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Really everything
What had he been thinking when he'd agreed to go along with people that he didn't even really know outside of class? Oh, right, he hadn't been thinking, he'd been drunk.

Ivan tiredly rubbed his face and slumped down further in the seat of the van they had loaded up into two and a half hours earlier. He had long since put in his earbuds and turned up the volume as loud as he could stand it, which just so happened to be all the way up.

They were going up to one of his classmates uncles hunting cabin for the week, and if that didn't scream 'typical horror movie' material, then he didn't know what did.

The redhead huffed softly and changed the song on his phone before turning his golden brown gaze out the window. He didn't know what made watching the scenery while in a car so much more entertaining than anything else, but he'd go with it. Anything to keep his attention off the couple that looked like they were trying their hardest to fuck each other in the seat behind him.

He was going to request the room furthest from them when they got to the cabin. If they were going to get murdered, he wanted to be as far away from them as possible. It was rather hard to get blood out of clothes.

The redhead twirled a loose lock of red hair around his index finger. He'd recently gotten it cut and it now hung around his shoulders instead of mid back. It was still long enough for him to keep it in a ponytail, but much of the weight was gone. The downside was that now that it was shorter, it was also curled more. It curled and stuck out at odd angles.

He sighed and pulled the earbuds out of his ears and tapped the driver on the shoulder. What was his name again? Drake? Yeah, Drake. "I need to piss." He said, his voice accented sharply with an unfamiliar accent.

"Can't it wait?" Drake groaned, glancing up into the rear view mirror at Ivan. The redhead shook his head. "I need to piss, and those two," He jerked his thumb back at the couple behind him, "need some alone time."

Drake seemed to consider it briefly before pulling off the road. "Twenty minutes and we're leaving." Ivan nodded and hopped out of the van and trotted into the woods to take care of business. He took his time walking back to the van. Mostly to stretch his legs. The other half to give the couple time to fuck each other senseless.

He checked his watch as he leaned agaisnt a tree a little ways off from the van. Ten minutes left. Great.

He checked his watch again and scowled, five more minutes.

To think, he was anxious to get back on the road again. He nearly laughed. He supposed that it was just him being paranoid. They were pulled off on the edge of a backroad. Just a small group of college kids. Alone. In the middle of fucking nowhere.

"Time to go." Ivan's head snapped up b at the sound of Drake's voice carrying over to him from his position leaning agaisnt the tree. Fucking finally.

He eagerly climbed back into his seat next to the window and pushed his earbuds back in. It was silly really how the car made him feel safer, but hey, he was a paranoid college kid after all. Came with the package.

The rest of the ride passed smoothly. Except for the whole 'pothole every five feet.' Seriously, did they never pave these roads?

By the time that they did make it to the cabin, Ivan was willing to climb into whatever bed he was presented with. He wasn't going to be picky.

Sliding open the door, Ivan hopped out of the van and stretched. Shoving his nearly dead phone in his pocket, he went to retrieve his suitcase from Karl, who looked to be digging around in one of its side pockets.

"If you're looking for drugs," Ivan spoke up, snatching the suitcase from the jock, "better try your own bag, or your girlfriend's." The tall, brunet man raise his hands in a gesture of peace.

"To be honest, I was hoping for condoms." Ivan rolled his eyes. Always thinking with his dick, that one.

"Should have thought about that before we left the gas station, looks like no sex for you." He replied smugly, turning and walking through the cabin door.

Like the air outside, the inside was likewise freezing. The redhead pulled his jacket closer to himself and ventured further into the house.

The place was less like a cabin and more like a mansion in size. It was huge, for which Ivan was grateful. He didn't want to sleep in any of the rooms closest to the 'loving couples'.

He finally decided on a room that, in his opinion, had the best view of the forest. He tossed his suitcase on the bed before unzipping it and pulling out his warmest set of clothes before heading into the bathroom to fill up the tub with hot water. Thank god Drake had at least managed that.

He plugged his charger into the wall before plugging in his phone and setting his music to shuffle before sinking into the hot water.

He sat in the tub until the water became cold around him. And with a sigh, he stood and wrapped a towel around his skinny body before stepping out.

The air in the bathroom seemed colder than when he had gotten in. He chalked it up to the water on his skin chilling in the air and quickly dressed himself.

He was pulling on a white hoodie when he noticed it. In the fogged up mirror (which made no sense, the air was too cold) was a figure. Or what he assumed was a figure.

"No, nope. Not going to be the victim of a fucking jumpscare." He grumbled, grabbing his phone and hightailing it out of the bathroom.

He tugged his shoes on on his way out of his room, tossing a "I'm going for a short walk." Over his shoulder as he left. He wasn't going far. As long as he stuck to the house, he would be fine.
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