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    What hacks/custom game settings and forge maps do you use to make an awesome Halo Experience?​
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  2. Oi! If you people insist on liking Oatmeal and Ramen more than Halo you monsters with no taste Iwaku people will probably like another Halo thing better! >: (

    Make your own Spartan!

  3. Halo died for me after Reach.

    Four didn't have the charm the old games did, making me feel like a bitter old man. I mean, I had a seven foot Chief standee I snagged from a local store. Shit was so cash.

    Also, EOD armor best armor.
  4. Halo 4?

    What is this Halo 4 you speak of?
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  5. Series died after Halo 3.
  6. Well, it's kinda like Dum-Dums. You know? Those little lollipops you can buy by the thousand? Yeah, Bungie made the real deal, blowpops, 343 is pumping out Dum-Dums.

    @ASTA , Reach was amazing. ODST was a neat spin as well. Firefight mode, hnghh.
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  7. *Points at ODST and Reach*
  8. Actually, I forgot all about ODST. I actually replayed it twice. One of the things that I considered neat about the game was how the player was afforded the chance to explore New Mombasa during the events of Halo 2; the night missions were ominous and eerie, and the video recordings you could find in specific locations throughout the map helped you to delve deeper into the events that transpired within the city before, after and during the initial invasion. And I'll also admit that it was a refreshing relief to actually step outside of the boots of a Spartan and take on the role of a baseline human that was a member of an elite military branch.

    Reach? It was OKish, but I personally didn't enjoy it. Graphics were nice and the multi-player was solid enough, but the ending to the game was lifeless and predictable.

    Related: A Halo game where you wage war against the Covenant as a UNSC marine would be pretty rad.
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  9. I'm not a fan.
  10. Halo 3 still ranks as one of my favorite games of all time. I liked what little of ODST I played, it felt more artistic than the other games and it's casting was like a Firefly reunion.

    Now Halo: Reach? That game has some strong meaning to me. I was active in a gaming clan for 2 years, Reach was our thing. I learned that game inside-and-out, you name a forge mode, I played it.
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  11. Amp up the difficulty accordingly, the average marine won't be able to punch a grunt to death with one blow. And anything more than a Jackal would induce panic-shitting.

    Also, players in a game like that would have to forgo the whole "custom armor" thing, because marines only get what's issued. And I can already hear the bitching from people now unable to add big shoulder-guards or unnecessary pouches to their character.
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  12. ODST I really like for it's exploration and perspective as a non-spartan.
    Adds a new experience you don't get from the other Halo games.

    Reach? It's Halo 3 upgraded in terms of gameplay in my opinion.
    Though I'll admit to having more nostalgia with Halo 3.
    Campaign though? I liked that a lot too, maybe even a bit more than Halo 3.

    Mainly because it gave perspective into the lives of other Spartans and had a number of characters you got to know.
    Yea the ending was predictable, but it's a Prequel. We already knew since the first Halo how Reach ended up.
    The point of it wasn't for a surprise ending, but to see the situation through the perspective of those there.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Also, re-created my setup.
    Air-assault helm or bust.
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  14. Halo 3 was most profound for me in terms of campain and fucking around in local multiplayer (seriously, Infection with one zombie that had speed and jump stats maxed out on an open level with no pitfalls verses standard survivors is one of my favorite memories of gaming).

    Reach was my go-to muliplayer, and the campaign was definitely my favorite for variety. I was a beast in big team deathmatch. Also, the Revenant is my all time favorite Halo vehicle.

    Halo 4 was meh. The Covenant character redesigns were fucking awful and the whole "hurr hurr, we have Spertun fers nao!" Angle was irritating and tropey. And a HUGE peeve of mine is when you have a series that had an extinct, mysterious race that nobody knows anything about fucking jump back from extinction to be in the spotlight. The Forerunner shit was just groan inducing. My only real fun with 4 came from a Big team DM where a friend and I rolled up over 50 of the 100 kills by being fucking pro with the gauss Hog.
  15. My most memorable game mode would also be Infection in Halo 3.

    We had this specific one also called "V2" where we used the map sandtrap, and there was this floating outpost in the air.
    The only way up was through a teleporter out in the minefield, and the humans would spawn by a bunch of mongooses and warthogs.
    So what players would have to do is either grab a vehicle and drive for the outpost, or grab a vehicle and drive circles around the map.

    On foot rarely worked because the zombies would have max speed, lowest gravity, full invisibility and have both the energy sword and gravity hammer.
    However, one gun shot and they'd die cause their defenses were crap.
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