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  1. As per the orders of the United Nations Space Command,

    You have been assigned to be stationed aboard the UNSC's latest Infinity-class warship, the UNSC Stormbringer. You will be sent to Luna, where the ship was constructed and awaits launch following preliminary testing. You will arrive by 17 November, 2613 as to have at least one week to adapt to the ship and as well as to conduct the final series testing required. Further details on your new assignment will be issued to you by your company commander. I bid you congratulations and good luck.

    Derrick Thompson,
    Rear Admiral Upper Half, UNSC Navy,
    Captain of the UNSC Stormbreaker.


    1. Ammo is not infinite, nor are grenades, nor will energy weapons never need to recharge.
    2. Death is possible!
    3. Romance is at player discretion.
    4. Shields don't last forever, nor do Armor Abilities! Shields need time to recharge as do Armor Abilities.
    5. Despite the sci-fi setting, attempt to keep to realism in combat.
    6. Violation of the rules will result in character death.​

    Character Sheet Template


    (The designation is a unique letter-serial number combination used to identify military and paramilitary civilian personnel. For Spartans the template is S###, with the numbers being the three-digit numerical designation that replaces a last name [ex. John-117 is designated S117]. “N” is used as a preface for all other Navy personnel, while “M” is used for Marines, “O” for the Office of Intelligence, and “P” for paramilitary/civilian personnel.)

    Age: (25+ for Spartans, 18+ for everyone else.)


    (Males are typically 190-210 cms without armor, while females are between 175-200 cm tall. Add 10 cm for when in armor.)

    Weight: (The male average ranges from 120-140 kg, while females range from 110-130 kg. Add 320 kgs for when in armor.)


    Eye Color:

    Hair Color:

    (UNSC Navy, UNSC Marines, Office of Naval Intelligence, or Civillian)

    Rate/Rank: (“Rate” is UNSC Navy, “Rank” if Marine or Naval Intel. Put pay grade in parenthesis)

    Assignment: (What ship and platoon is your character assigned to?)

    Position: (Platoon Commander, Captain, Spartan Commando, Infantry, etc)

    AI: (optional)

    Combat Role: (Demolitions, Infantry, Marksman/Sniper, Mechanic, Medic, or Tactical)

    Weapons Loadout:

    (image optional)

    Personality: (optional)



    Notes of Interest:

    Skype Group

    This RP group has a group on Skype for OOC, plot discussions, casual chatting, etc.! If you wish to be part of the group, please add the GM, AceSorcerer, whose handle on Skype is the same as on Iwaku.​

    -AceSorcerer(Iwaku/Skype) = Leo-713​

    About the UNSC Stormbreaker and Her Crew

    About the Stormbreaker

    The Stormbreaker's Design

    The UNSC Stormbreaker is the seventh and utmost recent addition to the UNSC's fleet of Infinity-class warships. As such, it is an ideal flagship and long-term exploration vessel as the ship itself is self-sustaining in terms of energy as well as food. The ship has a regular crew of roughly 17,200 personnel that can be divided as follows:
    -9,000 naval personnel (including Spartans)
    -6,000 marines
    -1,700 intelligence personnel
    -500 civilian/paramilitary personnel.

    Otherwise, the Stormbreaker can safely accommodate roughly 30,000 people including personnel for various rescue missions and troop transport, though the Stormbreaker is not designed for this purpose.

    Regardless, the other specifcations, except the massive amount of weaponry, is as follows:

    -Length: 5,694.2 meters
    -Width: 833.3 meters
    -Height: 1,041.2 meters
    -Hull Thickness: 490 centimeters of Titanium-A3

    View attachment 79194
    The Stormbreaker's Mission

    The Stormbreaker's primary mission lies with peacekeeping within and exploration beyond the Outer Colonies into uncharted areas. However, with various seemingly unrelated attacks in the Outer Colonies, the Stormbreaker and her crew, especially its Spartan-V platoon, has been asked to investigate and, if necessary, launch an offensive to subdue any major threats.​
    Major Areas of the Ship

    -Nuclear Engine Reactors
    -Admiral's Quarter's/Office
    -Spartan Platoon Barracks
    -Medical Ward
    -Cryogenics Bay​

    UNSC Navy Rates (Enlisted)

    A brief explanation of rates: rates are the combination of a rank and job and are used by the Navy exclusively. An example would be that a navigator with a base rank of Petty Officer Second Class would have the rate of "Navigator Second Class." For Spartans, the rate rule only applied for E-1 through E-3 ranks, as Spartan petty officers are referred to by rank and not rate.

