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    I think it's a DOG but I can't be SURE since I just found it in a gas-station parking lot. Whatever it is, we both looked at each other and felt an INSTANT BOND. It's also pretty smart and stuff. Somewhat aggressive. I'm not sure how old it is but it's pretty small.

    That's a shoebox he's lying beside. He just escaped after I got done stuffing him into it. All the other animals took turns slapping the lid back down when he tried to escape...but we all had a good time so it's cool.
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    Is it BOY or is it GIRL or is it AMBIGUOUS.

    Looks a few months old. >>

  3. BOSS!
  4. BOSS? Are you SURE? Boss is a LADY NAME and I'm pretty sure this thing is a little dude.

    I mean, y'know...I saw some things...
  5. I'd help you but I seem to have a gift for giving people every name they won't use for a pet or organization.

    I don't think I've ever seen one that cute, and the more creative names I toss out the blander his final name will likely be.

    So name him "Snack."

    ...or "Boss." I mean, I have a relative nicknamed "Boss" to the point that many of us forget his real name.
  6. Daaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww
  7. Kawaiiiiiiiiii!
  8. Are you stupid? You're supposed to call him Ocelot.

    God damn.
  9. I thought about naming him Ocelot but he doesn't give off that much of a homosexual vibe yet...


    Snack sounds like a name I'd have no problem with. At least you're not like Jinx, Coffee. All the names he helped pick were turbo dumb.
  10. No.

    I call all my cats "cat".

    I also constantly remind them that they are cats.
  11. Bast



    Those are my suggestions...all three are technically gods of some sort...and Diana is also an admin
  12. Diana, Artemis? WHAT'S NEXT, TUXEDO MASK?

    And no, I don't want to name my cat Pao...far as I can tell he doesn't like little girls >:( And he isn't a pervert!

    I already had a cat named cat. These guys are also constantly reminded they are cats. "Stop sleeping behind the coffeemaker, cat, you are a cat, you can't drink coffee!"
  13. Name him Demon.
  14. Name it 'Collis Viminalis'.

    Because cats are sneaky little fellas. At least, according to me grandma.
  15. Name it Domon.
  16. Nyx/Maine
    Nyx stared right at Alkura, trying to get a read on her. There was something she was hiding, something personal that she wanted only Tyler to know. She wanted to find out but she knew she couldn't be too abrupt in asking. Young girls were emotionally delicate, and she didn't want to hurt Alkura any more. Yet at the same time her curiosity was getting the better of her. "Hey whatever you can tell Tyler you can tell to me. Just because I'm a part of Maine doesn't mean he knows everything about me," she said with an air of genuine sincerity. Nyx honestly doubted that Alkura would open up. It's not everyday that some shadow starts asking about your life...

    Meanwhile Maine slowly began to regain consciousness. As he woke, he felt the sudden rush of pain and soreness from the explosion and the stickiness of a blood-soaked blanket. Ah crap, did someone rip my spine again? he thought to himself. He struggled to lift his head up to at least see what had happened, only to find a devastated room surrounding his equally devastated body. Next to him was Adam, with Tyler on the couch and Otto in front talking. For some reason, he could not make a sound, hear, or move anything, he could only just watch. From what he could feel and tell, his body was still trying to repair the more critical components of his body such as his heart and head and thus delayed the recovery of his minor senses. It would take some time for everything else to fully heal, and judging from the time it took his body to recover from a spinal injury, that would be at least a couple of hours. All he could do was just look at the others and wait.​
  17. B-but I don't wanna suck it ;^;

  19. Why would you bring this furball back with you? You suck at raiding.

    Eat it. No need for a name.