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  1. It's 2553, and humanitIt's y has triumphed over one of it's most testing of times. The Human-Covenant War is over with only a small fraction of fanatics holding tight to what's left of the "Great Journey". Roughly a few months ago, whole planets went dark and we believed it to be an old enemy. However right we were, we did not expect the culprits to be the Insurrectionists. The UNSC Ariadne, a patrol ship, self-destructed due to a reactor failure while orbiting Venezia, the insurrectionist's last know base of opperations. This is what helped spark our chemistry again. Their tactics have grown since last combated, they're good. We'll give the bastards that. With multiple strike attemps against them, we discovered they were being assisted by covenant fanatics, most likely as pawns for a greater purpose, and that proposes a problem. If those covies know the rebels are sitting on something that can help them, that makes it the UNSC's job to find out what and deal with it. You're seasoned soldiers-- Marines, SPARTANs, ODST, and our newly gained allies, the Sangheili. Your squads are the best of the best, and have been chosen because we believe a group as strong as you can bring down the Insurrectionists with proper organized tactics. SPARTAN Fireteam Aegis, Sangheili Reaver Squad, ODST Fireteam Delta of the 114th Trooper platoon, and Marine Fireteam Majesty of Aplha Company. You'll serve aboard the UNSC First Light frigate, and you ship off in a few hours. Get yopur weapons, get your armor, and get to work.


    • At least two paragraphs of information is appreciated.
    • Appearances can come in picture or written description. Pictures are preferred. You may use both anime and/or realistic pictures. Be sure to have them armored and unarmored.
    • All SPARTANs in this RP are SPARTAN-IVs. I have kept in mind that some do not wish to be a SPARTAN-IV, so I may bend the rules later on. If you wish to be a SPARTAN-II or SPARTAN-III, do IM me and I will make accommodations if seen fit.
    • SPARTANs do have custom armors, to a small degree. IF your armor is custom, keep it to a minimum of one to two pieces. A link will be provided here to help you fit your armor to your skill set.
    • You ARE NOT required to be one of the good guys. You may play as an Insurrectionist, but you will not have access to power armor, armor abilities, or as much protective gear. You'll play much like Marines or ODST, the superhuman feats belong to SPARTANs and Elites.
    • SPARTANs have no rank. SPARTAN is their rank, as of 2553 where the UNSC gave Spartan's their own Branch/Contingent.


    • Posts must at least be one to two paragraphs long. Proper grammar is strictly enforced.
    • Physical damage is being considered realistic in this RP. Which means, if you have an open helmet or no helmet, a single head-shot CAN and WILL kill you from a Beam rifle and/or Sniper Rifle; un-shielded or not. Shield durability is staying true to the novels and canon history.
    • All weapons can score head-shots.
    • Weight factors are placed on Weapons via spacing. Ordinance Weapons count as two spaces. Normal loudout weapons; such as assault rifles, carbines, handguns, and the SMG count as one. Mounted turrets also count as two due to the size and weight.
    • All weapons are either UNSC or Covenant. There are NO Forerunner weapons.
    • You can have up to three characters maximum for this RP. If they are allied, place UNSC in their affiliation tag. If they are an enemy, place Insurgent in their affiliation tag.
    Character Sheet
    Age: (Be reasonable)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Affiliation: (SPARTAN, Marine, ODST, Insurgent, or Elite? Include friend or foe criteria)
    Armor Variant: (Only applies to SPARTANs or Elites)
    Armor Color Pattern: (Primary and Secondary)
    Rank: (Does not apply to SPARTANs)
    Appearance: (Armored and Unarmored)
    Weapon(s): (Max of two for Marines and ODST. Max of three for Elites and Spartans. Ordinance counts as two.)
    Background/Bio: (Be extensive in paragraphs. include how they came to be an Insurgent or apart of the First Light Crew)

    Fireteam Aegis (open)

    Fireteam Aegis

    Reaver Squad (open)

    Reaver Squad
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN

    Fireteam Majesty (open)

    Fireteam Majesty
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN

    Fireteam Delta (open)

    Fireteam Delta
    • Timothy Jackson ( Dakota K. )
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
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  2. Name: Dylan R. Bennett

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: SPARTAN-IV/ Fireteam Aegis

    Armor Variant: Recruit

    Armor Color Pattern: Steel-Primary, Rust Secondary

    Rank: N/A

    Armor variant- RECRUIT (open)


    Unarmored (open)

    Weapon(s): MA5D Assault Rifle, M7 SMG, Combat Knife

    Psyche Eval: Former squad-mates regard Dylan as reassuring and charismatic, and a natural born leader, dominance ever present in his voice under his command. His former career as a trooper allows him to interact with both SPARTAN and Non-SPARTAN personnel, while maintaining complete flexibility. Being a squad leader has prepped him for stressful situations involved with his position; making Dylan more than fit to lead Aegis.

