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Which Cheshire Cat Do You Prefer?

  1. Disney's Pink and Purple

  2. Tim Burton's Teal and Gray

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay, I know its way early for Halloween discussion but I am SO excited! For years I've always put things together late and let me tell you, its no fun. So this year I'm getting ready much earlier and its definitely easier.

    So, is anyone else dressing up this year? For trick-or-treating, partying or for fun?
    I certainly am!
    This year I was thinking of being The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland! But I'm having a small dilemma on which version I should be. There's the Disney pink and purple or the Tim Burton's teal and gray version. I honestly love them both buut I may be leaning more towards the Tim Burton version. I'm just worried not everyone will recognize me. I don't know. Which do you prefer or think I should dress as?
    If I did Tim Burton's, I think I would wear a teal wig and just make my own ears, paws and tail. I think a regular gray shirt would pass off. I saw some nice black and blue stockings.
    For Disney's, there are already ears and a tail at the Halloween store. All I'd need is a striped shirt, I've pink leggings. Ahh decisions decisions..

    Anyway, is anyone else have a costume in mind already? What are you dressing as?
  2. I think I am going to wear my pretty tartan renaissance faire outfit I got this year. >:3
  3. I am dressing up for work if I'm working, and for my sister's Halloween party if I'm not!

    I'm thinking of being Mary Poppins, but if rather something I don't have to buy stuff for

    This far north we'll probably have snow, too, so it has to be something that won't make me wish for death to and from the car
  4. @Diana : xD that sounds awesome~ I love renaissance!

    @Minibit : Ah I know how you feel ;w; Mary Poppins would be cute c: plus you get to wear a scarf for the cold weather xD
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  5. Halloween is my number one favorite holiday. I'll probably be going as a werewolf as I have for at least four years since I stopped really trick-or-treating. I have this awesome custom made mask with a mouth that kind of moves when I talk, so It's pretty neat. This year I think I plan on spooking the children who come up to my front door. Either that or I've got some nifty vampire fangs.

    I'm not very creative.
  6. Tim Burton's reminds me of a Shiny Cheshire :3

    But anyways, I have no idea what I'm going to be for Halloween this year.....I don't even think I'll be anything because I'm probably going to be stuck in a crappy small town and I have zero RL friends here ._. But! Some ideas I'd like to be would be: Eevee, a Gypsy, or a Pirate! :D
  7. I'm going to be Ariel; in the blue dress where she and Erick were visiting the town. ^_^ I can't wait to get the costume.
  8. Jack Skellington Costume! nuff said
  9. I'll probably go as myself, but with a few pieces of armor around my clothing, and a custom-made foam sword with a sheathe. Y'know, modern adventurer thingy. :P
  10. A female pirate, more gory than beautiful and I'm trying to make it seem authentic.
  11. I'd like to make an Archer costume from fate stay night

    we'll see if i have time to build it
  12. I am going to be Toto from The Wizard of Oz.
  13. I'm going to get a cow suit, and make a lemon outfit and wear them together.

    I'll be sour milk.
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  14. I grew out of Trick-or-Treating years ago and I would surely see hell if I even thought of going to a party. Mostly I just sit around and eat the candy I'm supposed to be handing out to children while watching horror movies on television when it comes to Halloween. Buut, I've had this idea for a costume for years: Drape myself in yards of black fabric, make my hands look scary and gray with long nails, of course my face wouldn't be seen. Then I could hide in the dark beneath the tree in our front yard and scare children! Heeheeheeheehee! :awesome: But such things are frowned upon. v n v
  15. Wowowow, so many great comments xD

    @Dipper : The mask you described sounds like one of those custom fursuits :3 I've really been interested in making one of those. I'm not very successful at scaring anyone XD Why not change it up and be the vampire this time? I pulled off a quick vampire costume by wearing a white buttoned dress shirt, fangs and a black& red cape. It was pretty fun wearing the cape lolol.

    @LetsStayAfloat : Shiny Cheshire? xD aww, heh, I know how you feel :'D Ooo, those sound awesome. I saw someone's cosplay of a Gypsy Espeon, it worked really well~!

    @AngelFish : I loove Ariel! I should watch the movie again.. but that sounds so pretty C:

    @Brother Gabriel : Jack is the bessst~ I used to watch Nightmare before Christmas every Halloween :'D

    @Viceroy : That sounds fun :3 reminds me of the cartoon Adventure Time~

    @Nica : I like that idea, fun and different xD

    @Fauna : wow that sounds so awesome owo I've seen some gameplay on that XD

    @Razilin : Start early? :3 like do a bit on your free time, maybe every weekend~

    @Fijoli : omg I love Toto~

    @LogicfromLogic : XD LOL that's a good one.

    @AkikoYukito : Watching movies, eating candy and seeing everyone's costumes still sounds fun~ :3 but omg, why not do some scaring? XD it'll be fine especially since its Halloween. But that does sound super scary, I would avoid jumping out at little kids XDD
  16. Hellooooo S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Outfit.
  17. Kind of, but it's not very bulky or anything and a lot thinner than those fursuits-- it's a lot softer and kind of fits anyone's head, if that makes any sense. Hard to breathe through, though, so maybe I'll hold that off until next year.

    In that case, my vampire fangs are ready to go. Bet I could find a neat black cape to go with it, so that could work. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
  18. Our annual anime convention lands on Halloween this year........ and the theme is 100,000,000 Mistys Strong.

    So literally everyone is going to be cosplaying as Misty, which is a coincidence because my friend group wanted to do a pokemon cosplay this year anyway :P

    I still think I'm going to crossdress as Ash because we assigned shit before the theme was released, but hell. I might do a Misty cosplay too ^.^
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