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Your flight's just had to make an emergency landing. Engine trouble, the captain says.

You've landed in a forest, somewhere in the American countryside.

There's no phone signal, no roads, and the captain says the radio's not working.

And it's getting cold.

Luckily, there's a house nearby...


1) No character sheets required.

2) You can play a human character travelling on the plane, OR a supernatural creature living in or around the house.

3) No weapons if you arrived on the plane, but you can find weapons in the house.

4) No making phonecalls or escaping the forest.

5) The owner of the house is unknown.
Captain Gray landed with a thud at the bottom of the slide, getting up quickly and straightening his uniform and cap. The rest of the cabin crew were either at the top or bottom or the slide, directing the passengers to safety. He looked around at the forest, where pieces of the Number 2 engine had been scattered during landing.

It was starting to get dark.

No answer on the radio. Even the transponder wasn't working. He had his co-pilot trying to fix it now, but the priority was getting the passengers clear, in case another fire started, and keeping everyone warm and fed.

He would find out later why the hell his plane had malfunctioned suddenly in mid-air.

Beyond the twisting forest was a small hill, and silhouetted there against the full moon he saw a house. It was big... very big... and the lights still on. It seemed to be the only place for miles, and Captain Gray didn't recognise the landmarks around here.

He had no idea where he was.

Hopefully, the people at that house would be able to tell him.

“So tell me again why I can't get my suitcase from the plane?” The flight attendant stares at me with the look of a man whose patience is beginning to grow very, very thin.
“Sir, I've told you why three times already.”
“Because I'd really like to get my stuff back.”
“We're working on it, sir. In the mean time, could you--”
“I could just grab it quickly whilst you guys are busy playing at cattle-herding?”
“Sir, for the last time--”

With a chuckle, I move away from the increasingly exasperated attendant and into the confused crowd of passengers, quickly losing myself amongst the group. Perhaps it's a tad cruel of me to stress out the attendant; after all, he's just trying to do his job. But annoying people has always been something of a coping mechanism of mine, and right now I really need it.

This was supposed to be a simple flight as well; returning home from the second boarding-school I'd been kicked out of in a year, to parents who honestly just want me out of the house and don't want to wait until I've finished school to do so. And now here I am, standing in the ass-end of nowhere with a bunch of freaked-out people, wondering where the fuck I am, how I'm going to get home and what the fuck sort of house that is up on the hill.

It's the only source of light for miles by the looks of it, and this forest is already starting to get pretty dark. I'm going to wait and see what the passengers and crew decide to do, and if I don't happen to agree with their plan I'm going to get myself over to that mansion.

Hell, maybe they have a phone or something. Or at least an idea of where the hell I am right now.
The beast lurked in the dark.
It had heard the thundering noise of the airplane when it crashed.
At first, the beast was confused. Now... It was excited.
The wind brought back the scent of fresh prey.
Lots of them.

Hopefully they would come closer.
Hopefully they would help...

Will stared out a second-story window of the house, watching the dark and thick smoke rising from where the plane had landed in the woods. He knew people would be coming to the house soon. New people. People of flesh and blood. He knew this because he could feel the subtle but undeniable tug being exerted by the forces within the house upon the passengers of the plane, just as they could feel it, whether they realized it or not. They would now inevitably begin to make their way to the house, despite any misgivings they may be feeling or doubts they might have, just as he once had.

Will was only aware of the tug himself because he had been here so long. Sometimes he wondered if he was becoming a part of the house himself, just like all the others who had come before him. He had no idea how many others like him resided in the house. He only knew they existed because he sometimes saw them wandering through the halls during his own walkabouts through this huge, rundown mansion. Strangely, he could never remember their faces or what they generally looked like. Not that it mattered. They probably didn't notice or pay much attention to him, either, he though grimly to himself. Thinking about the people from the plane, it suddenly occurred to him he no longer remembered how he himself had originally arrived at the house. The memory seemed to be hidden behind a wall of fog within his mind. He only remembered that it had happened long ago, when things were different, when he was different.

They would be here soon. He might try to talk to them once they got to the house, not that it would make any difference. He would still be trapped here. Unless he could get the attention of one of them and get them to help him, he would remain here forever. Who knew, though, maybe one of them was smart and resourceful enough to make it out of the house alive. He doubted it, though. There were worse things than him in the house. Things that had been there longer and that would not appreciate the prescence of guests.