    Years of combat experience has shown that Bennett can be very creative in battle, as well as decisive, and more assertive over his team. In most life or death situations, his former comrades have noted his aggression towards both the enemy and his team; should they make a mistake. It's before and after most engagements that one will see Dylan's charisma and reassurance.

    Background/Bio: Dylan is a career military man of the UNSC with a wife and a daughter on the way. Before being selected for the SPARTAN-IV program, he severed 12 years in the UNSC Marines as an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. He was stationed on Reach from the beginning of the invasion. Seeing so many of his brothers in arms die has left Dylan somewhat brash and slightly short-tempered. However, his service in the Battle of Earth proved him to be very capable and controlled through each operation during the war. He's served with SPARTANs before on Reach, and found them to be more impressive to watch than to be.

    Dylan R. Bennett was born in 2526 on Earth in New Phoenix, Arizona. In 2544, at the age of eighteen, Dylan enlisted in the UNSC Marine Corps and served under many major operations including the liberation of Harvest and the Fall of Reach, where he served with the 123rd Shock Troops Division. On August 29, 2552, Reed and a few other Troopers fought along side SPARTAN-B312 to ONI: Sword Base on demolition orders. Where the SPARTAN proceeded inside, the Troopers were ordered to stand-by outside and hold the line. After hours of holding back heavy enemy resistance, Dylan and his team were picked up by a nearby Pelican just before demo-charges were blown and the base was buried.

    He was later relocated to the shipping yard where the Pillar of Autumn would soon be in the dockyard, Dylan took command of a small Marine company and had them secure the yard for the remnants of Noble Team and the Autumn. The steady soldier was tested to his limits of leadership as enemies came from all over trying to retake his position. They held them off from dusk to dawn, and were eventually pushed back from their primary position. While this did compromise their suitability, he and his Marines were still able to hold on until SPARTAN-B312 and EMILE-A239 were able to break through the enemy and deliver a package to the Autumn. After their arrival, Dylan commandeered a warthog and made his way to a left over Pelican Dropship at dock. He managed to catch up to a UNSC Cruiser that made a slip-space jump to Earth, where he was able to be debriefed and sent home to his family for a few months of R&R.

    On October 20, 2552, Dylan was redeployed to New Mombasa apart of a larger ODST unit meant to take the Prophet of Regret's flagship hanging over station. When they were suddenly hit with an EMP, Dylan's pod went hurtling down and crash-landed in the center of the city. Still intact inside, he managed to pull himself together and spent his time wondering the streets, trying to keep up with what was left of his unit. He found work along the streets helping Marines and Troopers alike secure multiple sectors of the city. It was when he secured a cornered bunker holding multiple civilians inside that he met his future wife, Diana Wades. He spent day and night working his way out of the city with as many survivors as possible, then leaving the rest of the work up to Gunnery Sgt. Buck and his team to finish the job. Dylan there after didn't see much more action after the events of New Mombasa. With the end of the Human-Covenant War in December, he's been home with his pregnant wife who he later married at the memorial of John-117 and the many marines that fought in the war on March 4, 2553.

    Three months after the birth of Dylan's daughter, he was addressed by JUN-A266, a previous SPARTAN-III and member of Noble Team, who then recruited him into the SPARTAN-IV program. Before truly committing, Dylan spent a few days questioning whether or not being a SPARTAN was good for family relations. After some persuasive conversation from his wife, he made his decision and took the position.

