Halo anyone?

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  1. I was thinking a simple plot following a spartan IV team on either a known halo planet or we can invent the planet and all.
    I just really have been itching to make a Halo RP for a while.
  2. I would be up for this.
  3. Me too! Could we potentially play as the Covenant?
  4. If we get enough people, sure.
    We need to decide on a time frame and location
  5. A team of four sounds about right.
  6. Hmmm. Time frame and location ...
  7. Pre-great schism, post-great schism, prior to the fall of reach, after the discovery of halo,
    Something like that.
  8. Hmmm. I say after the discovery of the Halo's but around the time of...Halo 2?
  9. So maybe, the Spartan IV team stumbles across a Halo Ring, (This will be after the Covenant Treaty) and they land, blah blah. But they get attacked by the covenant. Confused, they fight back, etc. They later find out it is a group of Heretics trying to activate the Ring. There can be more to the plot but w/e
  10. That means it would be post-schism...
  11. Yeah. I changed my mind after what I previously said.
  12. Okay...I meant spartan III, not IV, sorry. The IVs are the new Spartans, sorry.
  13. Yeah. Spartan III's are better than IV's, obviously.
  14. Hmm...so on a halo ring, spartan IIIs encounter covenant resistance post-great schism.
  15. So, Do we want a Squad of 4 or more?
  16. Four Spartans might be okay.
    More than that, and they would
    Have to be covenant elites/brutes
  17. So is the idea I came up with the one we are going for?
  18. Or instead of Elites/Brutes the rest of the squad could be UNSC Marines and ODST?
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