    View attachment 79328

    UNSC Navy Rates (Officer)

    A quick note: officers do not have rates listed in the way that enlisted personnel do. Instead, all officers are addressed by rank. Warrant officers, however, as differentiated from regular officers by being treated primarily as enlisted personnel, but are specialist and trainers in their specialization. The exception to this unspoken rule is combat medical personnel, who are regarded as officers.

    View attachment 81344
    View attachment 79329
    UNSC Marine Ranks (Enlisted)

    UNSC Marine Ranks (Officer)

    Notable Officers on the Stormbreaker

    -Rear Admiral Upper Half Derrick Thompson, Captain of the Stormbreaker
    Lieutenant Commander Nicodemus-666, Spartan Adjutant
    -Ensign Leo-713, Sigil Platoon Commander​

    Regarding the SPARTAN-Vs

    Mjolnir Mark VI Armor and the MSP

    View attachment 79259

    The Mjolnir Mark VI Power Armor is the utmost advanced of its kind. Capable of housing a top-of-the-line AI that will work with the wearer through the same neural link the armor uses. Increasing the wearer's abilities even further than before, the armor's nanomachines can heal the wearer's injuries and repair the armor itself in most cases. The armor itself also has a replenishing shield that helps prevent damage from enemy attacks.

    The Microstorage Supply Pack (MSP for short) is a recent invention meant to aid in storage and reduce strain on soldiers. So far it has only been integrated into a variation of the Mark VI armor known colloquially as the "Mark VI-B," which has been issued to all combat-active Spartans. The MSP allows for Spartans to store their two primary weapons and additional supplies. Magnum, energy weapons, and grenades still remain on the armor's exterior, however. It takes the appearance of a small, grey orb on back of the Mjolnir armor where the sheath for a combat knife rests on the small of the back. Items are brought out and sent back in using the neural interface in the Mark VI-B armor, but the weapons and items that can be used with the MSP are special variations of the standard items. This is due to the fact that, in order to store the items, they are converted to data and inserted into the MSP. The MSP also carries some spare ammunition.
    Armor Ablities

    Each suit of Mjolnir armor can accept a special perk known as an Armor Ability. For this RP, all Armor Abilities form Halo 4 are fair game, though some Abilities will be modified for RP purposes. Use the link below to read through applicable Abilities and choose one for you character.

    Armor Ability
    Spartan-V Abilities

    Part of the Spartan-V program involves activating psychokinetic powers in Spartan-V candidates by stimulation certain cortexes in the brain and activating a few latent genes and alleles. These abilities, which are used at the cost of proportional physical energy, include but are not limited to:

    -Telepathy Shielding (preventing a mind from being read via telepathy)
    -Psychokinetic Shielding (creating a physical wall that can cover about three people)

    Spartan Weapons Loadout and Combat Roles

    Spartans, due to the MSP, can now have varying loadouts depending on their combat role. The basic layout is as follows:

    -Assault Rifle
    -A Second "Primary" Weapon
    -Combat Knife
    -Energy Weapon
    -2 Fragmentation Grenades
    -2 Plasma Grenades
    -An Armor Ability

    Combat Role specific rules for layouts are as follows:

    Demolitions: The second "primary" weapon is a Shotgun, the energy weapon is an Energy Hammer, and grenades are replaced with various explosives such as C4.

    Infantry: The second "primary" weapon cannot be a Sniper Rifle.

    Marksman/Sniper: The second "primary" weapon is a Sniper Rifle.

    Mechanic: The energy weapon and a set of grenades are replaced with various tools and gadgets, which can be used as melee weapons if necessary.

    Medic: The second "primary" weapon and one set of grenades are replaced with various medical tools, supplies, and medicines.

    Tactical: The energy weapon must be an Energy Sword, while the second "primary" weapon must be a Battle Rifle or Submachine Gun.