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  3. Name: Timothy Jackson
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: ODST
    Armor Color Pattern: Black and black
    Rank: Major
    Appearance:Buzzed grey hair, cobalt eyes, 6'0" 220 pounds
    Weapon(s): M90 CAWS, BR55 battle rifle
    Background/Bio: Timothy was born in 2507 on earth he excelled in the west point cadet school and at graduation on December 3rd 2525 he enlisted in the UNSC marines two months before the Covenant wiped out harvest soon after he distinguished himself in combat getting himself noticed by Avery Johnson who recommended him for advanced training and marine force recon which would lead him to the ODSTs. He has seen every major conflict of the Great war that any human could have, he fought from the battles of harvest to the battle of earth his company encountered the flood circa 2552 all died but him. The whole report is drenched in black ink, strangely enough he only briefly participated in the halo incidents. He helped in the defense of Reach where he earned a purple heart for plasma burns received defending spartan B312 during the defense of sword base he stayed on earth to clear Africa of flood and Covenant forces. He has no known family other than a sister who is in the Navy. His rank should be higher but he has refused the chance of promotion so he can stay in active service. He is currently waiting for assignment. Has a close friendship with Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck. Due to his multiple years of service Timothy can operate any known UNSC weapon or vehicles barring the saber sub orbit space fighter he also has basic knowledge of Covenant weapons.
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  4. I like your character, but his bio seems a bit messy. It's missing a few key facts such as: What school did he go to? When did he graduate? And ODST aren't particularly enlisted, they are chosen from Special Operations Groups, and recruited for their veteran status. And your grammar is a bit off.

    Also, his timeline seems abit miscalculated. Fix these minor issues, and he's accepted.

    Other than that, if he were any better, I'd make him a SPARTAN XD
  5. I edited it to address the ODST issue and I tried to clean up the grammar but I write how I speak so I can only do so much about that. Could you please tell me the time line issues he was born 2507 and he graduated and enlisted in 2525 making him 18 the war is 27 years long and this story takes place a year after that so 18+28 makes him 46 if I am missing something here please tell me so I can fix it.
  6. @Dakota K. accepted. Though I will have high expectations from you, Marine.

    Welcome aboard.
  7. I'll post something in a bit.
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  8. Sorry for the delay at getting back to you, @Otonashi Yuzuru I've been busy! ^^ But I welceome your CS with open arms!
  9. I'll post tomorrow. Any particular role or species you need? If not I'm going with a high tier Sangheili operator.
  10. @Otonashi Yuzuru so far I've invisioned each Squad/Team having a set up like most Fireteams in Halo.

    Each team has a set-up of each member having roles, like Buck's team from Halo 3: ODST
    • Leader- Buck
    • Marksman- Rookie(Us. Technically could class as anything)
    • Grenadier/Demo expert- Mickey
    • CQB/CQC Expert- Dutch
    • Sniper- Romeo
    • Specialist- Dare
    Or Fireteam Majestic from Halo 4
    • Leader- DeMarco
    • Marksman- Grant
    • CQC/CQB Expert- Hoya
    • Sniper- Madesen
    • Scout- Thorne
    Or Noble Team
    • Leader/Marksman- Carter
    • Specialist/Tech Expert- Catherine/Kat
    • CQC/CQB/ Demo Expert- Emile
    • Sniper- Jun
    • Heavy Weapons Expert- Jorge
    • Scout- Noble Six(Us. Can class as anything technically)
    A sangheili of high tier-- such as a Ship Master, Zealot, or Major-- would definitely help get the flow going!
  11. Sorry this will take a while. I need to do a good amount of reading to refresh on sangheili culture and naming conventions.
    NIce job on the rp idea SB,
    I might join this too, But i need to wait and ponder a bit to see who joins what, I might be with@Otonashi Yuzuru and be a sangheili or maybe part of fireteam Majestic. But that has yet to be seen.

    and not to be mean and stuff, but the UNSC First Light looks like a huge ass rifle...just saying.
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  13. Lol @El Presidente take your time. She's not going anywhere

    Also, I noticed that about their ships too! O-O
  14. Character Sheet

    Theme Song

    Name: "Daemon" Formerly Alexander Washington before the Fall of Concordia.

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: SPARTAN

    Armor Variant: Venerator-class

    Armor Color Pattern: All black, even the visor.


    Spartan Close-Quarters-Combat Knife: A knife truly fit for a Spartan, though it really is more a machete in nature. A little over a foot in length when unsheathed, features a blade made of high carbon steel, an anti-flash, non-reflective titanium carbide coating, edge coated for corrosion resistance. It is also balanced for throwing.

    The BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, abbreviated BR85HB SR, and more commonly known as the Battle Rifle, is a UNSC infantry selective fire service rifle used primarily in the post-war years. It is a gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle that is extraordinarily effective against infantry energy shielding. It has a magazine size of 36 rounds and fires in three-round bursts.