Some of them would die, of course. That was the way it always happened. Just as it had happened to him in this place over twenty years ago.
"Everything is gonna be okay, kid. Don't be afraid."

"I'm not afraid."

"It's all right. Not thing to worry about. I got this."

"Dude, seriously...?" She was pretty sure she sounded like a little shit. Exasperated, annoyed, rolling her eyes and pitching that typical 'whatever' teen temper tantrum that every adult like to accuse people younger than them of. They just didn't understand the kind of situation she was stuck in. Her current escort, dutifully taking her to meet her father at their new home, was not the brightest crayon in the box. Jez was pretty sure he was a green cop. Something about him scream 'new guy without a clue' and here he was trying to keep her calm and relaxed, when he was the one spending the whole flight clinging to his armrests when he wasn't breathing in to a barf bag. Now he probably thought the mafia hijacked the plane and they were about to have some crazy shoot out. Whatever. As if those guys even cared about petty criminals.

Once Jez and the idiot she affectionately calling Officer Derp slipped down the emergency slide and were on the ground with many of the other panicking passengers, the guy was right back to being totally weird.

"Okay everyone! Let's be calm! I'm an officer of the law!"

"You've said that, like, twenty times now..." The dude was having a freaking panic attack or something. Having no desire to help comfort some guy she didn't know or care two whits about, Jez milled about with the ground and took in their surroundings. She wasn't the only one to notice there was a house up in the distance. It's not like they were all screwed.

Jez turned around to announce that she was heading up towards the house, but it's not like adults ever listened to teenagers anyway. She was scowling as she broke away from the crowd looking for a simple pathway through the trees.
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Clash leered at that the frantic flight attendant, his full mouth turned down in a perfect arch of annoyance. The young woman fumbled with the list of passengers in her arms, managing to drop several of the lose pieces of paper as she searched for the name ‘Clarence Mayfair’.

“I-I’m sorry sir.”

She looked on the verge of tears, and seemed to be about ready to crumble under the gruff young man’s scrutiny or perhaps she wanted the handsome male to comfort her like in the movies. Clash shrugged and shifted, scratching his mostly bare chest as his eyes flicked over his surroundings. There were several people milling about, though the majority of the passengers were lined up behind him, waiting to be checked off the role-call list given to the young stewardess before him. He noticed a cop wandering around like an idiot, looking more stressed out than the majority of the civilians and a kid that looked like he belonged in a band harassing another steward. The Captain seemed to be intently studying the large house in the distance while a thin teenage girl milled towards the trees. Scowling, Clash headed after the young woman, ignoring the stuttering stewardess. He paused at the tree line, shoving his tattooed hands in the pockets of his jeans. He rarely felt the need to be heroic, not since his stint overseas…but he hated to think what kind of inbred hicks or wild animals might be lurking in the thick foliage, eager to snack on the young woman tromping stubbornly forward.

Clash sighed lightly and started after the girl. He probably should have told her to go sit by one of the nice old ladies seated on the grass around the plane, but he too found himself curious as to the nature of the large manor before them. And besides, the seemingly moody young woman seemed to be far more intelligent than most of the people behind him.

“Wait up kid!”

He called before jogging to walk next to her.

And then out of the goddamn woodwork, the fuzz appears.

I'm sure there are some in the crowd of scared passengers who take comfort in the man braying out the fact that he happens to be employed by a police department somewhere, but personally his compensatory yelling is really starting to do my head in... and he's only just started speaking. Something about him tells me that he's only going to get worse as he gets started on his shouting, and when he starts again my fears are indeed confirmed.

“I'm sure help is on the way, but in the mean time I need everyone to stay together and remain calm! We'll all make it through this together!” I groan and start to make my way out of the group. He's serving one useful purpose at the moment, and that purpose is distracting the crowd so I can get onto the plane.

Alright, so I take it back Mr 'DON'T WORRY GUIZ I GOT DIS'; you're not completely fucking useless.

Moving quickly and quietly, I steal up the emergency ladder on the side of the plane and into the cabin. Many of the overhead-lockers have been knocked open by the impact of our unscheduled landing; bags and belongings are scattered across the floors and the chairs. Fortunately, I left my messenger-bag under my chair so my books where within easy reach; I easily find it and sling it over my shoulder.

Just in time, too; I hear a voice yelling from behind me, “HEY KID! YOU CAN'T BE ON THIS PLANE RIGHT NOW!”