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  2. UNSC Weaponry (WIP)

    Primary Weapons

    MA5D Assault Rifle
    BR85 Heavy Battle Rifle
    M7 Submachine Gun
    M90 Shotgun
    M90 Close Assault Weapon System-Shotgun.png
    Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5
    Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5 Anti-Matériel.png

    The M6H Magnum and the UNSC Combat Knife
    M6H Personal Defense Weapon System-Magnum.png
    Energy Weapons

    Type-1 Energy Sword
    Type-2 Energy Hammer
    Type-3 Energy Daggers

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  3. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Leo-713[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nick-/Codename:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Leonidas[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Designation:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] S713[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 26[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Height:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] 207 cm (w/out armor), 217 cm (in armor)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weight: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]132 kg (w/out armor), 452 kg (in armor)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Species:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Human/Spartan V[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Blue[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Black[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Branch[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]: UNSC Navy[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rate/Rank:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Ensign (O-1)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Assignment:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] S713 is assigned to Spartan Platoon Sigil which is stationed on the [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]UNSC Stormbreaker. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Position:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Platoon Commander, Spartan Platoon Sigil[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]AI:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Athena[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Combat Role:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Tactical[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weapons Loadout:[/BCOLOR]

    -Assault Rifle
    -Battle Rifle
    -Energy Sword
    -Two Fragmentation Grenades
    -Two Plasma Grenades
    -Promethean Vision

    Above: Leo's face. His hair, however, is kept in regulation but grows faster than most people's as a side effect of his augmentations.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]: (optional)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Hobbies: Leo's hobbies range from reading various novels and studies, particularly studying various military histories and strategies, to taking care of the John, a black-furred Maine coon cat who somehow sneaked his way onto the Stormbreaker and into Sigil Platoon's barracks and operations area.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Biography:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Leo was born under the name of Leo Gaius on the UEG agricultural world of Harvest after it was reclaimed by the UNSC from the Covenant. His parents worked for the UEG, with his father being a former UNSC Marine, working to return Harvest to the state in was in pro antebellum as they managed and worked on the arable areas of the planet's surface after terraforming it from its previous, Glassed state. Leo, however, soon displayed signs of what the UNSC was looking for in potential candidates for its Spartan-V Program, and his parents soon consented to releasing their son to the Program. After that, Leo Gaius was renamed Leo-713 and he began his initial training. As the training progress he showed tactical potential and prowess in various war games and simulations. As his methods were, to quote his instructors, "ruthless, efficient, ingenious, and honorable" he soon received the nickname and codename of "Leonidas," given to him by the instructors but soon catching on with his peers. Soon enough he was sent to receive officer training and the rest, as they say, is history. He now leads Spartan Platoon Sigil on the UNSC Stormbreaker. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Notes of Interest: When the Spartan-V commander recruits were selected by their AIs, Athena picked Leo primarily because of his nickname, "Leonidas," who was a legendary Greek warrior while the AI herself takes the appearance of the fabled Greek goddess.[/BCOLOR]
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  4. I'll wait till after tomarrow to post mine. I have a flight and some more questions.
  5. Name: Lochan (Loh-cahn)

    Nick-/Codename: Bright-Eyes or Lochi (Pronounced like 'Loki')

    Designation: S685

    Age: 28

    Height: 175 cm (No Armor)

    Weight: 110 kg (No Armor)

    Species: Human/Spartan V

    Eye Color: Black (brown)

    Hair Color: Blue-black

    Branch: UNSC Navy

    Rate/Rank: Warrant Officer 1 (Spartan)

    Assignment: Platoon Sigil. Currently stationed on UNSC Stormshadow.

    Position: Spartan Commando

    Combat Role: Medic

    Weapons Loadout: SMG, military knife, energy daggers, pistol.

    Appearance: Lochan's supposed Eurasian origins are easy to see. Her hair is quite straight, but also a little on the soft side. It's kept in a short bob, and can be pulled back into a small puff of a ponytail. Her skin is slightly pale (though training kept it from being too pale), and is dotted with small freckles and moles. Like any Spartan, she is both tall and strong, though her muscle mass seems to be naturally compact and lean. This is excellent to get others to underestimate her. She's also quite flexible, for a Spartan, and has almost no body hair.

    Personality: Lochan appears to be a little air-headed, having trouble maintaining eye contact at times, and appearing easily distracted. However, she's always listening, even if she isn't looking. Because of how quick she is with her hands, Lochan was almost made a mechanic, but her intelligence and knack for soothing others shunted her into the Medical field. Some could say that she would have made a far better Doctor than she would have a soldier; Unfortunately, she doesn't have that option.

