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  1. I would like to start this topic off with a video that made me wish I lived near a Universal Studios. For Horror Night, they are going to be making a Silent Hill themed area. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU...this is the kind of thing that makes me almost angry because I know I'm going to miss it. If you are going to go, please tell me what it was like!


    Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the Halloween season is the events--- mazes, parties, haunted houses (<3), seances, ghost hunting (yes, I sometimes do ghost hunting and seances on Halloween for the sole purpose of scaring myself), costume contests, and candy!

    You guys are too old to be trick or treating! >:( Joking. I know some of my fellow college students still trick or treat. I don't really approve, but, hey, I'm just jaded because I don't do it myself.

    However, I invest a lot into my Halloween costume. I draw my Halloween costume, colors, hairstyle, clothing, makeup and all, then I do everything in my power to make sure I look like that on Halloween.

    This year I am investing in a nurse costume (read: Silent Hill) but with a bit more leeway as far as accessories, and hairstyle is concerned. I plan on having contacts and spending a lot of time on my makeup to ensure that I do look gory realistically.

    What about you? Are you planning for Halloween early? Is it your favorite holiday too? What is your favorite part about it? What is your favorite kind of costume? What are your plans? Tell me all. I want to know.

    I am hoping to do my first annual Halloween Costume Party this year. 8D We didn't get to do it last year cause I had to save for my wedding party.

    I am going to be an adorable witch this year, I think!
  3. I love Halloween and now have permission to put up the decorations, but I think I shall wait til the last week in September to do so. I need to restock on crime scene tape, anyway. we generally do up the front of the apartment as a crime scene.

    This year, my costume is going to be a djinn, and yes, I have a bottle. Iskari is totally going to be the guy who wished to get ahead in the rat race... and thus will be being eaten alive by rats because djinn are just fun like that.
  4. God, it was still yesterday when my brother told me we're decorating at the end of September.
    My family gets into Halloween its not even funny. But it's also my favorite holiday.

    My plans?..What I couldn't do last year..Sit on my lawn and scare..I mean give kids candy.
    And I'm already a walking costume..Seriously though..I'm not sure what I'll be..

    I'm super excited to be dressing as Chell from Portal this year! Simple but fun costume that allows me to show off the SWEET portal gun I got XD

    I've only just started dressing up again since I came to New Orleans. The friends I've made here are as into it as I am, so it's always really fun and the parties are great! Last year's steampunk costume was a hit and the leather corset has gotten a lot of use since >.>

    There's also VooDoo Fest to go to, The House of Shock haunted house, and any of the city's ghost or voodoo tours. It's so much fun!
  6. i love halloween
    you all would probably think i would be something like sexy kitten

    NOPE i go all out on the gore ((well the one year i was elvira but fuck it she is a sexy bitch))

    this year all the people i live with ((bf, gay friend, and my bfs best guy friend (yes i live in a house of men XD))) are going as a group its not gore but it will be kick ass pokemon
    my bf is ash
    his friend his brock
    gay boy will be pikachu
    and me as misty

    oh fuck yeah first generation
  7. I love halloween, it's the best part of the year :D

    Sadly I'm way to old to be trick or treating :/ Or as we say in Sweden "Bus eller godis". It means exactly the same but Swedish is funnier x3

    I will spend my Halloween with horror movies, horror games, horror candy (YES I HAVE A BOOK THAT SHOWS HOW TO MAKE HORROR CANDY) and.... well.. I think that was all... Yeah and my friends will probably come over. We have a little tradition of always be together during Halloween :D
  8. screw you candy from strangers is the best part XD and yes swedish is funny but their fish are fucking nasty as shit and if i get any of them for halloween i will throw them at the people and scream like a mad woman because i will be misty and she wont want to eat fish she loves fish
  9. What's nasty with our fish? Except surströmming (Fermented herring) we have delicious fish
  10. for one any kind of red candy should be cherry not the ass flavor that the nasty ass fish taste like
    two who the fuck wants to eat fish as a candy i love sour patch kids because i really do want to eat children.
    and three who the fuck eats anything fermented i puked alittle just hearing that word
    and four how do you do that little o with the eyes i want to do that it looks like he is singing 'O'
  11. 0.o

    Nightingale doesn't like swedish fish candy apparently.

    I LOVE Halloween.

    During Highschool in my senior year, I dressed up as Death

    I'm thinking I might do that again this year, maybe.
  12. wait what death??? like grim reaper or a death eater or what?

    and no i do not im actually picky with my candy
  13. I am not a fan of candy...I know, I know. October is more of a 'real food' kind of guy, sweets are not my thing. HOWEVER, I love me some Halloween. That time of year in general, the colder weather, the smell of fires in the air, the leaves changing color.

    Also like the costumes and all the chicks that dress in skimpy outfits. Hot.
  14. I have never heard of fish candy... are you sure that's something Swedish? Never seen anything like that in the stores

    åäö is in the Swedish alphabet after abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz they are on our keyboard.
  15. I started out from using the grim reaper as an influence, the purple on my eyes were going to be eye sockets.

    Then I started to trace out what I was going to do with the rest and figured- Death has been personified so many times that it can be a limitless definition, so I stopped there. I did scare a lot of people by hiding in dark corners and staring out at them in the classroom a heck of a lot.

    Also, Redblood, if you're going to get mad at a candy you think a country's responsible, at least give show it so it's known what you're taking about.

    Redblood, this is what she means, these things.

  16. I don't like a lot of candies, but I actually like Swedish fish. ALSO, this is not about Swedish fish! Halloweeeeeeen, guys.
    I like Halloween, for the parties and such. I also take my siblings out trick-or-treating but I don't know if they're going to want to this year. e__e
    I can't really decorate, but my mother decorates the house some.
  17. Reminds me I owe pictures from Haloweens past.

    My family does a haunted yard every year. I swear we prep for it more then Thanksgiving and ID4 combined and only Christmas out does the feasting.
  18. Luuuurrrrrve Halloween, absolutely love it. It's my favorite holiday EVER. I just wish I could find a party or something to go to so I can dress up. I'd find it odd if I got all dolled up and walked around the house on Halloween. =/ My parents would be giving me funny looks.

    Alas I do not have the funds to decorate for Halloween and my family isn't into it as much as I am. They're even frugal when it comes to the candies. >.< As far as costumes go, I'm not sure what I have in mind at the moment. I've been a ton of cutesy things (last year I was a fairy) so this year I would like to try something different.
  19. oh hun do what i do and just go to the store in costume...i dont know how many times i have gone to kids stores ((like toys r us)) in a very elaborate fairy costume...it makes me happy to look at some of the kids who are like "mommy a real fairy" ((because i have wings that actually move)) and your parents suuuuuck are they the people that give granola to kids if so ban them from ever being allowed near the door during halloween my house always gives out kings sizes ^_^

    kitti you would love fish your a cat XD

    and how cool i would have liked to have seen you as death...even if i have been known to punch if someone jumps out at me.

    october i agree girls in skimpy outfits should be cheered for....unless they are under age im so sick of seeing like 12 year olds with their asses out saying that they are a sexy garbage can or some shit...oh wait i would like to see sexy shit i wonder how they would do that.

    oh and just to make my halloween even more awesome

    we have more people joining our pokemon theme we now have everyone from mistys sisters to red from the video game...we have about twenty people now XD