    "I believe that the sound of racking the pump of a shotgun is universally recognized as 'kiss your ass goodbye. "

    (M90 CAWS) is the UNSC's primary shotgun and is one of the most effective close range infantry weapons used by front line forces. a pump-action, magazine-fed, dual tubular non-detachable type weapon designed from the M45E Tactical Shotgun. The Weapon System Technologies DTM series shotgun is the most common shotgun employed by UNSC Special Forces

    The ARC-920 uses a pair of parallel conducting rails to accelerate its projectiles. A large electric current flows from one rail into the projectile and then to the other rail; the electromagnetic effects of this interaction accelerate the projectile to an immense speed. The rifle requires a brief charging period before firing high-explosive rounds accelerated to an incredible speed. The explosive yield contained in the round adds to the kinetic force of the impact, making the weapon effective against both infantry and armor.

    Rank: N/A


    Unarmored: Unarmored, Daemon poses a striking appearance of a true albino; with hair like snow and his skin very fair almost as white as his hair, he stands out among others. His eyes are ruby in color, and his lips are the only thing that hold color except his eyes. He's got short cropped and messy hair. It frames his face and his bangs fall to about his eye brows. He's medium height, around 6'9 and though more slender--he's wiry. Capable of packing a punch as quick and efficiently as possible. He's also very flexible and double jointed in many locations. Even before becoming a Spartan, he was a top notch close quarters fighter just as a Marine. With the modifications however, he's become something else entirely.

    Armored: Daemon was placed in Spartan IV Venator-class Power Armor with a Refractive Skin. Though engineered for a variety of uses in the field, Lethbridge Industrial's philosophical approach on improving user opportunity during hand-to-hand or single-enemy combat helped define the benefits that make VENATOR-class armor so effective. And that suits him just fine.

    Psyche Eval: "Physically speaking "Daemon" as he is called, is a top tier candidate for the Spartan-IV Program. Highly intelligent and analytical, he is a great recommendation. Daemon exhibits exemplary aptitude in all combat situations particularly close quarters and in one-on-one fights. Emotionally speaking, he has none. Or at least none that could be demonstrated in the battery of tests designed for the purpose thereof. He hardly, if ever speaks utilizing slight nods or certain glances. Many think he is incapable of speech, though the doctor's tests show no signs of damage sufficient enough to substantiate this claim. It seems he just refuses to speak verbally, at most he writes down his answers or more frustratingly--uses sign language or Morse code.

    Psychologically he's sound. The only thing I can remark about are his inability to remember his former given name and that he seems...very primal. His fighting style, while highly effective in it's own way, makes one thing of an animal stalking its prey and unleashing a brutal take down. He seems to "hunt" rather than fight and is reminiscent of the old Headhunter Squad as contraband has been found in his barracks. The likes of energy swords, or gauntlet emitters--even skulls that were highly polished.

    He also seems to listen to no one but the squad leader of his squad. That goes for higher ranking officers as well. At the time of this recording I was witness to Daemon encountering several ODSTs--all of which are in the infirmary with broken bones. I ordered him to stop, and he refused to listen. However, his squad leader rushed to the scene and ordered him to stop and it was like flipping a switch with him. He immediately let go of one ODST whose neck he was about to break. During this encounter, I noticed that Daemon didn't have any particular facial expression to speak of. But his eyes flickered with dangerous insight." - ONI Officer Pat Garett


    "Daemon" was born Alexander Washington during the later years of the Human-Covenant conflict. His homeworld, Concordia, was subsequently "glassed" by the CCS-class Battlecruiser "Absolute Divinity". This ship was later destroyed and the space regained to the UNSC forces who then sent UNSC Army forces to locate survivors of which a young boy with stark white hair and distinctly red eyes was accounted for. However, either due to stress or some form of psychological or physical impairment--he'd forgotten who he was.

    Now nearing the end of the conflict, the now named Daemon joined the UNSC as a recruit int the Marine branch. He's seen numerous battles since then and survived vastly more encounters than the average Marine's life expectancy allotted. He has worked with several SPARTAN II's and III's in his career. One "Charolette", a Spartan III he seemed particularly fond of, was lost in an engagement and the only survivor of that engagement was Daemon himself who, after Charolette had met her demise--took her dog tags. These were later recovered by higher ups who wanted to keep the myth that "Spartans Never Die" going as not to demoralize the troops by making the situation seem more dire.

