Halloween is all too real, this year. [OOC & Signups.]



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Halloween in Polka, Washington has always been the same. In the early evening, children don costumes of ghosts and goblins and prowl the streets knocking on people’s doors, screaming the three words ‘trick or treat!’ After this, in the later part of the night, the teenagers come out, all heading to the same place every year - to the middle of the forest for a campfire party. There’s alcohol, drugs and people aging from fifteen to nineteen years old out there, and they’re just there to have a good time, dressed in costume. However, this year, some things are going to change. Things out of the ordinary are going to happen to eight of these unexpecting teens from different cliques.

Something drags you away from the party – maybe it’s a call of nature, or maybe trying to get away from someone that’s bullying you. But something catches your eye when you’re out there in the wilderness, away from the prying eyes of the drunken teens stumbling around the fire. You decide to follow what ever it was that you saw out there in the darkness, and that’s when it starts to get creepy. There’s rustling behind you… all around you… noises that you don’t recognize hitting your ears from all angles. You seem to have got too far away from the camp to even see the flickering of the fire or smell the smoke. But then, as you turn around, something jumps out at you, scratches or bites you on some part of your body and you black out with fright, not even time for a scream to escape your lungs.

When you wake up… you’re not in Polka any more… you’re in the middle of a different, silent forest… and there’s something different about your body…

You’ve become your costume.

1. Female One: Fallen Angel (Wings attached to back so it is possible to fly//One is painful to move)
2. Male Two: Edward Scissorhands (Scissors on hands so they’re good in a fight//don’t come off, so can’t go near anyone)
3. Female Three: Dead Alice in Wonderland – (Has a knife and real blood on her apron//has gone slightly crazy) - SadisticBeauty.
4. Male Four: Vampire (Strong and fast//lusts for blood)
5. Female Five: Aphrodite (gorgeous//can’t look anyone in the eye for fear of them becoming too attached to her)
6. Male Six: Prince Charming (Brave and has a sword//wrist is weak after landing on it)
7. Female Seven: Cat [ShapeShifter] (can shapeshift into a black cat//it wipes her out completely, transforming backwards and forwards) - heyimcassie
8. Male Eight: Nerd (extremely smart and trustworthy//useless in a fight – cowardly)

<code>Nickname? (if applicable)
Clique in school;; (goth, geek, popular, jock ect.)
Role;; (female three, male eight ect.)
Costume;; (Vampire, ect.)
The name of your costume here
Why were you away from the camp?
Personality;; (not just a few lines, please.)
Likes;; (at least five, please)
Dislikes;; (at least five)
Phobias;; (at least one)

History;; (I want detail, people)

I will add my character shortly. I will be female three for this.

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