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  1. For nearly 62 years, mankind has been at war across the galaxy. If not with the need to expand and become the all-knowing being prophesized to be by our own nature. First, in 2494, where the Insurrection boarded a UNSC Corvette and murdered the crew aboard. Not only ensuing a fight, but winning and establishing their own government in the system.More battles like this would soon be inspired to take place, and the UNSC would discover a more capable enemy than anticipated within the human race.
    Multiple strikes and operations opened and closed through trial and error. Several wins and losses would be recorded into history until a solution was made the trample the rebel forces and finsih the fight-- SPARTANs. Born and scientifically enhanced to do one thing right: win at all and any cost. And that job was near completion until we were... interrupted by an adversary we were just barely ready to face..

    The Covenant-- a band of alien races from all across the stars, conquering and killing in the name of a path given to them by an ancient race, "The Great Journey." We first met them on Harvest and gave them Hell, but were ultimately defeated. We met them on Reach and gave them no quarter. It was then that we met on Earth, and it was there that we gave them no mercy. And while the Covenant was a primary threat, one managed to slip through the cracks while we came to address the Covenant.
    We would continue to fight them and somewhat understand them. But it was later that we would discover that the enemy; of our unknown enemy, is our friend. The Sangheili were betrayed and would join with us to seek their redemption. They trained with us, gave us their weapons, their ships and armor. The UNSC could not have found a greater ally. And by the hands of man and alien-- John-117 and The Arbiter-- we could conclude a war that claimed the lives of many.
    And yet the Insurrection remained a threat to colnoial lives in 2553, a year in which multiple colonized worlds have gone dark by their hands. Spartans had proven themselves a powerful factor in the many wars they were mentioned, so when the SPARTAN-IV program was initiated, it was obvious to take a small number of SPARTANs and use them for one final job against the Insurrectionists lying in wait. However we will not face them alone this time. No, the Sangheili have accepted us throught their treaty, and have lended us their troops whenever needed. You are the new bark and bite of the UNSC, spartan. You are the best of the best and have been selected to carry out an act that will remeber you as heroes.

    Well, Spartan... Are you ready to finish the fight?
    The Plot of the RP takes place a year after the Human-Covenant War's conclusion, and the start of the SPARTAN-IV Program. In 2553, the Insurrection not only boarded and caused a small massacre on board the Infinity, but that same day they proved they would forever be a threat to our system. While most of the first hundreds of applicants have been placed aboard the UNSC Infinity, a small regiment of SPARTAN-IVs have been deployed to the Insurrection's last known active base of operations: Venzia where we've lost another UNSC cruiser.

    You serve aboard the Frigate the UNSC Invictus. One of the few other frigates, both human and Sangheili, accompanying you in this battle. Originally the plan was to hit them globally with multiple glass strikes and bombing from Covenant and UNSC forces. You're fighting your way into orbit of Venezia when suddenly a pair of frigates are brought down by an EMP planetside, and through sheer luck the crew onboard lands with their lives just intact. Now crash landed, you have to take the fight to them on the ground, while holding them back long enough to fix your ship and get the Hell out of enemy territory.

    Elites, Spartans, and Insurrectionists are playable within this roleplay. You can range from vets of the Human-Covenant War or even back from the days of Harvest and Reach, but do be reasonable about their timeline if you're a human character.

    1. At least a paragraph of posting is expected. At least one a week is ok with me.​
    2. Damage scales are going to be on a realistic level here. Which means one clean shot will put down your enemy, seeing as they are humans.​
    3. All weapons can score a headshot. All them. Every last one!​
    4. UNSC and Covenant weapons are available from all timelines of the series. Forerunner weapons are FOREBIDDEN due to the fact that this RP is years ahead of their discovery.​
    5. Vehicles will perform as dictated in their construction and description. You may refer to them as however you like: jeep, car, truck, flyer, tank, steel trap, etc. Call it a "boar-mobile" or "Shriek-machine" and we'll have a talk.​
    6. A few new things will be thrown into the RP to help keep the action flowing.​
    7. Equipment accounds for your grenades, support upgrades, tactical package, and single armor ability. Any ability you select may be Covenant or UNSC, but not of Promethean make. Once again, we have not encounted Prometheans and will not be encountering them in this RP until further notice.​


