Halloween Town

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  1. Since the beginning of time, monsters and humans have lived together, sharing this world. But it was not peaceful, but frightening for the humans as they are fragile creatures. Monsters roamed the earth, their evil nature nature and wicked ways destroyed the earth and made it almost uninhabitable. So the angel Sammael intervened. He cast out the monsters into a different realm. Being the mischief angel he was, Sammael left a doorway for monsters to enter back into the universe of men but enforced rules.

    1. A monster can only remain in the human realm for a month at a time and must remain in a human form.
    2. A monster can not reveal his true form in front of a human without the intention of killing.
    3. A monster can only reveal him/herself on Halloween.
    4. A monster can not kill a human. (This rule was added around the 12th century because Sammael noticed monsters killed off too many humans, this rule negates the second half of rule 2)

    It is now present day in Halloween Town

    (It is not Halloween day, I just want everyone to see the clip and enjoy)

    "Oh dear brother. You are such a delight." The faceless man's voices could heard. His telepathic voice the sound of slithering snakes, a thousand squirming maggots, and dead leaves rustling blown in the wind. "Tell us more dear brother. Your tales are glorious and enticing. Oh how I miss the days of old. Where we were free."

    "Brother, do not be sad of the days long gone, but rejoice in the memory." Slender's voice rung into the ears of all. Unlike his brother, Jack's voice, his was lively and melodic. Enticing and mysterious. Everyone listened when slender spoke. And for good reason. Though he could not reveal himself to humans, they say they see the tall, faceless figure. Takes of his legendary suit and his multiple appendages flooded the internet. This made him popular among the denizens of Halloween Town.

    "Brother, if you do not mind," the deathly voice of Jack in the air as he disappeared from his spot. Reappearing in the head of the town square statue. "Listen around my fellow monstrosities. The glorious days we used to live were joyous. But there is one memory that sticks out." He began aloud, motioning for everyone to father around. "It was the year 1487. I was bored, and hanging from a tree. Alas, I saw a child filled with glee. It was late at night. And the thought was so joyous to give her a fright. My sweet voice rang into her ear. 'What can I do for you my dear?' She jumped up into the air. 'I apologize for giving you such a scare. Do not fret for I will grant your wish and deepest desire. Whatever's in your heart, the greatest fire.' {I'm done rhyming, it was only to test my skill as a writer, tell me what you think about it} Her eyes lit up like the night sky, burning so bright. And so she asked for her greatest wish. 'I wish to grow old ans become a woman.' She said. And so I beckoned her into the forest. 'Come my child, to my home, and I will grant you your wish.' And she followed. Further and further we went, til we stumbled upon a cave. 'Go inside, my child, and you should see a mirror. Look, and your wish will be granted.' And she did as she was told. Once she peered into that perfect glass, she saw her body mold into a beautiful woman. After a minute of marveling her beauty, she saw me and my true form. She turned around quick, screaming out to God. 'God wont save you.' I said, a grin appearing upon my face. As I tore into her body, blood splattered everywhere. Then I cut her face off, and to this day, I keep it as a trophy." He finished, raising the decayed piece of flesh, laughing with his brother, a grin on his face.

    "Oh brother, what a tantalizing tale." Slender said aloud. "What about you Vord? A story you wish to tell of times already past?" Both slender and Jack looked at the fixer with a grin.

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  2. The Halloween villagers turned, their bulbous bodies swivelling to regard one among them - tall, spindle-limbed and hooded.

    Vord laced his fingers together. His chuckle was warm and delighted and his eyes glow white. For a moment he lifted his hands, a conductor calling pause, then from his nails came spider-silk, sprouting like worm-guts. He made a happy noise. On the end of the silk were dolls and corpses, spiders stitched together and moth-eaten teddy bears. And from his pockets, like snakes, came strips of thread - all the beautiful faded colours of twilight.

