Halo: Faith

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  1. This RP idea has been on my mind for the past month. I've played all of my Halo game, from the first to Reach, and it made me think: What about an untold story?

    The story is about another side of Reach that was under siege by the Covenant. Like it was told, Reach was a global final stand to protect Earth's location. In Halo: Reah they told us the story of Noble Team, so I want to tell a story about another group of soldiers. ODST, Spartans, Marines, and whatnot. I want us to fill the shoes of the men and women that took on epic proportions of enemies.

    Plot: One one side of Reach, men and women are fighting to the last man. With all the losses, they are beginning to lose faith in themselves. With a stroke of fate or maybe luck, they are brought together for an important operation. As they get it into progress the team become seperated somehow from the operation; taking them on an adventure that would restore faith.

    Tell me what you think :3
  2. Interesting. Idea: Marine private somehow seems to stay alive after the rest of his squad gets blown away by the Covies. Pretty much the lucky guy.
  3. Nice idea, but I'm looking to make it consist of all of them. You know, someone plays ODST or a Spartan, or etc.
  4. Ok, new idea on hand >_>

    Here it is:

    A team is brought together from among the ranks, by being hand picked by Dr. Halsey herself. Your squads name is Delta Seven, you consist of any Spartan type. You progress through the days of the planet Reach to find all of your team's battles lost, making you lose hope. Then as a hard hitting attempt, your team takes part of an operation called "Faith."

    For this idea I need the following.

    Six Spartans. Male and Female
    An ODST
    A marine(one or two)

    Romance is definately involved in this RP. :) But be careful, you can die. xD
  5. Always been a fan of Halo....Up until reach that is *shudders* but that is just my oppinion....I'm in XD hrm...I'll just play a Spartan character I guess, if that's alright.
  6. Lurking...
  7. Cool that's one yes. And I think a maybe..? Either way, Razor, which idea are you up for? :)
  8. I myself liked the second idea...It seemed to have a more solidity to it...But I might be overruled in the furture haha who knows XD
  9. Let's wait and see. Call on a few friends if you'd like ^^
  10. Sweet. Now for another idea I guess. :T
  11. Ok, as I discussed with you Tenchi i'll play a dispatch for the group. Maybe my character which i'm making a girl will double as a recon expert or something? Hello everyone! I'm new to this type of thing so don't hate me too much lol
  12. That's cool if your character is a girl, Lewi. Besides they have a lot of women that are Spartans. Recon basically is what you do too. Satellite scans, coordinates, etc. You handle all the intel recieved and the objectives we should grab on to.
  13. Ok, and as long as you don't mind helping me with what my info to report is.
  14. I think I'd like to join this ^^;
  15. Welcome aboard, CLockwork. And I'll help you all I can Lewi. ^^
  16. Ok, I'm starting on the Halo: Faith Sign-Up thread now. I hope when I get it up, I'll attract more attention. (That sounded so worng >.<)
  17. Okey Dokey, let me know sumthin. XD