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  1. Everyone should know the Nightmare Before Christmas. For most, its a childhood memory. To others, its an addiction. For the most part, we can all say that we love and know of the time Jack tried making Christmas.

    Well, that's the Disney tale. Full of fake, non-scary monsters. It was a great clay-mation. But, it wasn't the deranged Tim Burton's vision. The true horror is yet to come.

    Everyone inhabiting Halloween Town is a monster. A true monster. Grotesque creatures full of deranged thoughts, a bloody nature, and a ferocious attitude. But of coarse, they like to enjoy the company of humans. So from time to time, they enter the human realm in disguises as they are shunned by modern society. But Halloween is the one day the can come out and play in their true forms.

    Introduction :

    I am D'evil, your hostess for this RP. It is not your run of the mill one either, its going to have true terror. You play as the monster and you do as you wish within reason. I want this to be fun and horrifyingly awesome.

    Rules and General Guidelines :

    *No godmodding, for obvious reasons. Self explanatory.
    *Be polite and keep fighting to pm's or take it up with am administrator.
    *My say goes. No ifs ands or buts. If you feel its unjustified, than I will think about it.
    *Have fun. :)

    Character Sheets :

    Name :
    Name of monster : (must be original)
    Age : (can vary but definitely over a hundred as these are monsters that haunt all for eternity, well you get the drift)
    Gender :
    Appearance : (pictures please, more grotesque and scary the better)
    Human appearance : (pictures please, I like visuals)
    History/Myth : (self explanatory)
    Personality : (what does your monster feel towards monsters and humans)
    Past time hobbies : (back in the golden days, what was your favorite thing to do)


    Have a question, pm me please.

    Accepted Characters :

    Danny Orthius
    Secluded Inkling
    Tensa Hiruma
  2. Reserved for Character sheet (No one take water based! It's mine! D:<)
  3. Lol. It's not a thread about Water based. Just make your monstrosity And Scare the hell outta us.
  4. that's what I mean, My monster is going to be based on water, that means it's either going to be a Drowned ghost, or a water monster. that's what I meant by water based.
  5. ~ Reserves~ Working on it NAO >;3


    Name : Ireas

    Name of monster : Skruna

    Age : 54

    Sex: Female

    Appearance :

    Human appearance : christopherhills1.jpg

    History/Myth : Beauty is Skruna's desired whether it is from humans, animals, or plants. She search for people who don't deserve beauty, people who are ugly on the inside and have no salvation. Those kind of people are Skruna's prey. At first she toy with them, messing with their heads by haunting them while they sleep. And even if they wake up in the middle of the night, Skruna is there, a reminder to let them know that they are not alone. The first thing she takes away is the one thing that makes them the most beautiful. Sometimes it is their eyes, sometimes their hair, but mostly...it is everything. In the end, they die a sweet slow painful death and Skruna gets to keep their skulls. The most beautiful yet the most cruel in the inside are the personal skulls she sews on her back.

    Personality : Envy towards beauty, envy towards life and the living, and distaste of human emotions. Love towards pain, suffering, and wickedness. Most of all, the joy of cutting of heads for collection and personal trophies.

    Past time hobbies : Acting, painting surrealism portraits, reading books, walking and exploring natural places such as forests, volcanoes, etc. , she was a bit of a loner and the things she did were mostly by herself.


    Oh, come little one
    Oh, come here to me
    Your beauty I shall have
    With my hands I will tear

    In the night were it's dark
    My presence you will feel
    In the shadows were I lurk
    Feeding from your fear

    Here I come at last
    Smiling from ear to ear
    You who's beauty has call to me
    Will perish while shedding tears

    Oh, come little one
    Oh, come here to me
    Let Skruna take
    A token from thee
  6. I would like everyone to add gender in their char sheet. Also, you have abilities which go with you being a monster. I would also like everyone to TRY and make a lullaby based off of monster. You don't have to. But it'll add to the lore. I'm hoping to have my sheets up later.
  7. Name: Vord

    Name of monster: Starwort

    Age : 263

    Appearance : [​IMG]

    Human appearance : [​IMG]

    History/Myth : A bedtime story is told, of the Starwort in the moonlit streets. They say he is a gentle thing, to those of good heart. A fence mended here, a wall painted there. With a gift of dead spiders, laid in a bowl on the doorstep, a maid might receive a gift from the Starwort, a silk coat in the morning washing basket. A child who says they're sorry for breaking Mother's vase might find it mended in the morning with a cotton doll beside it. He is a weaver and a stitcher - a friendly spirit who brings all things together. But for the ungrateful is a darker twist in this tale. They say you should never take a loved for granted - never say out loud that you resent someone. For if the Starwort hears this, he will come in the night with his stitching kit. And you will wake in the morning, bound forever to the one you foresook. In the cries of children stitched together, in pets attached to owners, and nurses fused with ailing crones, the wrath of the Starwort is known.

    Personality : Vord loves humans of good heart - the little children playing, the young lovers, the delightful old folks who smell of cinammon. He likes to play with them and eat their spiders. But when the bubble bursts he rails, like a clumsy, grieving child, and pushes people back together the only way he knows how. He stitches manically, desperately, till all is good again.

    Past time hobbies : Vord's favourite thing to do, apart from eating spiders, is making fine clothes for all the good men and women. He used to make hundreds of silk cloaks of all sizes and colours, and even curtains which he hung between the streets.