I whirl around; one of the flight-attendants is moving towards me. Swearing under my breath, I sprint down the plane, over the scattered bags. The footsteps behind me tells me that the attendant is giving chase. I was never a star-athlete at any school I've been too (I smoke too much for that), but years of running from authority figures of various descriptions means that I'm fast on my feet when I need to be; I easily make it to the emergency slide at the opposite end of the plane and hurl myself down it.

Sliding out onto the ground of the forest we've crashed in, I take off into the night towards the mansion; that flight attendant probably isn't going to just let me get away with sneaking aboard the plane again and I don't fancy having Mr Policeman laying his 'authoritah' down on me. The sun's really beginning to set now, and the light is starting to fade amidst the trees, but I can make out two figures ahead of me. One I recognise from the plane; a girl about my age, with that 'fuck everything' look that's so prevalent amongst teenage girls.

Still, they're heading to the mansion too by the looks of it, and three is better than one. I jog to a stop next to the pair and flash them a grin.
“Not feeling like milling about like sheep waiting to be herded either?

"You better just calm down and back the hell off of me sir." Brett Wallace, flight attendant extraordinaire, spoke as matter-of-factly as possible but he just couldn't help but interject quite a bit of sass into his comment. His patience was virtually non-existent by now with all that he'd had to deal with. He was dealing with the first class passengers for most of the flight and they were already obnoxious and now that the plane had an emergency landing they had become intolerable.

The evacuation of the plane came not a moment too soon. The other attendants were busy being chewed out by various passengers including Missy, one of the newest members of the crew who tried her best to take note of who all had made it through the landing okay and who still needed help. Brett found her nearly in tears and clutching her clipboard to her chest. "Now, now hun, don't let them get to you. Everyone's just on edge with the emergency landing we had." He nodded to her and patted her on the chest. "You just go see what other sassy sallies need help down there and I'll go talk to the captain, we're the last two on the plane I think..." He looked up and down as Missy slide her little patoot down the inflato-slide. Brett made one final check throughout the plane, spotting a boy, the same one that wasn't listening to his orders earlier.

"HEY KID YOU CAN'T BE ON THIS PLANE RIGHT NOW!" He shouted and chased him out of the plane, diving down the inflato-slide after him. "I'm going to kick your sorry little butt mister!" He cried out after the boy as he disappeared off towards the front of the crowd. Off in the distance he noticed a mansion standing out against the forest on a hill. That's probably the best place for everyone to huddle for safety, although it'd be best if he could go ahead and make it to the manor first.

"Missy, Missy, where'd you go! Oh there you are! Listen sweetie, you make sure everyone gets together and heads up to that mansion, I'm going to go ahead and take a little peek-see up there with the captain, see him up ahead there with that little brat and that girl? If you need help getting people in line take that stud-muffin of a coppie boy and make sure they're all in line. Okay later hun!" He offered a wave and dashed ahead towards where the captain was being joined by a couple of others. He caught the young man he chased off the plane by the shoulder and wagged his finger at him. "Now there misssssssssster man, you better not try any other stunts like that again!" He frowned before marching alongside the small group that were leading the way.

"Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen.."
Bouncing off the walls of the closet, such a small voice was practically inaudible beyond the closed door, even though it rang out within the space. Black nails flicked over each strand coming out from the broom, sounding off one by one in order to reach a final count. Brows would arch forward in concentration as the petite female was intensely focused upon the task at hand. Although, it was not necessary at this very exact time to be figuring how many straws poked from the object, it could not be avoided.
"..Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight..."
Pale little fingers tightened along the pole holding the broom upside-down, bristles kept close enough towards the face, yet not too much so to poke an eye out. It did not matter more than enough wisps of white hair were falling in front of her vision, this young woman was determined to finish. It was only then would she be able to move on with her schedule, you see. It was part of who she was, more appropriately, what she was.

It was usual for an Azeman to tolerate this kind of dull procedure every set of twenty-four hours. They would not plan ahead of time to be stuck doing this, counting out how much of whatever there was in their path. No, it was more of a random occurence. If more than one small item was in front of the step one might take (say, a pile of coins, seeds, buttons and the like), that Azeman would be compelled to stop whatever it is they were on the verge of doing, and count. Fortunately, this made sure to be great practice for mastering some impressive counting skills. But, was it just a blast, and super fun? Not all the time, no. Especially not when one was lustful for human blood, feeling the hunger burn into each and every vein, twitching like an eager puppy to attack at any given opportunity. Unfortunately, in order to gain the prize desired by such a feisty Azeman, it would have to be nighttime, and they would have to have no distractions in sight.

