Halloween DnD: Yorick's Revenge

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Ages ago, in the nearby kingdom, a court jester named Yorick was unjustly put to death. Many years later, a necromancer conjured up Yorick's spirit, only to be overpowered by Yorick's thirst for vengeance. Yorick, having gained total possession over the necromancer, has risen to lichdom, and has created a necromantic plague, which he has unleashed upon the land that sent him to his grave. Having eradicated the kingdom, he now turns his eternal hatred upon all of the worlds denizens, from the greatest dragon to the lowliest of Kobolds, from the mightiest knight to the meakest serf. Of these, you are the latter. You are a simple serf working in a village belonging to some kingdom that has by now succumbed to the vile plague. However, you are lucky enough to live in a village with a forge, a barracks, and even happen to be immune to the zombifying and reviving effects of the plague! All you have to do is survive until sun up, when the undead hordes must seek shelter from the sun underground. So, is your fate to be a survivor of Yorick's terrible wrath, or will you be just another lost soul added to his undead army?

DnD 3.5 game to be played Halloween Night via Skype
Rolling: Honor System
Level 1 Human Commoner, 24 Point Buy
No starting gold
Starting gear are the Commoner's Clothes on your back

WARNING: There WILL be player deaths, so make back-up characters.

This Halloween Event brought to you by the fine people at:

Civil Emergency and Defense Agency (CEDA)

Umbrella Corporation

The Willamette Mall

Notable NPCs: Yorick, Blacksmith, Mayor, Healer, Captain of the Guard, various survivors from the nearby castle.


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