    Name: (Full or Callsign)
    Age: (Between 20 - 50 is fair. ANy older must have been through cryo-stasis)
    Species: (Human or Sangheili?)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Appearance: (Screenshot/ Picture is allowed or description.)
    Weapons: (A maximum of 3 is allowed. Two Primaries + Sidearm. Ordenance weapons count as 2)
    Equipment: (VIA Greandes, Support Upgrades, Tactical Pack, and Armor Ability)
    Background: (At least 2 paragraphs)


    -It is not REQUIRED for you to be a SPARTAN-IV if you are a human character. You may be a Marine or an ODST. However this will limit your survivability and feats you may plan on performing. Also, physical damage will differ from that of a SPARTAN. Example-- SPARTAN gets shot in the head by Battle Rifle, survives. Marine gets shot in the head by Battle Rifle, instant kill.

    -God-Moding of any shape and/or form will result in immediate dismissal from the RP. Your charcter will be killed by a stray Needle Rifle round to the eye and your armor glassed, by me.

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  2. Name:
    Darren M. Hawke/ Hawk-709

    33 (Looks/Sounds 24)

    Human/ SPARTAN-IV



    MA5D Assault Rifle
    BR85HB Battle Rifle
    M6H Magnum

    3x Frag Grenades
    Thruster Pack
    Dexterity Support Upgrade
    Mobility Tactical Package

    Darren doesn't talk much. In fact he prefers to be silent, take his orders, and finish his mission as told. The most he ever speaks is when the situation requires communication--via as Team Leader, or promoted to the task of leading. Hawk-A079 is also known for never showing his face as a somewhat poetic symbolism. He prefers to let his actions shape who he is inside to his peers. He has seen many intense battles--both wins and losses-- and has left him hardened, conditione perfectly for an operation such as this. His courage is imressive and has a display of aggressive ambition when a mission stetches the operation thin. His personality proves him a 'No-brainer' decision for the mission.

    Darren's service record dates him back to he Insurrection of Mamore in 2537, being apart of the SPARTAN-III group, Alpha Company, as one of their youngest units at the age of 18. His performance later had him removed from Alpha Company and cryogenically frozen until the year 2545. Darren was later picked up by the UNSC and thrown into the sprawling battle of Reach where hundreds upon thousands of SPARTAN-III's were giving life and limb to hold their ground. He was re-established with Alpha Company after having his previous service record covered up by ONI in order to hide his human identity, and completely wipe him from the system as a normal citizen before conscription. Then, re-armed and fully briefed on the situation, Hawke was deployed in Operation: TORPEDO where the UNSC claim victory with the entirePARTAN-III participant occupation presumed dead- except Hawk-A079, Tom-B292, and Lucy-B091 of SPARTAN-III Beta Company. He would later take part in the Battle of Draco III after cleaning up after a brutal loss of both UNSC ground forces and civilian hostages.

    Constant losses were endured up until 2552, in July commenced the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, and later, it's victory! In which he was glad to be apart of. It was theeatest victory since the battle of Harvest. However, the Covenant were left with the location of Reach and began their invasion. Darren participated in several campaigns to combat the enemy on multiple grounds, the last being the Battle of Aszod. It was there that he and a few other SPARTAN companies defended a shipping yard while the reminants of Noble Team--SPARTAN-B312 and Emile-A239--delivered a high valued package to the Piller of Autum. The firefight lasted rouhgly for hours until the Autum began to take off with the broadcast of a Covenant Cruiser inbound to glass the area. Hawke and a handful of other SPARTAN-III's were lucky enough to comendeer a damaged Pelican and use it to get off-world before the glassing of Reach.

    The war would continue, but without his aid this time. He returned to an ONI base stationed at a classified location, where he was debriefed and returned to cryo-stasis for the duration of the concluding war. Three months after the war's climax, Hawke was thawed out once again and offered a chance to be conscripted into the SPARTAN-IV Program as one of their returning veterans. He was happy to accept.​