    While Lochan is obedient to authority, changes in such authority have always seemed to shake her a little. A few hours of uneasiness around a new commander, or even an officer a rank above her have always existed. However, as it did not interfere with her ability to follow and carry out orders, it was considered nothing to worry about.

    Hobbies: Reading, studying botany and anatomy, drawing.

    Biography: Lochan's origins are the same as any other Spartan: However, there was one factor that made her crucially different from most Spartans to date: She has no reproductive organs, or sex drive. This is to see if the lack of such things affected performance. If she had performed worse, she would have eventually been eliminated. However, she performed perfectly average, for a female spartan. Deeming it inconsequential, no other female Spartans were sterilized.

    This fact never seemed to bother Lochan, but it also seemed to plant something deep within her heart: Distrust of authority. A distrust that she's incapable of shaking. It hasn't gotten to the point of any open defiance (she knows better than that), but it's bled into her mind. Every time she's given an order, she follows it, but the question of "why" always rings in the back of her mind before, during, and after she carries it out.

    Notes of Interest:

    • Lochan very nearly didn't make the strength requirements for a female Spartan. She improved drastically during training, and any doubts about her were thrown aside.
    • Technically sexless, Lochan has no breasts, and is sometimes mistaken for male while in armor.
    • She is of Eurasian descent. Exactly what countries she descends from are unknown, as this is speculation based on the phenotypes she shows. Lochan herself is content with being known as Eurasian.

  6. WIP

    Name: Nicodemus

    Nick-/Codename: ÞÓRIR (Thorir)

    Designation: S666

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Height: 220cm (7'2)

    Weight: 130 kilograms (290 lb)

    Species: Human

    Eye Color: Translucent/ Glows white

    Hair Color: None

    Branch: UNSC

    Rate/Rank: Lieutenant Commander

    Assignment: Formerly of the CCS-"Ascendant Justice"

    Position: Captain

    AI: Ares

    Combat Role: Infantry/Assault

    Weapons Loadout:

    Main Armament:

    M739 Light Machine Gun (Squad Automatic Weapon) "Saw"

    The M739 Light Machine Gun, also known as the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), is used in heavy engagements where sustained or suppressive fire is required.


    Show Spoiler
    Handheld, Two-Handed
    Length: 116.4 centimetres (45.8 in)
    Height: 31.3 centimetres (12.3 in)
    Width: 23.2 centimetres (9.1 in)
    Weight: 9.6 kilograms (21 lb)

    Magazine Size
    64-128 rounds
    72 rounds (Standard)

    Fire Mode
    Ammunition Type
    M118 FMJ-AP, 7.62x51mm

    Rate of Fire
    920 rounds/min
    Muzzle Velocity
    ~2,600 ft/s (792 m/s)

    Medium at close range--Better if fired in controlled bursts.

    Close Range

    Secondary Armament:

    Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 "Arc"

    The Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920, also known as the ARC-920 or simply the Railgun, is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed. The charge time is approximately two seconds and can be fired with only a partial charge at the cost of lesser damage.


    Show Spoiler
    Acheron Security


    Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine

    Handheld, Two-Handed

    Length: 110.8 centimetres (43.6 in)
    Height: 31.9 centimetres (12.6 in)
    Width: 7.4 centimetres (2.9 in)
    Weight: 14.9 kilograms (33 lb)

    Magazine Size
    1 slug

    Ammunition Type
    M645 FTP-HE, 16 mm x 65 mm

    Rate of Fire



    M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenade (2x)

    HE-DP stands for High-Explosive Dual-Purpose. This designation means that it is designed to be effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. The grenade has a hard metal casing, with a frangible design meant to break apart into small, regular shards. This surface creates consistent, reliable fragmentation patterns for the grenade, rather than randomly rupturing along metallurgical faults. The grid-shaped casing houses a charge of high-explosive fitted with a mechanical primer. When the charge detonates, it shatters the grenade's casing, sending shrapnel flying away at high velocity.


