Halloween Costumes?

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  1. Hello all of Iwaku! As many of you are probably aware, it is getting scary close to Halloween!

    I was curious as to what you lovely folks are dressing up as this year

    Me? I'll be going as a lovely "steampunk" inspired outfit.
  2. I grew out of it. Though wearing a hazmat suit this year with some friends might cause a panic.

    Stupid public paranoia and fear mongering.
  3. I don't do costumes because I don't care for them, but my 19 month old is going to be dressed like a puppy. He's going to be so cute that I'm sure people will be squealing and smiling until their faces hurt.
  4. i have a knight hoodie, gonna go as a knight

    wife is going as rubyrose from rwby
  5. I don't normally bother with Hallowe'en, but for some unknown reason, someone I know is hosting a party and I feel obligated to go. So, this year, my friend and I will be going as...


    The Dudley Boyz! I'll be going as Bubba Ray. I would normally be a bit self-conscious about this, but he has to go as D-Von. We're both white, so I think I'm getting the easier (and potentially less offensive) end of the stick here.
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  6. Bruh, you should of totally gone as Matt and Jeff Hardy. One of you could of painted your face
  7. I think you missed my point. My friend is white, and he's going as D-Von. His face could not get much more painted.

    Besides, I'm really not built like a cruiserweight. <_<;

  8. Oh hahahaha dang. Go as the boogeyman. Smash a clock over your head when you arrive at the party
  9. Keeping you in mind for that Costume Contest!
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  10. I kind of want to do the last one.

    WARNING. Terrible pun costumes under the link.
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  11. Indeed terrible puns.
  12. Female Daryl Dixon, I'm going to try out the makeup for it this weekend.
  13. French Kiss is a brilliant idea. DO IT!
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  14. A buddy and me might go as zombie prince and princess, if i can convince him :D
  15. Or zombie knight?! (It helps to make him feel like he has a choice ;P)

    Tell him you could win $20 on the Internet for it!
  16. That's harder regarding the costume xD
    He's already said yes. I didn't need to use manipulation even.
    So it will be zombie prince/princess, zombie baker and chef, ghosts, murder and victim, or vampires.
  17. [​IMG]
    Bojack Horseman
  18. HORSE MASKS! YAY! :D And if I would dress up, I'd go as Death in the Family Joker or Corey Taylor (Duality) from Slipknot.
  19. [​IMG]