    He danced his fingers, and against the backdrop of his cloak began a play of shadow puppets. The spider-bodies formed the silhouette of a kitten, prancing through the forest, lost amid the trees. Others passed it - huntsman, flower-pickers, noble men and women - their shadows rushing left and right. The kitten ran to them, meowing, trying for their attention, but no one saw it. It was left alone. Then the trees parted, leaning back like tortured bodies to open a space. The kitten sauntered deeper and deeper into the woods. It was following another kitten - made of spindly spider-webs - a shadow cat of swirling ink that danced and leapt. It led the kitten on and on, the trees becoming thicker, twisting, like bones. Then a clearing. The shadow cat turned to the kitten. They were together at last. They both came onto hind legs, walking like people, and danced, waltzing round and round as the trees swayed. And then from happy sound came the kitten's yowls. Its legs were falling apart, flesh and muscle unfurling, then its tail, then its abdomen, intestines spilling out, unwinding. It screamed as the shadow cat twirled, its organs falling out and being plucked up by the trees. They skewered its entrails, speared its organs. As the kitten was spun apart the trees took what they could and wore the gore like fruit. And the shadow cat, in the clearing, danced on and on till all it held was the frail skeleton of the kitten. Then the bones gave way and there was only its skull, held in the paws of the shadow cat. It tossed it up, into the branches of the largest tree, which then bore a thousand fruits, a thousand fat and ripened apples, all with the faces of screaming kittens.

    Vord clapped his hands together, and the silk and dolls shattered to dust. There was a gasp from the audience grotesques, then cackles and applause. Vord screwed his glowing eyes up and chuckled again.

  3. V watched as the tales of old days were spun amongst the creatures and monstrosities of Halloween Town, gurgles and growls of approval and fiendish delight filling the air as Jack lifted his trophy, a rotting face of the little girl in his story. The creature crawled higher up the dead and gnarled tree that served as his perch, his long body wound around its trunk. She looked as though she might have been tasty, when she was alive and ripe. But now, her smell of rot and decay made his nose crinkle. Such a shame that Jack only took the faces of those he killed. His mouth watered as he thought of how her heart must have tasted. Or her liver. A shudder ran through him, scales clinking together in musical delight, drowned out by the noise of the crowd as they turned to watch Vord's puppet show. V's permanently grinning head twisted to watch as well. A quaint little puppet show, spun with threads and light. Starting slow, V's attention was caught as the kitten began to unravel, a soft hissing approval in his throat.

    He didn't applaud with the other monsters, instead crawling down from his perch, a longing for that one day they were allowed to leave. It was all well and good, reliving their glory days when they ruled the night and did as they please. But he longed to sink his teeth into the flesh of humans again. Their numbers had grown since they had been forbidden from interacting with humans for longer than a month at a time. And they had gotten so plump and fat and juicy~ Surly Sammael would allow them to resume their work, dwindle their numbers slightly? "Ah, such a pleasant story Vord." He complimented. "It reminds me of one of my own. Of a small child chasing after his dear, loose pet." He reared up, standing tall as his body coiled, his grin of sharp teeth snapping in glee at the memory. "Deep into the woods they ran, further into the shadows. He seemed fearless as he ventured forward. He never did catch up with that mongrel. Well, its rather difficult to run when your feet have been sheared from your body!" There was a cackle amongst the crowd as the imagery set in, V's scales giving a soft tinkle as he gurgled in joined laughter.
  4. Skaar still looked around, as he walks the lonely night, simply walking towards the other monsters. "Well, how interesting" he replied as he stretches, Hearing the other monsters out and being slightly amused. "Well, a part of my history wouldn't hurt, would it?", he added, as he takes a cup of coffee.

    "Around the Dark ages, I was a banker, then a blacksmith. Really, I inserted myself into others pretty quickly. Once per two months? Once a full year, it always depends on My victims. Like at that night, at 1791 I pretended to be a revolutionist during la terreur Hehehehe, causing the death of a king. But then then, I visited a man, And Boom, I Burned him from the insides of his feeble mind, Slid inside him and ate his insides. Eating the still beating heart of a man, if pretty juicy, you know. And then I lived as the man for a few months, it was fun, but I got bored again."

    Skaar looks at his old medieval like costume. "And being what you never was has been always fin for me", he added, scratching his head.
  5. What a delight it was to watch and listen to such cruel tales! Tales of the older golden days when there was no fear to show one truest self. At last the last presentation before hers was over, and there she clapped loud and sound for Skaar. It was truly amazing to view and hear such things, the stories of those who lived corrupted in this tiny world. Now , it was her turn and she was going to make the best of it. Even though her life as a monster has been short, the wicked crimes she had committed outnumbered her years.