    Show Spoiler
    Misriah Armory

    M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenade


    Diameter: 14.8 centimetres (5.8 in)
    Weight: .4 kg (.875 lbs)

    Ammunition Type
    Fragmentation shrapnel
    Filler: .19 kg of ComL High Explosive

    Depends On Throw
    Killing radius: 4.8 meters (16 ft)
    *Casualty radius: 14.75 meters (49 ft)

    Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade (1x)

    The Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade is a dangerous hand thrown weapon utilized by Covenant forces, typically used by Unggoy, Sangheili, and Jiralhanae soldiers. The Type-1 Plasma grenade is a spherical explosive composed of an unknown material and contains a small plasma generator and other sophisticated internal mechanisms. The grenade itself, in terms of design and operation, is straight forward; the activation "switch" is located on the orange colored area of the grenade. Above the activation pad is a Forerunner glyph; these glyphs featured on plasma grenades are known to change with each new model and are believed to be based upon the time of manufacturing and Covenant religious rituals. Using technology that is barely understood, even by the Covenant, the Type-1 Plasma grenade is employed as both a thrown anti-infantry and anti-vehicle weapon.


    The Type-1 Antipersonnel grenade, more commonly known as the Plasma grenade, is a Covenant anti-personnel weapon that explodes a short time after coming to rest.

    Show Spoiler
    Iruiru Armory


    Anti-Personnel grenade

    Diameter: 14.6 centimetres (5.7 in)
    Weight: 400 grams (0.8 lbs)

    Kill Radius: 3.96 metres (13.0 ft)
    Damage Radius: 12.9 metres (42 ft)

    Fused when activated, explodes 3 seconds after hitting a surface.

    Type-3 Antipersonnel (1x)

    The Type-3 Antipersonnel, colloquially known as the "Firebomb". The T-3 AP/AM can be thrown 10 metres (33 ft) by the average soldier, Upon impact with a hard surface, the casing converts to liquid form, burning at around 2200 °C (3992 °F), and causing significant damage to vehicles and infantry alike, with a killing radius of 3.4 metres (11 ft) and a casualty radius of 4.7 metres (15 ft). The gel-like filler substance also escapes from the burning casing, splashing over nearby objects and causing significant damage as it burns for 4.5 seconds.


    Show Spoiler
    Sacred Promissory

    Type-3 Antipersonnel grenade


    Length: 30.48 centimetres (12.00 in)
    Weight: 3.63 kilograms (8.0 lb)

    Ammunition Type
    Incendiary Gel which burns when it contacts air.

    Can be thrown 10 metres (33 ft)
    Blast radius: 3.66 metres (12.0 ft)

    Combat Knife

    The UNSC's multi-purpose combat knife has a blade 20 centimetres (7.9 in) long made of high carbon steel, an anti-flash non-reflective titanium carbide coating, edge coated for corrosion and rust resistance and is 43.3 centimetres (1 ft 5.0 in) when sheathed.

    Show Spoiler


    Melee weapon

    Handheld, Single-Handed

    Handheld, Thrust to Strike, Slash


    Tactical Package:

    Firepower: Allows a player to carry two primary weapons instead of one primary and one secondary.

    Support Package:

    Ammo: Provides extra ammunition for loadout and Ordnance weapons.

    Armor Ability:

    Autosentry: It allows the user to deploy a combat-capable Forerunner drone unit as support during enemy engagements.

    Appearance: Nico stands seven-foot two inches tall, and weighs in around two-hundred and ninety pounds when out of his suit of armor. Built much the same was as Jerome 092 of Spartan Red Team who fought alongside those aboard the Spirit of Fire. Unlike Jerome, his iris had turned completely an electric blue that seemed to swirl with the psychokinetic power in his body. When agitated or alarmed in any way, his eyes glow briefly and cause a haunting blur image if he moves suddenly. Nico's body also refuses to grow its hair back, so the detailed markings of the procedures he's gone through are quite visible especially on his head.

    Personality: Nico is a dedicated soldier, that said he doesn't take himself too seriously. He likes to fight, and often. He's also a free runner, so running over roof tops or spaceships, he's very much like a horse in gallop. He's friendly, and quiet but don't piss him off. His temper fuse may be long, but once it goes, it's hard to stop him. Kinda like holding your hands out while on train tracks expecting to stop a freight train. An expert when it comes to weaponry, there hasn't been a single gun he has not been able to fire--or improve upon.

    Hobbies: Fighting, drinking, taking guns apart and putting them back together while pressuring himself under varying degrees of difficulty, Parkour, martial arts, sword training.

