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  1. The players are a small team of Spartan IIs that work deep inside enemy lines, a top secret team unknown to the UNSC, ONI, and perhaps even Dr. Halsey. They have a ship with enough supplies and weapons for many years, as they are a deep-cover team. They themselves are unsure of their origins, if not their mission.

    The events of this RP take place during the covenant war, both before and after the fall of Reach, although if the players hear of it is not a given.

    The ship The Phantom, is the home base of the team, a smaller, quicker ship than most of the UNSC designs. In fact, it doesn't exist, just like Phantom Team.

    It has a small crew of humans, including ODST equivalents. It also has an abundance of UNSC weapons and ammo. (From games 1-4 and reach)​

    Combat Rules (Ignore for now) (open)

    Combat Mechanics

    During all direct combat scenarios and actions against the enemy will have overall structure from me but the details will be up to the players (i.e. I'll write something like "you can kill three guys, or two and strike at the mini boss" or the such, and allow the player to improvise how he kills them). If players would like to take some sort of direct action not offered, simply run it by me in I'll give you the possible results of that action.

    Mooks (Untitled enemies) Are able to be killed to the number given. Titled enemies, {Elites ; Minibosses ; Bosses ;Megabosses} Are all enemies that you must post strikes for, rather than outright killing them. Your characters can also take wounds. Wounds will work with light, medium and heavy.

    LIGHT- Doesn't really affect you. From minor paint scratches to shallow cuts and bullet grazes, stuff like that make a Light wound. You can take these in your combat post if you wish. May or may not make later wounds easier to take/more severe. When I give them to you, you must emote (write them out) them in your post, and they must fit the situation that gave you the wound
    - Affects your combat capabilities in some way. There are 3 terms I sometimes use. Given during my posts, and must be emoted in the same way as Lights.

    means that it isn't really bad. Perhaps crushed chest armor (makes chest more vulnerable)
    is the base. From crushed armor to a severed limb, most anything goes. Middle of the road may be a cut leg muscle that makes you slower to move.
    Are bad. Severed limbs are the topmost example.

    Wounds that severely damage your character to the point that it hurts too much to move, or is just completely impossible. These are allocated and emoted by me, so you needn't worry about having to be fair with these.
    can happen if you aren't rescued (either by all enemies around you getting killed or wrapped up in combat, someone dragging you to safety, or someone shielding you with their body.

    are high-risk, high-reward maneuvers that can turn the tide of battle if successful, or seriously hinder you is they don't work.
    In addition, at the end of a combat post I ask that you write a results line, to expedite GM posts.
    EXAMPLE: [5 Grunts Killed, Strike at Elite (Assault Rifle burst towards chest)

    Character Sheet

    Name: (Terrace 743)
    Gender: (Male)
    Looks: (Under Armor)
    Handle: (Longarm)
    Role: (Sniper)

    Favored Loadout: (2 weapon limit)
    Special Ability: (Speed, Strength, Vision, Etc.)

    Name: IRIS
    Role: AI
    About: IRIS is a smart AI, but that is not all. She was created using experimental technology to slow rampancy by 1000%, giving her a 'life expectancy' of 700 years. Her core is stationed inside the Phantom, but each Phantom Squad Spartan has an AI chip that connects them to the core. She is incredibly gifted at all aspects of battle, from analyzation to tactics to hacking. Her voice is soft and caring, like that of a mother speaking to her children.


    Name: Michael-042
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Pale skin, short brown hair and dark blue eyes.
    Armor: https://halo.bungie.net/stats/Halo3/PlayerModel.ashx?p1=0&p2=10&p3=5&p4=5&p5=4&p6=18&p7=1&p8=9
    Handle: Reaper
    Role: Team Leader?
    Personality: Warm and friendly towards his fellow Spartans, but places the mission above his and their lives. Calculating and cold in combat, seeking to give no chance to the enemy. Non-Spartan personell find him heartless and machinelike
    Favored Loadout: BR55 Battle Rifle, M6S Magnum.
    Special Ability: Jump Pack


    Name: Light-161
    Gender: Female
    Looks: Originally had long blonde hair with blued tips all around, however now it is cut short for combat and often bears little resemblance to how she looked in the past. Her real name is unclear, history as well, and all can be said hidden behind crystal orbs of a bluer hue. She has pale skin and a feminine form, making her armor more uniquely shaped than most, but this does not determine a distinguishable identity on the battlefield, it's the painted arm however, that does.
    Role: Agile canon.
    Personality: Light-161 can be very brash and moreover filled with an abundance of life. Despite her shortcomings in more generalized wisdom or logical reasoning, she hopes to one day die a glorious death for the UNSC. This being said, she puts her all into things, giving more thought and effort than most others, she's spunky and loud when she's free to be, and serious and stern when the situation calls for it.

