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  1. I'm sorta new to roleplay. I have read a lot of forums and many roleplays. I'm an ok to great writer. Depending on the mood. Any suggestions, help me out please.
  2. Suggestions? Hehe, I would be very happy to help you. This is RP 101 Its a guide for RPING

    Here you can search for Rp that you might like. First, I would advice to go to sign ups and plots :3

    The CBOX is where you can talk and meet new people!
  3. I'm too lazy to type out my newbie guide so I'll just say welcome to Iwaku
  4. >_> Lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, watch out for feral plot bunnies! If you have any questions or just want to connect to some folks, feel free to hit up the cbox! It's a great place to get to know people!
  6. Rain already posted the most useful links I could give. 8D So I will just say, welcome to the community!
  7. -strecthes and yawns having just woken up.-

    Why hello there! Welcome, welcome to Iwaku! Rain has given you some great links indeed

    Also don't be afraid to check out the Iwaku Roleplaying Academy group, it will help improve your skills, and also give you some new ideas.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku.

    My name is Tetsuri and it is a pleasure to have you here.

    I hope that information is useful to you.

    I also hope that yu enjoy your stay here and make many new friends.
  9. Thanks guys. Would anyone be willing to RP with me? I'm starting MT own under scifi right now I'm accepting two players. Later more, once I get used to it and the plot develops.
  10. Hallo Ashaekin, and welcome to Iwaku!

    Good to see you're getting into this! More people!
    I'm Selenite. Pleased to meet you.
    Here, have a cookie.


    And see you around!
  11. YAY. Cookies!!