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  1. This takes place a year after the events of Halo 4. We're hoping Chief hasn't blown up a planet without us yet.

    Plot: With the tragic release of The Didact from Shield World 0001 "Requiem" and the Composing of New Phoenix, the UNSC and ONI set out to find and destroy any more of these Forerunner remnants to prevent any future invasions. Thus, the specialized Helldiver unit was formed out of the Spartan IV program: Equipped with only the best weapons, trained to the fullest extent of human capability, and received extra augmentation. They successfully located and destroyed several Shields (notably Shields 600, 486, and 279), proving their worth. Until they stumbled on Shield World 0002 "Dirge", a massive Micro-Dyson Sphere, containing thousands of large Promethean Cryptums, which in turn held millions of Forerunners (and by Forerunners, I mean Forerunners. Living Prometheans and members of other castes), backed by hardlight weaponry, War Sphinxes, and Sentinels. An effective colonization force. Within months this force had dominated several worlds surrounding "Dirge". Soon, The Didact joined with this new force, providing reinforcements in the form of his loyal Knights and the Covenant Remnant. And so began a new war. Adding to the threat was the reemergence of the Flood from Shield 523 "Pestilence", which now acts as the makeshift homeworld of the Flood. You now take control of a member of one of these three factions: A Pure Form or Gravemind of the Flood; A Warrior-Servant or Promethean of the Forerunners/Remnant Elite; or a member of the Helldiver unit serving under the UNSC and ONI.


    Name (Applicable to Graveminds, Helldivers, and Forerunners/Covenant. Research Forerunner/Covenant naming carefully):

    Age (Flood and Forerunners live a long time):


    Preferred arsenal (applicable to Helldivers and Forerunners):

    Appearance (Since the Helldivers are based on artwork by deviant Artist StTheo, I insist upon using his work. Go to Google, type StTheo helldiver, and find one of the images. Sorry, I really am. And please make sure that it is his work, as there are quite a few trying to pass stuff off as his. Real ones are marked by this logo in a corner): logo_by_StTheo.jpg

    Bio (applicable to Graveminds, Helldivers, and Forerunners):

    Any unique abilities/talents:
    Gallery for Prometheans that might help and may be used if you want, though I encourage finding images of your own:
    combat skin 1.png Halo_4_Promethean_Concept_Art_2.jpg promethean.png war_sphinx_color.jpg warrior-servant.png

    Gallery for Graveminds (as I found these kind of hard to find) that may be used and may help:
    Primordial.jpg primordial.png gravemind.png

    Note: I have divided the Prometheans into 4 ranks, based on the second thumbnail: At the top left is a Grand Warden, which would have mastered constraint fields and use telekinesis a lot; on the top right is a Stratest, who would focus more on commanding troops than leading them; a Supreme Commander, who would have a vast advantage in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and morale than others, would control most of the army, and report to The Didact only; and finally the average Promethean (an equivalent of a Spartan, only much better), who would have an advantage over normal Warrior-Servant (far right thumbnail if I'm not mistaken, and would be the equivalent of a UNSC Marine). You may not start as any of the specialized Promethean castes, but you may start as a Warrior-Servant or a Promethean. In the ways of the Flood, you may start as a Pure Form of any kind (make sure to include your "birth") or a Proto-Gravemind forming into an actual Gravemind. Pure Forms may evolve into Graveminds.

    I am extremely sorry for the limitations (I personally would never do this under other circumstances), but I'm trying to pull together something really good, and I want to keep the Helldivers as the way they were made originally as much as I can. But you are free to make up your own story for a Helldiver, given that they are Spartan IVs. REMEMBER. THIS RP MAY REQUIRE A LOT OF RESEARCH AND TOLERANCE FOR ROLES. I know, it sucks. But despite all this, I hope to gain at the very least 9 people (3 for Helldivers, 3 for Forerunners, 3 for Flood), my absolute maximum being 12 who can post at a minimum of once a day, maximum once a week. Have fun, and hope to see someone bite soon.
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  2. Name: Protostellar-Casts-Eternal-Light-Of-Life

    Age: 10,000 years, born at the climax of the First Forerunner-Flood War, and is the equivalent of a human 21 year old.

    Faction: Forerunners.

    Preferred Arsenal: Though proficient with most Forerunner weaponry, Protostellar prefers the use of a Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon (Light Rifle) and Extended Magazine Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic (Boltshot), which he integrates directly into his Class 12 Combat Skin, used as part of the Forerunner Flood Extermination Division.

    combat skin 1.png

    Born into the Lifeworker caste, Protostellar was one of the most gifted of his group, and was promoted to the eminent rank of Lifeshaper quickly upon entering the field. However, he fell from grace just as quickly after it was discovered he had engineered a virus meant to dissolve organic matter for use of the Warrior-Servants against ancient humanity. His family managed to save him from execution, but also sent him to work with the Warrior-Servants for the rest of his life, even forcing a Brevet Mutation to make him as if he had been born in the caste. There he developed into a special soldier, especially effective against the Flood due to his skill with eliminating biological life, and was responsible for beginning the Flood Extermination Division of the Warrior-Servants. However, he was forced to evacuate to Shield 0002 (as the Forerunner evacuation point of the Trevelyan Shield had been overrun) with many of his brethren, and was forced into cryosleep for millennia. He has returned to his position in his division, carrying out precision operations against the Flood and UNSC. Others look upon him with disdain for his apparent lack of regret for his infractions of the Mantle, but allow for his continued existence due to his effectiveness in combat.

    Unique abilities/talents: Due to his training as a Lifeworker (and later a Lifeshaper), Protostellar knows more of the organic anatomy of most species in the Milky Way than almost anyone else, making him an incredible killer on the battlefield. In addition to his particular skill as a soldier, he can also perform medical operations with a 80% chance of success in the field, which is often necessary for other Warrior-Servants. He is also valued for his constant development of new technologies and bioengineered viruses with the purpose of exterminating life, particularly the Flood. Not to mention the Brevet he received in his youth allows for him to mutate into higher Warrior-Servant ranks, such as the highly favored Prometheans. ​
  3. Limitations? Does it have to be from StTheo? Are we allowed vehicle operation and if so to what point? And are weapons arsenal weapons canon?
  4. Name: Vikram Sharkovsky [Russian]

    Age: 30

    Faction: Helldiver

    Preferred arsenal: Basic 'Kobra' loadout, Hellhound gunship
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    With the UV reflect glass plate visor.

    Bio: Ach, is this relevant to be put in an application?

    Any unique abilities/talents:
    Advanced piloting skills, armor updated with limited-time camo similar to the Spartan-II/Spartan-III armor suits.
  5. ((Needs to be finished later, anyways))
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