Halloween Night Mishap.

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  1. It's Halloween night, the night where children go out trick-or-treating, where teenagers and adults gather to have parties and everyone dresses up either in horrific costumes or in sexy attires, all are welcome on this night of trembling fear and cold breezes.

    Though on this particular night, a young man - Character B - is headed out to a party with his friends. He's headed to a college party, he's a freshman, enjoying the life of living on campus, staying up most nights, and studying until his head aches. He leaves to the party with two young companions and arrives at a crowded apartment, filled with people dressed in several attires, the lights dim and booze provided in a surplus. Of course, like anyone, he lets loose and enjoys himself - maybe a little too much because he meets Character A.

    The man is handsome, striking despite his bloody attire, he seems as though a decent guy - not at all what his true colors are. However, young Character B will soon experience the true, dark, vicious colors that Character A is painted with when he convinces Character B to come home with him. Little does he know that he won't be able to leave once the door is shut.

    This will include
    - Abuse -
    - Kidnapping -
    - Non consensual acts -
    - Violence -
    - Stockholm Syndrome -
    - Varying forms of BDSM -
    - M x M -

    If you're interested, PM me or place a comment! c:​
  2. I'm interested. PM me?​