Halo: Phantoms Redux

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    The players are a small team of Spartans that work deep inside enemy lines, a top secret team unknown to the UNSC, ONI, and perhaps even Dr. Halsey. They have a ship with enough supplies and weapons for many years, as they are a deep-cover team. They themselves are unsure of their origins, if not their mission.

    The events of this RP take place during the covenant war, both before and after the fall of Reach, although if the players hear of it is not a given.
    Combat Rules (open)
    Combat Mechanics

    During all direct combat scenarios and actions against the enemy will have overall structure from me but the details will be up to the players (i.e. I'll write something like "you can kill three guys, or two and strike at the mini boss" or the such, and allow the player to improvise how he kills them). If players would like to take some sort of direct action not offered, simply run it by me in I'll give you the possible results of that action.

    Mooks (Untitled enemies) Are able to be killed to the number given. Titled enemies, {Elites ; Minibosses ;Bosses ;Megabosses} Are all enemies that you must post strikes for, rather than outright killing them. Your characters can also take wounds. Wounds will work with light, medium and heavy.

    LIGHT- Doesn't really affect you. From minor paint scratches to shallow cuts and bullet grazes, stuff like that make a Light wound. You can take these in your combat post if you wish. May or may not make later wounds easier to take/more severe. When I give them to you, you must emote (write them out) them in your post, and they must fit the situation that gave you the wound
    - Affects your combat capabilities in some way. There are 3 terms I sometimes use. Given during my posts, and must be emoted in the same way as Lights.

    means that it isn't really bad. Perhaps crushed chest armor (makes chest more vulnerable)
    is the base. From crushed armor to a severed limb, most anything goes. Middle of the road may be a cut leg muscle that makes you slower to move.
    Are bad. Severed limbs are the topmost example.

    Wounds that severely damage your character to the point that it hurts too much to move, or is just completely impossible. These are allocated and emoted by me, so you needn't worry about having to be fair with these.
    can happen if you aren't rescued (either by all enemies around you getting killed or wrapped up in combat, someone dragging you to safety, or someone shielding you with their body.

    are high-risk, high-reward maneuvers that can turn the tide of battle if successful, or seriously hinder you is they don't work.
    In addition, at the end of a combat post I ask that you write a results line, to expedite GM posts.
    EXAMPLE: [5 Grunts Killed, Strike at Elite (Assault Rifle burst towards chest)

    Character Sheet
    (Note: We are Spartan-II's)

    Name: (Terrace 743)
    Gender: (Male)
    Looks: (Under Armor)
    Handle: (Longarm)
    Role: (Sniper)

    Favored Loadout: (2 weapon limit)
    Special Ability: (Speed, Strength, Vision, Etc.)

    If you'd like to join, please post a Character in this thread.

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