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  1. In the spirit of the season, would anyone like to have a Halloween Town rp? From Nightmare Before Christmas?
    I have no specific plot, as I just want to see if anyone would be interested in this rp. There will be no characters from the movie, except jack as an npc, all characters will have to be oc.

    So, please, tell me, are you interested?
  2. This sounds cool D'evil! I like the sound of this!
  3. Thanks hun. Now we need more people to get interested.
  4. [MENTION=2352]Mayhemhouse[/MENTION], if no one else is we'll do a 1x1
  5. I would like to join this Halloween Rp.
  6. Yay. More people.
  7. Give me a minute to set up.
  8. mmm I'm thinking.., >.< An OC for Halloween. It looks like it has to me a monster too.
  9. This would be a great Rp to test my psychotic skills (If I have any). Yes yes yes, this has tickle my interest!
  10. All these rps that sound so interesting that I just don't have time for! >n<

    *flails* Um... Hrmm...

    Bah, I'll create a character. This sounds like too much fun to pass up~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.