear:
    Magic: If the use it then describe it IN detail here, remember it is not mandatory, and must have a purpose. There are supposed to be very few spellcasters so not everyone is going to be RPing one.
    Bio:(I expect something here I want to really know your character. make me feel like they are alive)
    Allegiance: If you are an Orc you must serve the Lich king, If you are dwarf you must serve the Dwarf King. Humans can choose between either the Lich king and be corrupted, or they can be amongst the settlements.
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  2. Name: Nerlok Xeha

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Red shoulder length hair, brown eyes. Wears a green overcoat, with a brown leather tunic underneath, and brown pants with black boots and also has metal gauntlets he constantly wears, with white bindings on the palms, as well as two rings. One on each hand.

    Fighting Style: Brawler/Magister-

    Nerlok uses a type of destruction magic that acts like a powerful invisible force pushing against whatever his target is. He utilizes this by being a close quarters fighter, and normally when his hands come into contact with an enemy, releases that force to knock them back and deal significant damage.

    weapons and gear: Gauntlets, with bindings wrapped around the palms-A small backpack-and a hunting knife- two rings, with charged magical energy

    Bio: Nerlok is the son of a wealthy trader in Ashroige. He lived a normal life, and because of his father's success never had to work that hard in his life. However things changed when a year prior to now, he discovered he had the ability to use magic. His father soon found out and word go tout to the kingdom. The king feared that the appearance of another magic user would spark fear and panic in the citizens of another tragic event. Once he knew the word was out Nerlok fleed from the kingdom and began to travel and avoid the eyes of the public.
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  3. name: Nox praecordia

    age: 150 years old

    appearance: Elven Prince.jpg
    7 feet tall and much the similar to his father in terms of body type.

    bio: Nox is young for an elf and is only roughly the equivalent of a teenager to elven standards. That being said his abilities are adept and border on prodigious. He can be arrogant and headstrong, but is also intelligent, tactical, and skilled in both martial prowess and as a magister. He harbors a hatred in his heart similar to his fathers but it is not as severe. He has been banished from silvenhein and now wanders.

    weapons and fighting style: a tall black staff with a ruby in the middle. Also he wields two katana with blades of gold. He has been training with both since he was young and over the last hundred years has become quite skilled. Many elves outclass him, but he is still a warrior to be reckoned with.

    Magic: He can utilize an almost unique style of magic. He is a master of Illusions. He learned this art from his mother just before her death. He has been honing his prowess at It ever since. It is not the most powerful form of magic, but it is a unique one.
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  4. Name: Ballon 'Grey Wolf' Keln
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weaponry (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Bio: Becoming a practiced swordsmen and archer by the age of 18. After several public displays of his skills he became noticed by a company of sellswords and they took him under their protection provided that he worked alongside them. They roamed the edges of their lands, fighting for whatever cause they saw the most gold in. After 2 years they disbanded having lost several of their founding members and Loque went on his way fighting on his own. However within these 2 years he had earned his name after surviving a night lost in the woods, emerging with a set of wolf pelts and several scars, since he had been called the Grey Wolf by those who knew of his tale.
    Allegiance: Sell Sword for the humans.
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