EXERCISE Halloween Pic Challenge #1: Cemetary

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  1. Good morning mortals, Welcome to the first of 31 Halloween Pic Challenges! I'm a little late, but I will catch up later today. Your Objective is to create some form of writing out of this image:
    graveyard_by_thelastsamu[1].jpg Good luck!
  2. I had visited this place many times over, and yet even as I entered into the Crossovers, I knew I hadn't seen this part before. Trees, blackened and left to die gnarled their branches high overhead as if to tear into the night sky. Mists as thick and heavy a wool blankets laid upon the ground breaking only where I set my feet. The silence was near deafening to me, screaming inside my ears to the point where I couldn't hear the sound of my own heart. High overhead, the moon seemed to have a haunting glow surrounding it. Like its essence wanted to be exposed. The palness of the light cast shadows that seemed to stretch on for miles. The path went from beaten dirt to cobblestone and soon after I had only my wits to guide me through the gardens of the beloved deceased and forgotten souls. Looking down I began to see small grave markings, large chunks of stone with names and dates etched onto the surfaces. Some work away by rain and time. Distant memories, all of them, yet they were my friends. Tombs of earth laid before me as I continued my stride, as if i had some sort of destination in mind.
    The grass beneath me was dying and rotting away. Such beauty where there is no life. I knelt to brush my fingers against the blackened sod, which quickly vanished into ashes to be carried away on the winds.
    Rising once again my attention was caught by a winged creature silhouetted against the ink black sky. It dipped and rose gracefully about a foot above me and I watched as it landed on the top of a crumbling mausoleum, either ivy clinging to the small columns wrapping and winding themselves amongst the other. I let my feet carry me over to the building. The creature, revealing itself to be a raven, watched me with eyes full of wisdom and understanding. Brushing away the deadened ivy I crunched through the offerings of withered roses and other various flowers to reach yhe cold metal of the heavy cast iron knocker set into the center of the door. I lifted the ring and hit it once. The sound ringing out like a cannon being shot. The door swing open with surprising ease and I stepped into more darker recesses of the world.

    "How nice to see you again," the voice seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. I didn't look around for the one who spoke, for I knew this voice intimately. As I lifted my head to the ceiling, the door shut behind me and the moon shine down into a gap above. The light shone down onto a figure clad in flowing black robes. A hood covered the face but I didn't feel fear, strength held me upon enough for the being to come over and sweep me up from my feet. Gathered into their arms like kindling, I felt very small, fragile as if i had been born not moments ago.
    We turned and headed down a long corridor decorated with many doors and shelves that held heavy looking vases. As we moved I heard nothing but the sound of my breathing as it began to slow down into a more rhythmic pattern. A soft click causes me to stir and I was quickly soothed by the hAnds that held me up. "You are safe little one, you must rest." Came the voice again. I yawned turning my face into the beings robes then turned back to see we had come into a small room, perfect to house one person. A light had come from somewhere in the room and I could see itwas bare save for the bed that stood in the center, clad in silken sheets and wrought iron roses speckled in red on four winding posts. The figure carried me forth and lay me carefully on the bed, covering me in the silk as black as the night outside. I looked up into the darkened good of the figure as it loomed over me. Soft blue lights emerged from the hood and seemed to peer straight into my soul. I smiled as it leaned down placing a gentle kiss upon my forehead, the coolness of the contact nearly making me shiver. The figure straightened and retreated back to the door. "Sleep well Little Soul," they breathed. As the door clicked shut, my eyes closed, peace and release carrying me away.