Halloween Creepy-link thread

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  1. Halloween Creepy links!
    It's that time of year again and who doesn't enjoy some creepiness?
    pictures, wiki articles, comics, videos. Whatever.
    Dump your links here!
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Not super creepy but I'd like to share with everyone this awesome youtube channel. It's called Haunting Season and aside from updates about a show that the owner is working on, he likes to tell the viewers stories. The first few are personal experiences of his (or so he claims) and the rest are either stories he's written himself or popular creepypasta.

    The way he tells his stories is so appealing. Koori once described it as something like "he's telling this story as if he's talking about his weekend and it's still creepy!" And it's true. If you like the dark humor stylings of David Wong in John Dies at the End, if you like the way he tells stories on a realistic and personal level, then you just might like this channel.


    Personally I think he has a very effective balance of detail and emotion in his storytelling, so this might be useful for those who are struggling with that aspect of their writing.
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  4. Damn this computer. Anyways, guess this is pretty creepy:

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  5. Monster Bacon Meatloaf!

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  7. LOL she looks like some wife from Stepford :P


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  8. This video might actually be creepier than the "Don't Hug Me I'm Scared" video.

    Don't watch if you're ears are offended by profanities!