    Favored Loadout: Battle Rifle, Shotgun
    Special Ability: Agility


    Name: Adam-095
    Gender: Male
    Looks: He has a rectangular shaped head, thin, flat lips, a straight nose, and proportional down-turned brown eyes. He has the average height and athletic build of any other SPARTAN-II. Has buzzed black-brown hair that is slightly longer on top, and is clean shaven.
    Handle: Breaker
    Role: Stealth/ Mobile AT
    Personality: Quick-witted, and a problem solver. Not overly emotional, but more technical and analytical. He is an extrovert by nature. He is a great mechanical engineer and is great at improvising in the field under duress. Has a low temper, and seems to not take anything seriously- always the hopeful optimist that 'everything will work out', and 'whatever happens was meant to be'.

    Favored Loadout: M41 SSR MAV/AW and M7/Caseless SMG [detachable silencer]
    Special Ability: Stealth


    Name: Ghost-327
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Buzz cut black hair, square jaw with thin lips. Eye color is a greyish color, a straight nose. Everything else about his face is simple and clean, save for the numerous scars, the major eye catchers being one that goes through his left eyebrow and downwards to his the bottom of his cheek and one giant scar across his throat. Of which most has speculated was caused by a Energy sword or something sharp.


    Handle: The Rookie
    Role: Recon
    Personality: Despite his inability to speak, Rookie does his best to cheer up everyone else when morale is down, or does his best to help them out. And while his Handle may be that of someone who has never done anything ever, his skill says otherwise, though it doesn't surpass anyone else on the team, it has helped it him outlive his opponents.

    Favored Load out: Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5 Anti-Matériel, a Designated Marksman Rifle [DMR].
    Special Ability: Vision

    The mission this time was simple, or so it seemed. on a deep forest world, they were to find an old human city and kill the brute chieftain that The Phantom had detected there.

    The team had been VTOL inserted 5 kilometers from the city, and had just reached the outskirts. It was a rather large area, with many buildings that could hold supplies, ambushes, or perhaps even survivors.

    [Please make your loadout clear in your first post]​
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  2. Light-161 was adjusting the stock in her battle rifle as her spartan trained hands skillfully handled her weapon. The heavy shotgun strapped to her back remained there and seemingly shined with perfection after her recent inspection and prepares on the weapon. She'd hopped off of the VTOL with her current only squad-mate Michael-042. He was always rather secluded and stern, though a proud peer that she had come to respect, and one who's skill with a battle rifle, in her opinion, was unmatched.

    The sun was shrouded by a thick layer of clouds as she slowly gazed around the surrounding region of buildings, her rifle holstered into her right shoulder and tipped down at the left side of her hip. Her white armor gleamed brightly as she preferred such things that way, it'd either attract civilians who need to be evacuated or let her be extra lucky and call for some covenant unwanted attention. Beneficial either way.

    It was her left arm that bore her identity, and her body that seemed rather unique. Written in Japanese text was the symbol of light, hikari. Regardless, she bore sharp looking features to her armor, and across the pale aesthetic to it, it had golden paint plastered in tribal decal along it, a personal artistic touch from the woman inside the suit. It was her own and the two handled a symbiosis of balance, supplying each other with the strength to have won a few dogfights already.

    However, in comparison to Michael, she was but new meat, her skills on the field had only been tested in smaller affairs and staggered a high result of success rate compared to the reaper's ridiculously long records. He was experienced in what he did, and by all means, a good man for it. She cast a glance towards her leader and nodded, noticing nothing out of the ordinary as she quietly muttered into her communications piece within the helmet, "No civilians yet... No covenant either."

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  3. Michael crouched low, looking out over the ruins. The mission was simple enough, insert, kill, withdraw. Anything else was a snag, and the buildings looked like they were full of snags. He was surprised this world had not been glassed like the others.

    He checked his own weapons. His Battle Rifle was his primary weapon, but not for this mission if all went well. His sidearm would be, the suppresed version of the M6 Magnum the UNSC had adopted. He couldn't reach out and touch people like he could with the BR, but he could still kill, and silently.

    "We'll press on," he replied over the single beam circut. "Let's try to keep it quiet, I would rather not shoot our way out," he told her, looking at his lone teammate before starting off to the city.
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  4. < @ShatteredSkies @Crystallized_Light >

    The two Spartans press on, sticking to the side roads and walks. The place was rather quiet, a few drone patrols but otherwise no covenant... until they get past the outskirts.

    The shuffling and muttering of a patrol of grunts came from around a corner, including the heavy footfalls of an elite. There was a door to their left that they could dash into and attempt to hide, if they so wished.​
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  5. Michael saw the blips on his motion tracker, and heard them through his augmented audio enhancers. His first instinct was to kill, but that would arouse suspicion even if they did it silently and without alarm.

    "Hide in the door," he told Light, before running there and crouching. His pistol was out, but he hoped not to use it.
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  6. Light did as instructed, having seen the blips before commanded to act. She moved slowly and cautiously, lowering her position as she moved behind the door, raising her gun to aim out but otherwise keeping her entire body hidden. She watched as the small red dots got closer and closer, slow breaths transferring over the communications link. "I see them... twenty meters..." A pause, "Fifteen..."
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  7. < @Crystallized_Light @ShatteredSkies >

    The grunts, all orange minors with plasma pistols, walk past the door, oblivious to the Spartans in the building they just walked past... up to the point the elite, a red-armored Major, stops and makes a commanding grunt. The grunts mumble discontentedly as they pile in searching through the wreckage of the room, moving old clothes, books, tables...