    This event more than anything, seemed to spark his willingness and determination to become a SPARTAN. He was being groomed for the SPARTAN-III Program just prior to the Human-Covenant War's conclusion. He was folded into the canidates to be apart of the SPARTAN-IV Program and later, succeeded in becoming a SPARTAN.
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  15. Well I'm glad you like it. LOL

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  16. @Manhattan Project

    It inspired me to go back and redo my own CS. I've made a few seamless changes, with the only major difference in name and history, by bringing over/combining it with another CS I've made in another RP.
  17. @John-117

    I was gonna make Sangheili Zealot but he'd look different than normal Zealots. If that is okay.
  18. Name: Taro 'Tahamee

    Age: 38(HYE)

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: Elite, UNSC allied.

    Armor Variant: Major Officer Armor. (From Halo: Reach)

    Armor Color Pattern: greyish green and brown

    Rank: Sangheili Major

    Right here! (open)

    Weapon(s): (Max of two for Marines and ODST. Max of three for Elites and Spartans)
    1.(primary) Type-51 Carbine
    3.(special)Energy Sword

    Personality: Loyal, Observant, and Patient, Taro is not one to be particularly interested in just pure fighting, but he does it well, and he has no good reason not to do it more, he makes a great teammate and follower rather than a leader, but he will lead if necessary and needed. He is much more cautious then most other elites, instead of charging into battles and waving your arms in the air shooting everything, Taro takes his time, and paces his shots to make sure all threats are clear before charging into that now very empty battlefield. He can also detect and see if an ambush is on its way, or if traps were conveniently placed.

    Taro 'Tahamee was born into a small agricultural family in the state of 'Taham, he was fathered by a prominent swordfighter of this age, and Taro was raised by his mother and her husband. Taro graduated from the top war college in the iruir region of Yermo, Sanghelios. After that brief moment of prideHe was sent into the heat of the Human-Covenant war by being deployed as a minor on Reach at a young age.

    Reach was the absolute highlight of his career. He was assigned to a squad led by Sangheili Major Murad 'Vadumee. Who always seemed to enjoy decapitation of human heads beyond anything else, even dead ones. Mudar just LOVED killing humans and mutilating their corpses, as if that was a good thing. Our squad got lucky, we have to attack and destroy several still-functioning farms giving supplies to forces to New Alexandria, sounds easy enough. And It was, since we seemed to just miss the military force that passed by, so we got the remnants and patrols of some Marines to dispatch and deal with, but the man himself HAD to go and decapitate everyone, he just HAD too! That's probably why he ended up getting a pitchfork stabbed on his back by a mere civilian. Man, Murad deserved that for sure, he'll be the laughing stock of our squad. Of course, the peasant was dispatched easily...and became Taro's first kill in combat.
    The mission was done in a few days, and guess where the next deployment was? Smack dab in the middle of the battle, near Sword Base, fighting everyone left and right. The job this time? Protect an AA gun from this one tank, sure, it was a singular Scorpion tank, but whoever was manning it was pretty good, and so was whoever was manning the guns. because that gunner ripped through the seemingly pathetic Sangheili squad, They must have been Spartans, by the looks of their armor and superior skill. Ironically a head flew off one due to the gunfire, now wouldn't it be just strange to say that it was Murad's? A bit, but we charged on, like mindless animals, Taro was only on the battlefield for a mere two weeks, and he to was ripped to shreds as well as the rest of his squad. He ran for cover and fired at the tank, he may have hit the gunner once? Maybe twice before his crappy shields were down, and his chest was painted purple, he fell to the ground, losing vision, the last thing he saw was the explosion of the thing he was trying to defend.
    It was all over. He failed. And now he's dead
    But maybe it wasn't. He miraculously woke up alive on the ravaged battlefield, there were a few other survivors, and he only took three bullet wounds, two in the chest, and one on the right shoulder, He could shrug these off! He could kill himself and preserve his honor, but he decided to take a less honorable path. Taro reported back to the nearest drop off of reinforcements, being the sole survivor of his squad.
    The battle ended two days later.

    He miraculously survived, and fought in several more tours before finally being promoted to an officer, although many questioned what honor he had, and how he managed to survive through what seemed like major defeats, such as Onyx and the Battle of Psi Serpentis, in which his father, who ironically led his squad, died in battle, which is how Taro got his energy sword, due to the certain circumstances, of losing it was alright for someone his rank to be carrying it. With these endless surviving through the major points of war, and seeing everyone die around him, he figured out a choice. Either continue witnessing these painful deaths of everyone around him, to only be killed himself eventually, for he was only a mere Minor. Or make your life worth something! And actually do something honorable instead of cowardly, because that's how he managed to live Reach, he cowered behind his cover, that's how he managed to get his mentor killed, he stayed back and gave cover fire...and watched as they impaled him with his own sword. And then finally killed them when they least noticed him...because everyone else died. It's time he put those rumors to rest, he was no traitor, he was a warrior, and he will die like one.