"One-hundred and thirty-four, one-hundred and thirty-five, one-hundred and thirty-six."
Blinking the set of bright, greenish, almost clear eyes that were carved into her little head, the creature sighed as her neck gave up to holding any weight. Slumping slightly, shoulders bunching up towards the ears, face directed to the floor, it was a relief that such an old mansion had broken cleaning utencils. Glad the broom did not have all of the bristles it should of had, this evening did not seem too bad after all. Youthful lips curled up at the corners, exploding a smile filled with innocent dimples as the head sprung back up, staring out towards the closed door ahead of her. Standing carefully up to her full height on those large boots, the hinges squeaked loudly upon closet opening back up. Squinting to the dim light that came through the main floor's windows, soft thuds wavered through the air from the soles, carrying the being out slowly from her former sitting place. Glancing towards the outside world, a shudder rippled along the very spine that poked against her skin. The sun was going down rather quickly. Before she could count to three-hundred-thousand and ninety-two, it would be nighttime. It would be the last few moments she would enjoy her human form, before being enslaved to that of an animal shape.

Deciding it best to relish those moments, Pip hummed gently to herself. Well, she could be quite possibly humming for an audience, she supposed. However, she hadn't had the chance yet to meet anyone else in the building, if there was another soul, lost or found, wandering amongst her. It did not bother her if she was alone, or not. Shaking the hair away from her eyes, smoothing out the silken ribbons adorning the gathered portions, and finally adjusting the small hat completing the attire, the youngin was prepared to carry on. Hopping over to the side, balancing on her left toes, her spine suddenly straightened out as her torso dipped towards the ground. With the right leg lifting high into the air with such grace, Pip took to Dancer's Pose as her arm stretched out to the closed umbrella's handle, leaning against a windowsil nearest the closet. Falling back into position, her most beloved item was twirled back over her shoulder. Lifting out her chest, chin up, shoulders back, it was time to move. Antsy, the right foot started ahead before abruptly holding the body back once more. Head tilting to the left, the girl's nostrils flared once, twice, three times in under thirty seconds. Humans. Lots of humans.. Somewhere nearby, it seemed, the scent was hitting her face like a splash of cool ice water. And, just like the comparison, it was very refreshing, and certainly enough to wake up her senses. Sharp teeth pulled back and gleamed in the light with a simple and easy grin. Pip now was just excited for night to come, she could not mask it.

Moving with a light bounce to her step, the Azeman female stopped over in the dining hall, welcoming herself over to sit against a large window looking out to the forest. Extending her legs fully out upon the seat, of course she was very comfortable, which was important to her if she was to enjoy her time watching the sun set. This mansion had been a nice home to her for a few weeks now, since she had stumbled upon it out from the very tree-filled area which her eyes gazed along at this moment. No one had seemed to mind her staying, and if they had, she would not have guessed it. It was not like she had been bothering anyone, or anything, besides herself. She was a quiet guest, and was not one to make much of a commotion. Although, it had been very difficult since she ran out of her 'stash'. Naturally, coming from a distant city far from here, wanting to get out and enjoy the rest of the world, Pip had stored a large amount of excess human blood in more than one flask she would carry along with her. But, by now, only emptiness was left within, which brought so many frequent rumbles of the stomach to ear. Pip gave a soft sigh, leaning against the wall behind her for support, hands in lap folded neatly, right over left. For her own sake, this young being was lucky to be so patient. It was just a hunch, but a good feeling rested inside of her that such patience would soon be rewarded.

Humans... It'd been ages since the scent had wafted through the forest and perhaps that wasn't exactly a good thing. These poor silly creatures were unarmed, defenseless against the ravenous ways of the creatures that kept just out of their field of vision, lurking in the shadows and leaving bone-chilling sounds in their wake. It really had been too long.

By why? Why was it that on the one day of the week that she left the mansion to hunt, the most prime of all feasts arrived in the forest, practically begging to be devoured. Kaliska licked the blood from her lips as she sniffed the air in a manner not unlike a dog, an animalistic act that belittled her lovely human form. The blood on her hands and face were tacky, sticky from already having half dried on her long trek home from hunting. She'd planned to bathe in the little creek near the mansion and wash away the remnants of her meal but she doubted she could do so now.

