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  1. Name: Leo-713

    Nick-/Codename: Leonidas

    Designation: S713

    Age: 26

    Gender: Male

    Height: 207 cm (w/out armor), 217 cm (in armor)

    Weight: 132 kg (w/out armor), 452 kg (in armor)

    Species: Augmented Human/SPARTAN-V

    Eye Color: Blue

    Hair Color: Black

    Branch: UNSC Navy

    Rate: Ensign (O-1)

    Assignment: S713 is assigned to Sigil Platoon which is stationed on the UNSC Maelstrom.

    Position: Platoon Commander, Sigil Platoon

    Athena (open)

    Combat Role: Tactical

    Weapons Loadout:

    -Assault Rifle
    -Battle Rifle
    -Energy Sword
    -Two Fragmentation Grenades
    -Two Plasma Grenades
    -Promethean Vision

    Above: Leo's face. His hair, however, is kept in regulation but grows faster than most people's as a side effect of his augmentations.

    Personality: Leo has a natural talent for leadership, though he has some self-esteem issues. Socially awkward, even for a SPARTAN, Leo can seem cold and calculating at first glance. But, when one gets closer to him they will find him to be a caring intellectual.

    Hobbies: Leo's hobbies range from reading various novels and studies, particularly studying various military histories and strategies, to taking care of the John, a black-furred Maine coon cat who somehow sneaked his way onto the Maelstrom and into Sigil Platoon's barracks and operations area.

    Biography: Leo was born under the name of Leo Gaius on the UEG agricultural world of Harvest after it was reclaimed by the UNSC from the Covenant. His parents worked for the UEG, with his father being a former UNSC Marine, working to return Harvest to the state in was in pro antebellum as they managed and worked on the arable areas of the planet's surface after terraforming it from its previous, Glassed state. Leo, however, soon displayed signs of what the UNSC was looking for in potential candidates for its SPARTAN-V Program, and his parents soon consented to releasing their son to the Program. After that, Leo Gaius was renamed Leo-713 and he began his initial training. As the training progress he showed tactical potential and prowess in various war games and simulations. As his methods were, to quote his instructors, "ruthless, efficient, and ingenious" he soon received the nickname and codename of "Leonidas," given to him by the instructors but soon catching on with his peers. Soon enough he was sent to receive officer training and the rest, as they say, is history. He now leads Sigil Platoon the UNSC Maelstrom.

    Notes of Interest: When the SPARTAN-V commander recruits were selected by their AIs, Athena picked Leo primarily because of his nickname, "Leonidas," who was a legendary Greek warrior while the AI herself is programmed to behave like the fabled Greek goddess.
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  2. Name: Lochan (Loh-cahn)

    Nick-/Codename: Bright-Eyes or Lochi (Pronounced like 'Loki')

    Designation: S685

    Age: 28

    Height: 175 cm (No Armor)

    Weight: 110 kg (No Armor)

    Species: Human/Spartan V

    Eye Color: Black (brown)

    Hair Color: Blue-black

    Branch: UNSC Navy

    Rate/Rank: Warrant Officer 1 (Spartan)

    Assignment: Platoon Sigil. Currently stationed on UNSC Maelstrom.

    Position: Spartan Commando

    Combat Role: Medic

    Weapons Loadout: SMG, military knife, energy daggers, pistol.

    Appearance: Lochan's supposed Eurasian origins are easy to see. Her hair is quite straight, but also a little on the soft side. It's kept in a short bob, and can be pulled back into a small puff of a ponytail. Her skin is slightly pale (though training kept it from being too pale), and is dotted with small freckles and moles. Like any Spartan, she is both tall and strong, though her muscle mass seems to be naturally compact and lean. This is excellent to get others to underestimate her. She's also quite flexible, for a Spartan, and has almost no body hair.

    Personality: Lochan appears to be a little air-headed, having trouble maintaining eye contact at times, and appearing easily distracted. However, she's always listening, even if she isn't looking. Because of how quick she is with her hands, Lochan was almost made a mechanic, but her intelligence and knack for soothing others shunted her into the Medical field. Some could say that she would have made a far better Doctor than she would have a soldier; Unfortunately, she doesn't have that option.

    While Lochan is obedient to authority, changes in such authority have always seemed to shake her a little. A few hours of uneasiness around a new commander, or even an officer a rank above her have always existed. However, as it did not interfere with her ability to follow and carry out orders, it was considered nothing to worry about.

    Hobbies: Reading, studying botany and anatomy, drawing.

    Biography: Lochan's origins are the same as any other Spartan: However, there was one factor that made her crucially different from most Spartans to date: She has no reproductive organs, or sex drive. This is to see if the lack of such things affected performance. If she had performed worse, she would have eventually been eliminated. However, she performed perfectly average, for a female spartan. Deeming it inconsequential, no other female Spartans were sterilized.

    This fact never seemed to bother Lochan, but it also seemed to plant something deep within her heart: Distrust of authority. A distrust that she's incapable of shaking. It hasn't gotten to the point of any open defiance (she knows better than that), but it's bled into her mind. Every time she's given an order, she follows it, but the question of "why" always rings in the back of her mind before, during, and after she carries it out.

    Notes of Interest:

    • Lochan very nearly didn't make the strength requirements for a female Spartan. She improved drastically during training, and any doubts about her were thrown aside.
    • Technically sexless, Lochan has no breasts, and is sometimes mistaken for male while in armor.
    • She is of Eurasian descent. Exactly what countries she descends from are unknown, as this is speculation based on the phenotypes she shows. Lochan herself is content with being known as Eurasian.
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