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Which would you join?

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  1. Supernatural / small town

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  2. A demon haunting/ small town

    1 vote(s)
  3. The Pumpkin man

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  4. Disney Villain Hollow

    3 vote(s)
  5. Disney and Pumpkin rp

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  1. Okay I would like to do a horror Rp badly,

    Something with either
    Supernatural creatures

    A demon haunting

    Or I have a story about The pumpkin man. A dark and evil spirit that takes human form with the pumpkin head

    Or even a Horror Disney rp with the story revolving around the villians children

    Voice below which you would like to see and vote above one with the most votes gets made if there tied I will make both

    I am personally leaning towards the Disney or pumpkin one

    Tagging you guys because apparently we all join the same rps Lol. Don't get me wrong I think it is awesome

    @Autumn_Burns_Red @Raven @Poisoned Rose @IceQueen @Dreamever @Little_Ghost98 @Shayla @Kitsune @Chitatela Katalina

    Please tag any one you would want to join as well
  2. Maybe if I has time.
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  3. I understand
  4. Any you would Join?
  5. I would
  6. I don't know, I don't do very well with horror, but id consider the Disney one probably (cause ya know, Disney!)
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  7. Lol which ones doll
  8. Alright awesome and Oh I know
  9. I' was added?.

    Well here I am.

    I actually have a pretty decent plot for a Small Town Horror Rp =)
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  10. Well I'm a Disney girl any day and doing the Villain's kid's... I'd so be in for that one and with Halloween getting closer inspiration so there! I'd Join.

    I love horror! ^^
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  11. Much loves

    Lol and awesome
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  12. I love Disney kids, but you know I have to keep the daughter of maleficent if we do
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  13. I'd be torn between doing Evil Queen , Red Queen , Cruella Deville , Hades and Shan- Yu
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  14. ;~;
  15. Of course I will start working on the Disney Villain rp then
    Oh man
    joining us?
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  16. Likely~^^
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  17. Awesome
  18. Is it definitely the Disney one?
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  19. Disney Villain Doll

    Favorite villains for me would be

    Dr. Facilier and Ursula^^
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