    Eyes were on her as she stepped in the center circle of monsters and a devilish grin began to appear on her face.
    "Nice job boys, you have intrigued me with such evil stories". Her eyes darted around excitedly from performer to performer. "This event just only happened a few years back at a hotel. I found a man sleeping with another woman that wasn't his wife. Poor thing didn't know what was coming until he saw my face later that night. Luckily the woman left before I could get to her. But finally I did, but that is another story of course." she chuckled just from remembering that glorious day. It was her cue to begin her story.

    I see, I feel, a beautiful face,
    Whose heart belongs in no other place but Hell!
    There he slept safe and sound
    Until I gashed at his face and ripped it out!

    The screams and shrieks were bittersweet
    I taught him a lesson of how not to cheat!
    His bones and blood stained his sheets
    There was my dinner, it was time to eat!

    And she stopped. The echo of her voice could still be heard after she had finished. It was taunting and low, almost melodic but also with a hint of danger. That was Skruna, a living danger to those won't didn't deserve their beauty. At last, she turned around showing five skulls sew on her naked back. She pointed at the third one and laughed out loud.
    "This was the man, you should have seen his face before I ripped it apart"
  6. Xervos clapped happily what wonderful tales of horror he was so moved he decided to take the stage next,"Marvelous stories one and all, how I miss the good old days when we were able to roam free. Those were certainly happy days for all of us I'm sure, I can still recall one such occassion it was around the mid 1800's I can't place the exact year but I know it was winter at the time." He started pacing "My victim was an older man he lived out in the woods with his wife and three kids, they were a happy family....well until I showed up. I started with a few hallucinations here and there, dead friends peeking from behind the trees and bushes. Then I moved on to nightmares made it seem like his own mother was haunting his dreams, telling him that she hated him and how disappointed she was with the life he chose. This continued on for about a week maybe two, after that I started making him hear things they would get closer and closer with each passing day."

    Xervos stopped pacing and turned to the others, "I continued on for a few more days, after that his mind was so far gone that I couldn't possibly make things worse other than killing his family....so I did. I made him start with his wife, I had him take an old pickaxe to her gut and watch as she bled out. Next were the children I had him take them one at a time and drown them in the river before stringing them up. After that I simply left him to watch as his entire life came crashing down around him. Last I heard of he hung himself out in the woods somewhere. He could barelt contain the laughter building up inside of him.
  7. "Oh what marvelous tales." Jack's strange voice sounded through everyone's brain. He disappeared again only to pop up next to Vord. Dear brother, why is that you never speak? Even I and my brother, whom have no face, are capable of speech. Even if it is in your brain." Of course, Vord was always quiet, and no matter what, talkative jack tried to pry Vord into speaking. "Jack, why do you pester Vord? He only mends the broken. It's a sin, like killing a mockingbird, to ask such a thing from someone who does no harm. Well, to those deserving."

    Once all the excitement died down, the mayor's voice sounded through the town. "All members of halloween town, the time is upon us. It is so close to halloween, and yet again, we find ourselves unprepaired. We have so many decorations to put up. Oh my. We need more things to creep up the place. Like Severed heads of dead people, lots and lots of blood, maybe even a witches couldron. Something, anything. All you monsters do is hang around the town square and tell the same old stories. Get to work!"

    With that, Jack turned into his human form. "It feels so wierd to have legs, and a mouth. It just doesn't sound or feel right." He let out a sigh. Come one brother, let's go to the human world and find some supplies. The humans are creative and come up with fake stuff. Would anyone care to join?" He asked as his brother changed into his twin. Even though they look nothing alike as monsters, they somehow managed to be twins in human form. Which they both disliked, but it was the rules to enter the human realm.
  8. Xervos changed into his human form as well, he didn't really like his form either; it always made him feel constricted almost like he could barely move. "I would love to go with you guys I can barely stand being couped up here as it is. Besides I've been feeling a little mischevious lately at the very least I want to make someone piss their pants; but enough of my constant rambling let's go already." Not only would this give him a chance at having some fun but he could also sit back and watch Slender and Jack huff as every human in sight comes up asking if they were twins like a bunch of idiots. "Oh I also wanted to try this one thing that I saw the humans giving out last year, it's some kind of treat I guess but it looks pretty tempting I wanna see if I can't find one to sample while I'm out."