Silently, she remained in her hiding place just inside the treeline, watching the humans wander about the clearing idiotically. She could handle a few grown men, but a group of that size was dangerous. Despite her common sense, her stomach ached with hunger, her tongue burned with yerning for the taste that she'd almost forgotten.

The taste of human flesh.

What could she do? Surely they would head for the mansion and become ensnared by its charismatic pull. Perhaps then she could pick them off, one by one. She would be able eat for months before returning to the bland, lesser taste of cute and furry forest creatures. At this promising thought, Kaliska slipped back through the trees and headed for the mansion as fast as her feet could carry her in silence. Pip's true nature, and she knew the girl was called this because she often spoke outloud to herself, was sure to be waking up soon and it would be a pity if that white haired beast finished off the first group of humans without so much as saving a bite for Kaliska.

Ricka could not believe that they were on the plane about fifteen minutes ago and now they were making an emergency landing. Now she was not able to get her suitcase and backpack on the plane and she was getting very annoyed. She was a bit of a mischief maker and she did not like anyone not even her twin brother. Managing to smuggle some cigarattes on the airplane she fished them out of her 'hiding spot' which was in a crease in her pants unditectable by metal detectors. "Shit." She whispered when she found out that she had about five left that was not going to last very long now.

Right now she was leaning against the tree watching the boy that would not listen to the flight attendant to get his stuff on the plane. "Can we go get our stuff now?" She said pulling away from the tree trunk and hiding her stash of cigarettes she was not of age so the cop would get on her case about it. Her blonde hair bounced as she walked towards the slide that she had gone through about twenty minutes ago now.
As the sun went down, a shadow fell over the well.

The beast looked up, to the far, small circle of sky above his head. It was the only spot around that was not pitch dark. He had been trying to reach it for a long time over the past days; unfortunately for him, his powerful jumps were not enough to make it up that far. He chuckled, remembering how he fell in there. He was playing a game. A simple game of hunter and prey, of chasing and being chased. Sometimes he would hunt down the other two female beasts; sometimes, they would hunt him down.

It was fun.
A game without rules that could only end with his life.
But that night he was the one being chased. He jumped inside the well to hide... only to discover he couldn't get out.

He yawned, stretching his massive muscular body, and his tongue, not unlike lions do.
All he needed was a little help to get out.
He could hear their steps, approaching.

They are getting closer... The humans are getting closer.

He cleared his throat.

''...Is there anybody.... Out there...?'' he asked, with a pitiful voice. Nobody answered. Maybe they were not that close yet.

''Heeeeelp me... pleeease...''
Jez had turned around, casting the first guy a questioning look, complete with raised eyebrow. He looked a lot like one of the dudes from her favorite bands, which might have won him some brownie points had he not called her kid. She was really getting tired of that nickname. Another guy approached before she responded. Not much older than her, she guessed. Jex might've scoffed and stalked off without bothering to talk to either of them, but seeing as they were probably going to be stuck out there awhile, she didn't want to screw herself over entirely. At some point she'd probably -want- to talk to someone.

"Not really keen on listening to a bunch of bitching, no..." Jez responded with a shrug of her shoulder. She turned to start towards the mansion in the distance again, but... some strange sound caught her attention.

Her head tilted to the side, a curious and confused expression crossing her face. Her hand went up with a finger raised, hoping to hush them so she could figure out if she was hearing things. With all of the people from the plane making such a fuss, it was really hard to hear anything else.

"...thought I heard something. Guess not, thought."

I'm about to say more when the audacious flight-attendant who's been pursuing me since the plane finally catches up to me. The man gives me a stern look and wags his finger at me before uttering the eternal phrase,
“Now there misssssssssster man, you better not try any other stunts like that again!” I stare at him for a moment, taken somewhat aback, before sniggering and shaking my head in disbelief.
“Uhh, sure sister, whatever you say. Just a bit of stress-relief you know? I'm sure you've got your vices. I like to steal things, maybe you like getting bent over in an alleyway by some big hairy biker-type?” I fix him with a mock-serious look. “Or are you more of a cuddling guy?”

I chuckle and continue walking, suddenly feeling better about the situation at hand. Suddenly the girl raises her hand to silence us all and looks into the dark of the forest. I attempt to follow her gaze but see nothing.
“...thought I heard something. Guess not, though.”
“Sure you're not going crazy on us or something?” I ask with a grin, then shake my head. “But in all seriousness, we should probably introduce ourselves or something. I'd feel better about walking up to some creepy mansion after a plane crash if I wasn't with a bunch of total strangers. I'm Harry.”
@Adam Jensen can you be my twin brother?

