Halo: Rise of the SPARTAN-V & the Wrath of the Faithful [Rebooted Idea]

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  1. The year is 2613, and the United Nations Space Command has just deployed its latest breed of super-soldier: the SPARTAN-V. Born from necessity after a galactic civil war known as the Great Slipspace War, the candidates for the project were taken as children from selected families and replaced with flash clones after the consent of the family has been given (with the swapping date unknown to the parents). The Great Slipspace War was lead by planets in the Outer Colonies who protested the supposed tyranny of the Unified Earth Government (UEG) and was backed by a faction known as the Faithful, who were the organized remnants of those loyal to the ideals of defeated Covenant Empire. The Faithful found itself effectively neutralized, as were those responsible for the rebellion, but tensions still remain not only within the UEG, but among the humans and their alien allies. Currently the UEG is in a period it calls Reclamation, wherein the de-glassing of planets is resumed so as to allow for the expansion of civilization and the planets who were part of the rebellion in the Great Slipspace War are currently under examination and are subject to interim governments until the UEG's requirements for full membership and acknowledgement are met.

    To ensure that another of civil war does not occur, the SPARTAN-V project itself has bred forth new SPARTANs with various telekinetic abilities that are still experimental and uncertain, even after twenty years of training. This RP will take place on the UNSC Maelstrom, one of the Fleet's seven Infinity-class warships, which is commanded by Rear Admiral Derrick Thompson. We will focus especially on the newly-formed Spartan Platoon Sigil, led by and composed of a group of SPARTAN-Vs, most of which have never met nor worked together before forming up before the Maelstrom's launch into space, as they work to fulfill the Maelstrom's mission of patrolling and investigating various rumored remnants of the insurrection and of the Faithful in the Outer Colonies while working with Sangheili allies to determine what the occurrences are and whether or not they are connected. With ancient secrets and trillions of lives at stake, it's going to be up to the Maelstrom and her crew to determine what is really happening in the Outer Colonies and, if necessary, launch an offensive to stop it.

    A few notes:

    -This takes in an alternate timeline where Halo 4 and 5 did not occur and are replaced by the Great Slipspace War.
    -Cortana was deactivated, recreated with previous memory banks, and crafted to be a new AI model by the same name.
    -The Prometheans are undiscovered, which may or may not be a plot point in the roleplay depending on player opinions.
    -Master Chief John-117 is currently in cryosleep aboard the UNSC Infinity.
    -Telekinesis and other SPARTAN-V abilities will be limited and will rely on player integrity.
    -You can build your own loadout, guided by character classes.
    -You are not limited to being a SPARTAN: you can even go so far as to be an Elite!
    -I will answer as many questions as possible if you have them.
    -This RP will go by a Half/Half posting order system. This means that sometimes we will have a posting order, and sometimes we will not, depending on the situation.
    -The expected post length for non-combat scenes is two paragraphs. It is fully understood that this may not always be the case in every situation.
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  2. I'd be down for this. Be prepared for the easily irritable soldier with a 'glowy stabby thing' to join up
  3. Looks like a good rp.
  4. This looks pretty good. Would it be possible to play an intelligence enhanced Spartan Unggoy?

    Obviously for comic relief.
  5. .... Only if I can bring back SSgt Travers and the fire-team, and preferably just not make a Spartan unless you really need one in which case I'll bring back Moe.
  6. *For some reason dreams of playing as a jackal with the covenant remnants....or being a sword of sanghelios*
  7. Go crazy!

    Feel free, but I do advise you make a SPARTAN or a different UNSC-affiliated character as well in order to keep in the action.
  8. So we just get to making? No approvals or anything?
  9. I'm on a trip, so I'll tag you all in the OOC when I put it up. After that, characters can be submitted and will be subject to approval.
  10. EDIT: Green light given. How ONI got it working, I have no idea.
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  11. If this is still open, I'll throw my hat in the ring for it
  12. Well this looks fun, I think I'll join.
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