Halo: Reach

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T-Minus two weeks as of Tuesday.

Yes, Halo: Reach. Bungie's Swan Song to the Halo franchise. Hype for this thing has been big for awhile and the multiplayer beta back in May did little to calm everyone down. In fact it was like showing the gaming community the world's best chocolate bar created by God himself then only giving them a sliver of it while the rest of it was in the refrigerator under lock and key for the next three and a half months if you'll pardon my over the top comparison.

So Halo: Reach. Armor Abilities, more armor customization, new maps, new weapons, new...well...new lots of shit that I could spend here explaining for hours so I won't.

So here's your thread for the two weeks of pre-release hype and of course the thread that will be used when this thing goes live on September 14th.

Also, let's keep comparisons to Call of Duty and other FPS games out of this okay? Seriously. If I wanted to watch people debate which is better I'd go to GameFAQs and hang out there.
I like how it takes place before the Trilogy and yet there's all this "NEW" stuff going on.
Its like Star Wars on the technological level yeah. Go figure. Won't stop me from enjoying it. I just try not to think about the continuity of the story, which is kinda easy to do.

Though I do happen to know that the DMR for the UNSC was actually phased out of service in most branches of the military and was ultimately succeeded by the Battle Rifle, which was actually in the prototype phase back during Reach.
Looks good... hopefully its as good as it looks, and hopefulyl the campaign is longer than ODST's was.
Well from what I can tell from the people how grabbed the game early (Bastards...) its more like Halo 3 in the sense of mission numbers if I recall correctly.
Well I would be completely stoked if I had a 360, man do I love Halo. I do like that that have the DMR in it. (not BMR) regardless I'd still call it the "deemer" or "beamer" much easier to say.
Maybe once I get on sometime again we can play online yesh?

Os0 Deliciouso is my gamertag folks!
Okay, its out now so I won't feel like a prick for bumping up a two week old thread.