Ricka rolled her eyes as she heard the girl say she thought she heard something. Of course she was going to hear something they were in a weird place with who knows what kind of animals. Now that they seem to be going over to the house she walked over to the flight attendant and asked nicely. The way she always did with strangers when she wanted to get something almost flirty. "Hun do you think I could go and get my suitcase from in the plane?" She asked knowing Harry's approach of full forward was to much and he did not get a good responswe out of anyone. Normally she did not want to be nice but she wanted her things and she needed a shower. She had shampoo and other necessities for herself there and she did not want her bags to be left alone.

"A biker? Oh goodness no, I grew out of that pha...I mean NO! Who I snuggle up on is none of your business!" Brett huffed, looking down his nose at the younger man and as he opened his mouth to further protest such stereotyping the girl, Jessica, he thought recalled from the manifest, shushed them, thinking that she heard something in the woods, but quickly dismissed it. "I agree with the little man here, the sooner..." He was cut off yet again from another passenger approaching him.

"WOAH SWEETIE! Didn't anyone tell you not to take the floatation device from under your seat!?" He cried out pointing to the exposed cleavage. "And no, you can't go back to the plane that might at any moment explode and shower your cute little trinkets all over this half of the forest. Silly." He waved her off dismissively and continued walking along with the others.
Clash pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers. He glanced at Jessica, who again proved to be the only one with any sense around here. He cast a slightly pointed look at the emo-looking kid, lips pulling up in a sneer as he harassed the poor flight attendant…though from what the young veteran could tell, Brett seemed to hold his own just fine. He looked at yet another addition to the group, a busty young blonde woman that he would have dated in high school. Now though, now he didn’t have a whole lot of interest in anything but getting to that house and finding a damn phone. He took Harry’s cue and glanced to Jessica, deciding he’d stick with her above anyone else…except maybe the flight attendant, spunk always came in handy in stick situations.


He murmured just loud enough to be heard, though perhaps not over the ruckus going on behind him. He ran a hand through his hair, trying his best to keep focused on the task at hand, get to the house, find a phone and get the hell out of here. He glanced at the flight attendant when he spoke to the blonde girl, and felt a smirk tug at his lips. He said nothing though, keeping close to Jessica and Harry as he called himself, feeling somewhat responsibility for the teenagers.

Hair, black as a raven, whipped behind her like the tail of a racing mustang as she darted through the trees. Her steps were light, barely making a sound as she grew steadily closer to the mansion. Her movements were deft with inhuman agility, as if she were some kind of forest creature, or perhaps the wind itself. In no time, she'd passed the first group of humans at a safe distance and gained the upper ground. Emerging around back of the mansion, she slowed her pace and caught her breath, glancing around for signs of movement. Hopefully she wouldn't have a run-in with that dreadful girl.

A pitiful voice caught Kaliska's attention as she passed by the old and crumbling well and though her common sense told her she needed to clean up before the humans spotted her, she couldn't help but investigate.

''Heeeeelp me... pleeease...''

Well. She certainly knew to whom that voice belonged. "So this is where you've been?" she chortled, leaning over at the waist to peer down the dark hole. She could just make out the silhouette of a certain beast. "Are you trapped? Or are you the trap? If the former, then I have but one more thing to say to you and that is: serves you right for that nasty scratch you gave my back last week."
Captain Gray stood on a fallen tree trunk at the edge of the clearing and straightened his jacket. "Ahem! Alright, everyone, if I could have you att--"

A cop started flashing his badge around and yelling.

"Okay, everyone stay calm. I just need to--"

A stewardness ran past, shouting about the dry-roasted peanuts.

"If everyone could just rela--"

One of the passengers inflated their life jacket and stumbled around in panic.

"Please, if you would just--"

A fight broke out as two fat guys wrestled with their matching hand luggage.


Someone started screaming about a snake on the plane.

"Oh forget it!" Captain Grey stepped down from the tree trunk and removed his pilot's cap. "Missy, see to it that everyone gets their luggage and sits down in the clearing. I'll see if anyone at the house can help."

Missy, the new stewardess, stared teary-eyed at him, the clipboard shaking in her hands and her makeup smudged. "But..."

"That's the spirit." He slapped her on the shoulder then set off up the hill after Jez's group. He put his cap back on and checked his cuffs, careful not to step in any mud.