Halo - Missing in Action

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Who would you like to play as?

  1. UNSC Marine

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  2. ODST

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  3. Spartan

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  1. Setting
    It had been a reconnaissance mission. Find, assess and report back. The squad was sent in to gather intelligence on a starship manufacturing plant. Someone had to know it wouldn't end with information gathering, that's why the Spartans were there. The squad's leader, a Spartan in jet black armor, had giving new orders: Destroy the manufacturing plant. So they had all obeyed. But that lead to all out war, combat on an unfamiliar world without backup. The plant was blown to a pile of dust and rubble, but they had lost their leader.

    Now the squad has been caught behind enemy lines. Stranded on an alien planet. And the Covenant are closing in. UNSC marines, orbital drop shock troopers, and Spartans will have to combat an alien threat and find a way off this world. What they don't know is that a group of Elites has been sent out to track them down, hunt them, and exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

    This is just a interest check. More information on the characters and their requirements will come with the sign up thread. But all you need to know so far is that you can play as an Sangheili (Elite) hunting the main group. Or you can play as a squad member as either a human marine, an ODST or a Spartan. I don't want too any Spartans and if there are lots of marines then taking on a squad of Elite will be difficult. So balance is key.

    1) Of course, all Iwaku rule apply.
    2) Don't ask about rules 3 through to 7.
    8) Don't ask why we could never make it to rule 9.
    8) No god modding. Respect other players. No argueing (discussions and friendly debates are fine) in any of the threads.
    8) I expect at least one post a week once the roleplay begins.
    8) There are limitations on every character. Elites and Spartans are not going to completely annihilate entire armies. Humans are not going to perform impossible feats for mere humans. This even includes ammunition. There is a limit to how much you can carry. Be tactical with your use of supplies, ammunition, grenades, ordinance, armor abilities, shields and life.
    8)Have fun.
  2. @Dakota K5 This is the thread. I will be posting a link to it in the Wrath of the Faithful thread in a minute
  3. Already here, I will answer questions as they pop up when I am on if you haven't gotten to them first.
  4. eyyy
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  6. Looking forward to this :D
  7. ...still looking forward to this???
  8. If more people showed interest then yes.
  9. Standing by!
  10. I know it's delayed but I will be posting a sign up thread to this soon.

    I'm sorry about everything and the delay!
  11. Yo, I am more than just interested in this, I am a little excited to give it a try if it happens. I haven't had good HRP in... A few months, especially after I left a community when it got bad. Just barren in that department.:razzberry:
  12. Yeah, halo rp's don't happen often anymore...

    I blame all this on 343 industries
  13. Remember most of the fandom RPs on this sight are anime based, I am sure that their are other sites that cater more to a gaming crowd but Iwaku ain't really one of 'em.
  14. Reporting in boss! Whenever kickoff happens I'm ready to get shot!
  15. In all honesty I didn't see much of anime rps either :/ but ehhhh
  16. Hey all! depending on start dates I may be interested in this. Depending on PvP weight- as unfortunately i'm not huge on doing writer vs writer type RP's. Though I'm not opposed to giving it a try...

    I've got my hand in a few other 'interest checks' right now, and have been waiting around for them to get started... Though we all know that some Interest Checks don't pan out. So tentative hand raised for me.

    I'd love to work with/in an ODST fireteam.

    @Nue -- But as far as anime/gaming RP's, this site has a mixture from what i've seen. I don't do anime RP's- but i've been involved in [and had to pull out of] a Mass Effect RP, a short lived Halo RP, and am getting started in a Destiny RP currently.
  17. I'd like to rp if enough players join.
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  18. A halo rp you say?

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