    But this time around, it was not going to be easy.

    He was offered a great decision before this though: Be a Major or to become an Ossona for several missions, then be in the SpecOps.
    He made the worse decision, by choosing to stay the Officer.
    So they punished him, it seems.

    He was a Major, yes, but now he answered to a Zealot, and it was one ANGRY one, his name was Tal'Vashoth, and he had been demoted, and was forced to be in the front lines, along with three other 'unfortunate' Majors, who seemed to do this as well. He was to be feared, his height and muscles made Taro look like a toothpick, and He was BAD, like, rumor has it that he killed his own kin to sate his blood-thirst. The group neared the drop-off for, the battle will not be that bad...right?
    We reached the insertion to be met by a lovely squadron of 4 Spartans.
    And we charged, it was all over, but at least it wasn't cowardly. But Tal was really good, whoever he was before, far-outweighed the combat skills of Taro, he was handling two at once, one of the Demons though, was perched on a rooftop, ready to kill the Elite. Taro reacted quickly-he had to kill at least ONE. He Aimed at a conveniently placed Explosive canister near the spartan, and then an explosion, chunks of rooftop flying about, the Demon was gone, but no body was found, whether or not they died is still hanging in the air...even today, point is, he saved that monster-of-a-leader, and we got through the battle, despite the odds.

    He would've been a Zealot or promoted for his actions, at that point but a huge shift of military change occurred, and all Sangheili were to be executed in what was to be known as The Great Schism. He was set back all the way from the start. But, now, he worked for a different purpose-to end this useless war.
    He also never worked with Tal again, just that one battle, which was good, because he did not want to be that one's personal meatbag.

    Fighting for the war to end, and the destruction of this virus called 'The Flood.' Well, it changed the highlight of the career, Taro got better and even more proficient in combat, even his rank an honor back, best of all, he was now fighting with these humans, who seemingly had a knack of sparing Taro's life, and they tough him 'Colloquial Language' whatever that was.

    Eventually the fun that was the Human-Covenant war was at an end, and he had yet another choice, one good, and one bad. These humans were great beings, they brought a sense of liveliness that just wasn't there with all the death lying about when he was fighting as the covenant. So he did what he always did best-continue fighting, for the sake of ending all wars.​
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  19. Name: Tal'Vashoth


    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: Sangheili "Elite"

    Armor Variant: Ceremonial Zealot Armor

    Armor Color Pattern: (Primary and Secondary)

    Rank: Zealot-Fleet Commander/ Formally Honor Guard


    Armored: In his armored form, Tal'Vashoth is reminiscent of a nightmare. His armor is an ornate suit designed to inspire terror, and make him standout among his peers and subordinates. It reflects his cruel, savage demeanor. Sharp edges, blades and spines fit around his titanic body. It's all made more fearsome by the weapon he carries: a large, sectional staff that can, at any moment be broken apart and become a whirling death. At the end of the staff two projectors are seated forming an inverted energy blade akin to an energy sword turned upside down. His helmet has retractile mandibular piece.

    Unarmored: Underneath his horrific armor, lies an even more monstrous appearance. At 8'9", he's taller than most other Elites. His very presence invokes raw power and this strength was seen on more than one occasion during the Human-Covenant War. Capable of impaling two SPARTAN-II's, lifting them up while simultaneously crushing a third's chest cavity underfoot. He was also seen punching a hole through a Brute Chieftain's chest with his bare hand for leadership. His body is a dull, matte grey and heavily scarred. He's got menacing, intense eyes that have almost serpentine pupils. His mandibular jaws have particularly sharp teeth.

    Weapon(s): Energy staff/ sectional staff

    Personality: This once Honor Guard sentry, a prized position among Elites--was demoted due to his savage behavior. Tal'Vashoth was forced to endure great humility when he was sent to the front lines. However, he proved more effective there than his guard post as he was able to vent his cruel nature. Tal'Vashoth is an extremely cold killer. He shares none of the typical Sangheili honor systems nor does he follow any precedent behaviors. However, like most or perhaps more so-- he enjoys conflict. Particularly with Spartans. He has an astonish kill record of 35 SPARTAN-II's and III's. But he doesn't aim to kill, he aims to wound. Turning one casualty into three or four at a time. He does share the same, innate hatred towards Brutes that others of his kind have.

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