Halo 4

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  1. Yeah anyway. So Halo 4 pops up. A few of you might've heard about XBL giving out those avatar things for watching the election. Well, the funny thing is that the reason for that was because people were scared Halo 4 would over-shadow the election. Halo 4 was made by a different developer this time, so people were anxious to see what they could come up with. Well, we got the first promo and were treated to the Mantis!...A mech suit that looked severely OP (this is my personal opinion) and had a very special ability! It can....teabag. Just... just think of this. The promo they made to show this off, and the main feature is...the ability to teabag. Dafuq?

    So then the commercials play, and well...It doesn't really strike me. The baddies look like suits of armor with skulls.

    That's just my opinion, of course. How do the rest of you feel? Excited? Is Halo 4 a must-by?
  2. I have not played the multiplayer nor have I actually played the game myself however I am literally glued to the screen and my boyfriend when he's playing it. I seriously have so much trouble not being sucked in and yes I'm a little anxious to try it out myself when he's done.

    GRAPHICS! OH MY GOD! GRAPHICS! Lighting and textures are amazing. The cut scenes, especially the very first one will make you wonder if it's really an actor playing the part but it's actually CG. So amazing. There are sun shafts and fog to make it harder to shoot and the environment looks absolutely stunning. vkla;ghiaonjkvrae I could go on and on about how it looks. My boyfriend spent 2k on his computer a while back and it STILL cannot compare to what the Xbox360 can dish out on this game.

    I am so very glad they delved more into the emotional aspect of the game. I felt like the previous games were very dry which didn't hinder my liking of the game but I definitely wanted more it be more personable. If you've read some of the Halo novels they definitely go in depth about Master Chief's background and how his mindset developed to shoulder his burden. Cortana's and Master Chief's relationship is just... Wow. Never saw it like this and I love it.

    The bad critique I have so far? I am not sure if I am completely captivated/sold by the enemy in this trilogy. Perhaps it's because I haven't read all the books but still, I shouldn't need that info to get worked up by this new baddie. I admit I haven't seen that much of the campaign yet so that might be why.

    Strictly speaking about the story of Halo, I think it's worth buying.
  3. Bought it with a couple friends the other day. I've been a Halo fan since the first game, so I'm happy to report that it's a hell of a lot of fun. 343 have stuck to the formula established by Bungie, but have mixed it up a bit and added their own flair to keep things fresh and interesting.

    The result is a fast, frantic shooter that plays like you would hope a Halo game plays.

    The campaign is decent enough, but I've been focusing most of my attention on the multiplayer. Which is great fun, to say the least; I've never been a Call of Duty online guy, but hit me up with some Slayer and I am fucking there. The multiplayer elements have been quite cleverly working into the main game's setting and story, a touch that I really appreciate; it's cool to feel like what's going on in multiplayer is linked to the story as a whole.

    So yeah, I'd recommend it. Definitely worth a buy.