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Halo Ultimate RPG

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by HURPG Staff, Jul 29, 2012.

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    The Halo Ultimate RPG begins just after the discovery of Halo Installation 01. If you wish to join, please click Here

    The UNSC forces lost the planet Reach, though they threw everything they had at the covenant forces. The remnants of the UNSC fleet jumped to a random location away from Earth, as due to the Cole Protocol. All ships followed the Pillar of Autumn's direct coordinates, and they jumped to slipspace. When they appeared from slipspace, the fleet found a strange ring installation, created by an unknown race. The covenant were already there, and they were deploying their troops to the installation. When the Covenant found the UNSC fleet, they attacked in full scale, and the UNSC had to retaliate. The two forces began to wage war, while the UNSC began deploying their own troops to the strange installation.

    The Covenant were exploring an area in space indicated by forerunner artifacts found on recently glassed Human planets, including Reach, when they found a strange ring. THey knew this must be one of the many Halo installations created by their forerunner gods. The ship that found it sent a beacon to the rest of the Covenant fleet, and they quickly reached the ring. THe Covenant forces were ordered to deploy their troops to explore, and they did that very thing. The Covenant were successful in deploying their troops, when they found the UNSC fleet nearby. The fleetmaster ordered them to destroy the Humans, no matter what the cost. They must not reach the ring.

    The Seperatists have recently salvaged data from Reach and bits and pieces of comm signals to tell them where the UNSC fleet was located. When discovered, the Seperatists have begun building a fleet, using bits and pieces of old weapons and ships from Reach. Once assembled, the Separatist fleet jumped through slipspace to the UNSC's coordinates. Once they had reached the area, they found a huge ring shaped installation that appeared to be covered in artificial land. The UNSC and the COvenant were already in full-scale war. THeir ships were in space combat, while their smaller ships were deploying troops. The Separatists activated their camouflage and their radar jammers, then went dark, and snuck past the batlle to land their whole fleet on the ring.

    The Heretics had followed the Covenant ships to a strange planet. Once reached, there appeared to be noone in the whole star system. They found clues to a recent battle, and soon found that the human planet had been glassed. Under closer investigation, the Heretic fleet found old Covenant signals reporting of their next location, and that they were searchig for a strange forerunner artifact. The Heretics traveled to the area, and found the ring. The UNSC and Covenant forces were already fighting, and the Heretics began their attack on the Covenant.