Halo based roleplay?

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  1. Halo, as in the game. You know, Spartans, covenant, space ships, war, the whole shebang!

    I'm not exactly sure what it'll be about. Maybe something from before the first game? Like... The first Spartan team/Covenant encounter?

    Anyway, I was wondering what people think about this idea. Should I do it? Yes? No?
  2. I think so, as for an Idea I think that would be an interesting concept.

    Perhaps the first investigation of the ring?
  4. i think its a good idea cause so far i've understood that this site is about any kind of role playing your interested in and halo is a big interest for alot of people atleast give it a shot and see how it works
  5. Alright, a lot of people seem into this :D What do you guys think of this idea:

    One of the first spartan teams to encounter the Covenant somehow loses communication with Reach (or Harvest or Earth, wherever humans were when spartan technology was invented). They end up crash-landing on one of the rings, so they have to find a way off of the ring as well as trying to communicate again.

    ((Just a rough idea I had))
  6. That would work. I'm curious to how you want people to play, operating as single character or as smaller teams that were seperated?

    And, if you want someone else to play the covenant or if you plan to NPC them.
  7. They'd be NPCs, unless someone wants to play as a Covenant soldier. I think people would only have one character (with the exception of those who want to play as covenant). I was thinking we could have two or three teams of 2-3 spartans, eventually merging into one larger group.
  8. That would work then, I would assume we need to get a tally of who would want to play who then.

    Put me down as a spartan. xD
  9. I'm a spartan too :D

    Spartans: II

    Covenant (optional):
  10. I will also NPC some covenant unit's as well. Unless you'd rather do it all yourself.
  11. Having some help would be nice with that ^^
  12. Sounds like a plan then, let me know once you make the signup thread.
  13. I shall! I'll reserve a spot for those of you who posted in this thread ^^
  14. sweet this will be good :)
  15. Spartan 4: In honor of Halo 4 :)
  16. I should get this up before the end of April ^^; anyone want to help me out with the set-up of the OOC? Not sure about how to do the intro to it ^^;
  17. I'd love to help.
  18. If your planning on making another one, I would like to take part in an orbital drop shock trooper rp.
  19. @Computron- Another what? ^^;

    @Everyone else- o//o good lord, I'm sorry. My intentions were to have it up sooner. I'll definitely try to have this rp up soon!