    Biography: b

    Notes of Interest:

    Thorir is Icelandic and means "Thor's warrior" from the name of the Norse god Þórr combined with Old Norse vér "warrior, fighter". Þórr meaning "thunder", ultimately from the early Germanic *Þunraz. Thor was the Norse god of strength, thunder, war and storms, the son of Odin. He was armed with a hammer called Mjolnir, and wore an enchanted belt that doubled his strength.

    Has a UNSC issued machete.

    Also has a Jiralhanae Combat Knife taken after it was dispatched.

    Theme Song: "Ivan Torrent - TH3 AWAK3N1NG"

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  7. Um...the backstory I had for my character involved him being a former ODST who was picked for the spartan V program who was primarily a marksmen/sniper, but was also cross trained in demolitions in case the primary demo was his squad was knocked out. Can he just the C4 or is that not going to be possible?
  8. This was explained in the interest check, but the Spartan-Vs were trained from a very young range into a variety of specialties. You will need to redo your character a bit, I'm afraid.
  9. @AceSorcerer
    Really interested in this;

    Is it hyper realistic like the Eric Nylund books? I had a semi-successful RP that was based off of Nylund's shear brutality in the books...
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  10. Thinking about making a Sanghili (that's the official race name for the elites) but not sure where to put him in terms of branch.
  11. You'd label him/her with the Sword's of Sanghelios. They work under the Arbiter, and once or twice with UNSC.

    Also I'm somewhat interested, I'll be posted soon.
  12. @Maddeline I haven't read the novels, but I imagine we would go for as realistic as possible.
  13. Well, without shields a plasma pistol can kill a marine in one to two hits in the novels...
  14. Sounds about right.
  15. So would it be okay to have a Assult class with the W/AV M6 G/GNR Also known as the "Spartan Laser?"
  16. I suppose it's alright, but don't use it too much.
  17. @AceSorcerer

    Name: Jerome Terracota
    Nick-/Codename: "O-Nine-Two", "Blue" and "J"
    Designation: S92/ S092
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Height: 220cm
    Weight: 460kg
    Species: Human (Spartan III)
    Eye Color: Black
    Hair Color: Black
    Branch: UNSC Navy
    Rate/Rank: Petty Officer Grade 2
    Assignment: Recent transfer to the Stormbreaker after the death of his entire squad.
    Position: Spartan Commando
    AI: (none)
    Combat Role: Infantry

    Weapons Loadout:
    BR55 Battle Rifle- A battle rifle he received on reach, Jerome continues to use this weapon despite the improved model coming out and replacing the old generation this rifle belongs to. The rifle has a red laser light wrapped around and under the heavy barrel for higher accuracy.
    MA5D Assault Rifle- This assault rifle was gifted to Jerome by a dying ODST, and it also has not been replaced. Luckily, it was the current gen model.
    Two fragmentation grenades

    Underneath the armor, Jerome has black hair, black eyes, and a scarred up face. His body is in, of course peak physical condition and littered with battle wounds. He is unique in that he has the strongest legs of any Spartan- capable of dead lifting more than 5k pounds.

    Personality: Jerome takes things to heart, especially monumental wins or losses. History is his forte, and he is quite the specialist at killing.

    Hobbies: Sharpening his knife, customizing his rifle, shaving and practicing his martial arts that have saved him on multiple occasions.

    Biography: Jerome has been around a few times. He was deployed on reach and was one of the few Spartans to survive. He held onto a battle rifle he discovered at ONI castle base, and was rescued just in time to deploy on the Unyielding Hierophant and disable a covenant armada with the help from Master Chief, Linda, Grace and Fred. Afterwards, Jerome found himself cycled into an ODST and Spartan demolitions team. When truth activated the slip space hole in New Mombasa, Jerome's squad was discovered and held up a 38 hour defensive position before retreating and suffering a 93% fatality rate- leaving Jerome the lone survivor of his team. Jerome has gained mental scarring from the constant loss of his teammates and often keeps memorandums of the past to always remind him. He actively rejects modern armor for his antique armor and rejects the new models of weaponry unless he feels emotionally invested in it. This severely restricts the gear he can have, but his experience is worth having alone.

    Notes of Interest:
    Has outdated gear
    Enjoys snapping necks
    Nervous when not given an objective with clear directives
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  18. Well given that it runs out of battery rather quickly, I don't think over usage will be a problem xD
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  20. I see you have species on the CDs does that mean we can go with a sangheili (elite for those who don't recognise the name)?
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