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Halo: The Mission

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Cry, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. @Rion

    Raven, or Enger as some people call her, sighed at her spot in her seat. "what did I do to be in this spot... Oh yeah that's why."

    Enger we need you to do something for us! please!" a male bagged her. Raven been trying to fix one of the ships. "NO I said it once and I will say it again NO!" she growled..... ".... what do you want." The male smiled he new he cracked her "We need you to do a mission with our best!" He said she turned and glared at him. "You know I don't do missions! hell you know I can't shot a gun with out killing someone next to me" "yes luckily its just a fix and get type of mission...." The man said waiting for her yes. "Fine but If I live YOU BETTER GET ME NEW TOOLS AND AND SOMEONE TO HELP ME AND BE A TEACHER TO TEACH THE NEW PISSES HOW TO WORK HERE IN MY TRUFF!!" she growled. "Ok... Ok just please remove the blow torch away from my balls" he said. "Good you got it in your head" she smiled doing as he asked then started to walk away placing the tools back. "Your luckily your my brother STUPID" she mumbled. "Love you too sis"

    "I hate him..." she said then looked over to the guy she was paired with.
  2. Ruther, as he preferred to be called was sitting in his full bodysuit silently. He had been assigned this mission and was planning to carry it out as ordered. They had quickly been boarded on a spaceship and had reached the target orbit the day before. He had heard of this place. It had been a Next Gen Settler planet before the covenant had seized it. The Pelican aircraft began shaking as they breached the planet atmosphere. He looked up and the two stared into each other's helmet. She was an Engineer and he was a support. It was obvious he had been put together with her to protect her. As long she don't get in the damn way. She was important for the mission, so he had no say. But if something happened... There was no return. The planet was more or less crawling with covenant forces and unless things was done right there was no way out. He smiled. Just like I want it. Spartan against the world.
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  3. Enger Look at him with a slight glare. it was just normal for her to glare. she sighed when the ship started to shake she yelp softly to her self. she hated this part so much she fared that the ship was going to break a part and she was going to go flying in space. holding her breath and hand in a fist she tried to calm down. once they landed she shaking slightly but got herself and got up. "are we going?" she asked waiting for his command. she was just the Engineer.
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