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  1. 20 yeas ago, the UNSC took a total of 43 children from planets around the sector. All 43 children were experimented on for the benefits of the UNSC. 41 of the children were killed after the first stage of testing, but the two that did survive were continued in experiments until about age 10, then they were placed in separate training programs. One trained to be above genius with shooting skill that of which the UNSC has never seen before, and the other trained to be a war machine in the fields on hand to hand combat and vehicles. Now the war has a need for the genetically enhanced super soldiers and the two have been called on.


    Zara walked the halls of the UNSC training building. She wasn't wearing her armor, and in replacement had on a pair of grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt. She had been called to the Control Room, an the Director wanted to speak with her. Not that she hadn't been called in before as result of her anger issues. A new recruit insulted her shooting technique and so she shot at him. But only close enough to give him a good burn on his left ear. In fact, it was a miracle she hadn't been discharged yet.

    She entered the control room, standing at attention as the Director entered the room. "At ease." the directors voice was harsh as always, deep and gravelly. She relaxed a little, "Sir?"

    "Agent Malone. The war on Chorus has gotten, well, out of hand. The federation has started using say unorthodox methods towards us." Zara rolled her eyes Like that is a problem for you guys.

    "We are sending you and one other soldier to take out the Federation. Their home base is in the middle of the Natarous Forest. You're job is to take out the leader then destroy the base. Easy enough." The director turned raising his eyebrows. "Clear?"

    "Yes, sir. When will I meet my partner?"

    "Tomorrow. When you leave. So I suggest you get together your armor and your favorite weapons. You leave in the morning."
  2. "Crow" The intercom screeched out, and again it repeated, "Ivan Crow, report to the commander's office." The sound echoed within the confines of Ivan's personal quarters as he finished yet another page of his journal. At the call, Ivan ripped out the page and set the flame of his lighter to the wrinkled paper. Letting it fall to the ground, he headed out the automatic doors and down the hall to see his commanding officer. Likely another covenant recon squad that needs wiping out, so Ivan thought.

    "You have a new assignment" Came the commander's baritone voice as Ivan took a seat in the office. "We're pairing you up with another solder to solve some 'domestic issues' on Chorus. You will be briefed by your partner, whom you'll meet tomorrow." Ivan was always fond that the commander never beat around the bush, but his eyes widened at the mention of a partner.

    "Sir!" He exclaimed with concern. "As eager as I am for a change of venue, I thought I was strictly solo in mission assignments. What changed?" The scant trace of irritation in Ivan's voice was silenced by the commander's hand.

    "I won't talk any more on the subject. Get your gear, get some sleep, and get over yourself. You need to learn how to play nice with everyone else." The officer's tone was mocking, but it was something that worried him too. With Ivan never working with another soldier before, how would he perform? Ivan left the room without saying another word, leaving the office in utter silence.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.