    The elite, meanwhile, sniffs the air, his plasma rifle emitting its soft blue glow as it walks right past where Light was hidden...

    [You can either attempt to assassinate the Covenant, or try and sneak out while they are unaware]​
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  8. Light, being the spartan she was, didn't hesitate as she began slipping her gun back into its holster and slowly crept up on the elite. With a quick gesture, she wrapped her arms around the thin neck and yanked hard, drawing her knife from her breastplate. She then angled it to the covenant's neck and rammed it in firmly.
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  9. "Take the elite," he ordered, waiting for her to move before he stepped out and engaged the Grunts. He bolted across the room, smashing one in the face with his pistol and starting to shoot the others, running and hitting them as he ran.
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  10. < @ShatteredSkies @Crystallized_Light >

    In but half a moment the patrol was dead. The spartans were able to regroup to come up with a plan of action... until gunshots echo through the empty streets, not from the Spartans for sure, but sounding somewhat close. They were definitely UNSC weapons, but none of the Phantom forces had come down with them.​
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  11. Michael looked at Light, "good work," he smiled under his helmet before reloading his pistol. "We need to keep moving, and fas-" gunfire cut off his sentence. Human weapons, which meant humans. The Covenant had orders against using "heretic" weapons, and he had mowed down Elites who refused to touch the loaded assault rifles at their feet.

    "MA5 fire," he noted, moving to the door to peer out. This was a snag. Something they weren't prepared for.
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  12. Light nodded after dispatching her elite and letting his body fall to the floor before she pulled her rifle back to its holstered position. "I'm on your six..." She muttered, her voice calm and congruent the current scenario as she held a startled and anxious preposition. "Get a read on where they came from?"
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  13. "High, sounds like," he replied, "street or so over," he nodded towards an abandoned bus. "Move there," he orderer, before slipping the Battle Rifle off his shoulder and starting to move towards the old bus. His eyes swept the area, wary of further patrols.
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  14. She moved slightly quicker, ahead of him to the old bus. After checking it for life signs and finding none, she roosted herself in a set and rested her battle rifle on one of the windows, gazing out to where the sound of the guns were. "Michael... All signs are clear... Seeing faint blips from east, around three or so..."
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  15. < @ShatteredSkies @Crystallized_Light >

    The spartans take cover inside the abandoned bus, just in time to see a final grunt gunned down but Assault rifle fire, from inside a building at the end of the T-intersection that they were down the street of. They can see a number humans moving inside.

    Suddenly there was movement behind on their motion trackers, and they would see, should they look, a group of 10 grunts and 3 Elites, all with plasma weapons, coming up the road towards them. The third elite's head explodes from a well-placed sniper shot from the humans, making the elites start running to the bus for cover as the grunts moved up, despite the withering hail of fire from the humans.

    |_BB __|

    [BB = Bus ; EE = Enemies {H} = Human building]
    [10 grunt minors (Mooks) 2 Minor Elites (Elites)]
    [Up to 5 Kills OR 2 Kills and a strike OR a focus strike]​
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  16. Light understood the complexity of the situation immediately and swapped her battle rifle for her shotgun, if used correctly, would make tearing apart the two elites blindingly easy. Without hesitation, she hopped out of the window and began charging, exclaiming with a loud voice, "Die covenant bastards!" She quickly fired off two shots once within range of the elites and planned on dismantling the grunts with her fists, easy targets as they were.
  17. Michael strafed out to see the enemy, firing percision bursts at the Grunts. As Light concentrated on the Elites, he would track his rifle to the further of the two, its shields weakened, drilling three shot bursts into its head. When it was down, he continued to engage the Grunts until they ruled the field.
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  18. < @Crystallized_Light @ShatteredSkies >
    (Not gonna make a big deal about the combat rules not being followed. Not yet, anyway)

    As Light charges the elites, her first blast blows the shields off of it, a three round burst from Michael shredding its head and its body falling to the ground. However, the other comes across with a backhand and knocks her to the ground, her shields being knocked down to 50%. The elite then plants her to the ground with its foot, aiming a plasma rifle to her head with a chortle.

    Michael is able to make quick work of the grunts, but is quickly assaulted by 3 jackals with Carbines behind a wall of 5 shielded, all charging their plasma pistols. ​
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  19. He had to make a snap descision. He knew Light could handle herself, but the Jackals would carve her up if they turned their attention on him. He had to keep them occupied. Michael tracked his sight onto the Jackal formation, trying to take out the ones armed with Carbines first.

    "Take care of that Elite and flank them!" He told her, having to drop and reload as plasma sizzled over his head.
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  20. Light grunted as the arm knocked her onto her back. With the plasma rifle immediately being aimed at her head and the pressure of the foot on her chest, her adrenaline kicked it. She quickly pumped her shotgun and aimed it up, pulling the trigger immediately.
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