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  1. It's never too early, especially for those of us who like to make/assemble our own

    What are your best Hallowe'en costumes?

    Please keep gag costumes to a MINIMUM (ie: if you're a boy attach a tag that says to: women from: God. You're God's gift to women. Har har)

    I'd like to see ghouls, mummies, witches, sorceresses, cosplays, and superheroes! We can find gag/joke costumes by just googling those words, so this thread is for the artsy/creative/ambitious folk who need inspiration!
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  2. I wish I still had the pictures of me cosplaying that creepy lady from The Grudge. I freaked out soooo many people in the Photography dark room :D

    Other than that, we used to do this thing at my house on Halloween where we stuff our clothes, wear gloves and a mask, and sit in a lawn chair all night and just pick random intervals to jump to life and scare the crap out of children.
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  3. I am too lazy to dig up pictures right now, but I have been several things. Dunno what my best costumes are. >> I've been a beauty queen using one of my aunt's old beauty pageant dresses. Um, a pirate. A cat girl. A wench, a wizard, a princess, a gypsy...

    Um, not sure what I am doing this year, yet! But I will be sure to have pictures when I do. >:3
  4. I'm gonna be a witch doctor! Bones and fur and skulls, oh my! I'll post pics when it's done
  5. I was an executioner when I was about eight. had a plastic axe and everything. No, i don't have pictures. If I did play dress-up, I'd probably dress up as Clark Kent or the eleventh Doctor, because those are the only costumes I have.
  6. I've got Entei almost done so I'll get some pics hopefully saturday or tomorrow :3
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  7. Isn't Clark Kent his (plain clothes) alter ego? How does one dress up as him?
  8. Simples.
    I wear smart clothes - shirt, black trousers, etc - and wear a Superman shirt underneath.
    Then when someone asks me what my costume is...
    I open my shirt and take of my glasses.
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  9. Ill try to put up a picture later, but I'm dressing up as an angel this year. I did it a few years ago but this is a slightly different incarnation. I made the wings myself, feather by fake cotton feather, on a wire frame. I keep the wings hanging in my closest because I think they're pretty :)
  10. A few old costumes. Or what can be called a typical day at my parents' house.
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  11. This was my cosplay for the recent convention and technically holloween. His cloud is shifted cause my shoulder was injured early on by the messed up strap, but I think he turned out pretty well XD Not finished, but close!
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