    Lullaby :
    Sleep my child and peace attend thee
    All through the night
    Starwort Man is weaving gently
    All through the night
    Soft the silks and tree-root creeping
    By his hand in union keeping
    He through curtains playful peeping
    All through the night

    While the moonlight falls from heaven
    All through the night
    We must keep our tempers even
    All through the night
    Lest the stitching spirit waking
    Binds you to your heart's foresaking
    Thence a monster of your making
    Screams in the night

    Child, to thee his thoughts are loving
    All through the night
    Starwort Man denies you nothing,
    All through the night.
    If in hate our lives may sever
    Parting will not last forever,
    He will stitch us back together,
    All through the night.
  8. Lullaby? Whut?

    You want a song that people sing about me?
  9. Name : Jack
    Name of monster : Dahl-lin Kwue
    Sex : Male
    Age : 764 years
    Appearance : Lurker.jpg
    Human appearance : jack_skellington_by_deepdarkhana-d3dswsa.jpg (yes, I know his human form is a Jack skellington human, but it has Jack in it and its perfect)
    History/Myth : The Dahl-lin Kwue would wait in the forest, close to a farm, and lure in kids with sounds of soft voices promising that they'd never work again. Once they entered, he snatched them up and take em to his home deep in the woods. There, he'd cut off their faces and use them over his own, or lack there of. When he's done killing his victim, a persons wheat will be chopped down and ready to bake. Sometimes, if there are more children in the household, he'd haunt them during the night. Appearing and disappearing in and out the walls, giving them visions of blood and the childrens parents being hung by his claws. Once he feels they have gone through enough, he'll kill the child and tear off its face, leaving the body on their bed. He is never seen having legs. Instead, he just travel through a medium and reappears where he pleases.
    Personality : sadistic, masochistic, has a wicked sense of humor, and loves tales of terror. The more thrilling and bloody something is, the more he smiles (lines appear to show a smile, even if he has no face)
    Past time hobbies : long walks at night, star gazing, reading, and petting kittens. Who am I kidding, he loves death, blood, little kids faces, stabbing, and chopping down crops.
    Lullaby :

    During the night out comes a thief who brings death,

    Who kills us all and in a breath,

    He spares no child, should they be stirred,

    And takes off your face without a word,

    He's killed a thousand before the plague,

    No one knows his face, for he is vague,

    And should you meet him, you should be wary,

    For he is on the prowl, death ; his adversary,

    Children who hear his plea, do not beckon but flee,

    For in the dark of night, he gives you such a fright.

    Ode to Dahl-lin Kwue
  10. [MENTION=10]Asmodeus[/MENTION], you don't have to if you don't want to. Also, I'm loving your character. :) can't wait to see everyone else's.
  11. It's alright. I rustled one up.
  12. Name : V
    Name of monster : Formally called Syntherian, but lovingly dubbed "Body Jumper"

    Age : 210

    Appearance : (Picture forthcoming. Drawing my own.)

    Human appearance : [​IMG]

    History/Myth : The Syntherian is a monster known for luring people from their homes with shows of dazzling lights and strange, melodic sounds. Hypnotized by the show, weak willed humans are taken and become the host body of the Syntherian, living inside their body to use as they will. A Syntherian will live in the host, integrating itself into their former life. The first to go missing are neighbourhood pets, found days later a pile of fur and bones, stripped clean of their flesh. Then a child, one that wandered too far from home. The cries of parents as they find their beautiful baby's skeletal remains, bones cracked and sucked dry, clothing torn, ripped and bloody. The killings continue, flesh eaten, until the Syntherian has successfully scared the community into hiding its children. It will leave its host, the body found with its chest ripped open, the heart missing.

    Personality : V has little love for humans. Why would he? They're an easy and abundant source of food. Why would he feel anything towards them? Except for perhaps their ability to amuse him, for a time. There is an arrogance that hangs like permanent mist around him, thinking very highly of himself. His thoughts on other monsters vary, though he generally approaches from as though he is their better.

    Past time hobbies : Carving, using any object as a base, whether it be wood, bone or flesh. He leaves these on the doorsteps of houses, delighting in the reaction of unsuspecting humans.
  13. [MENTION=1926]Lyth[/MENTION], I love it. Later today, I'll post a list of accepted characters, which are the only two up. I hope others join.
  14. Is it alright if I don't have a poem to go with my character? It was kind of hard to come up with something that rhymed with drowned, water, death, darkness, and void which were the words I were going to use in the poem/lullaby.
  15. It's not mandatory. I stated that. No one has to have one if they don't want to.
  16. Thanks, and yeah, I just saw that you did state it but only until after i posted my post. Thanks again D'evil.
  17. My lullaby is up if you want to read it. Its more an ode than a lullaby.
  18. reserved for char sheet
  19. Now that we have three accepted characters, I will start an ic up soon. Everyone else can join in after your sheet is done.

  20. Will edit over time. ^^

    Name : Nyx
    Name of monster : Aranatrid
    Age : 647
    Gender : Female
    Appearance (open)


    Human Appearance (open)


    History/Myth : You've heard the stories of eatting spiders in your sleep right? This is only part of the truth. In some case, these "spiders" are a physical form of a cluster of demonic souls seeking for revenge. When the time comes, the "spiders" that people had eaten all those years growing up, tear the human apart and use the body as a vessel for their own purposes. The venom of the souls causes the human skin to lightly peel away and shed all hair on the body. The insides of the human quickly melt like acid and drain from the body. After the body drains the body then twists. As time goes by, the arachnid race have to find newer "host" bodies as they become no good and too broken down to function with their own physical bodies.
    Personality : Typically she is sneaky, aggressive when threatened, and a bit antisocial. Towards humans, she tends to be a bit shy and often hides. Towards her own race or other non-human beings, her natural hyper side comes out. They also see her in her race's true form so there's not much to hide.
    Past time hobbies : Sketching architectural buildings, Sleeping,